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10 Things Every Solo Female Traveller Needs To Know About Nepal Part II

thanks for stopping by again for the rest of our list on how to be a good
girl while travelling around the world in places like Nepal it’s our goal to
keep our videos under 10 minutes so we stop that we ran out of time
so here’s the rest of the list first a little bit of a recap and a few more
things that I thought of first number one don’t take a local bus outside of
the Katmandu Valley now of course there’s only four dollars cheaper but
you don’t have to stay in Kathmandu or Thamel you can catch a bus from Bhaktapur and other places in the valley so if you want to go to Pokhara or Chitwan
you don’t have to stay in Kathmandu and catch the bus there number two if you
plan to do trekking above 4500 meter you would not want to schedule it around your
monthly so you don’t go during that time and there’s a couple more reasons for
that but even if you’re just getting over diarrhea or bad case of the flu if
you cut something on the airplane take it easy this is the Himalayas
you’re gonna hear me say that a lot I’m sorry but it’s their Himalayas
another reason that I thought about is if you’re up there doing your monthly
and there’s any blood at all the animals can smell that and so it could put you
in a higher risk so just another couple things to keep in mind I know I’m a
worrier but what the heck this is the Himalayas when
things go wrong they can really go wrong so don’t let that stop you but keep it
in mind number three if you have a favorite
brand of tampon be sure you bring it be careful about hygiene if you can use a
moon cup instead that’s even better because it won’t be any waste also one
of the most important things don’t go trekking alone at least take a local
guide but you know when you when I was thinking about that idea about the local
guide or a trekking company the trekking company pays your room and food if you
have a local guide it’s not gonna really save you all that much it will save you
so much if you’re on a budget but anyway I like the idea of using the local
entrepreneurs businessmen not just people to undercut and sometimes you
know you do get what you pay for I really hope these things help you to
have a safer and more enjoyable time in Nepal you know what they say leave only
footprints and take only memories so I hope all your memories in Nepal are
happy ones so here we go with the rest of our list six be careful with hygiene
wash before and after when you change your tampon or moon cup with clean water
the water in the bathroom can be polluted
so if possible bring that liquid soap from the hospital pharmacy that doesn’t
need to be rinsed all this soap is like a nurse with used to give a sponge
bath try it before you leave to make sure won’t cause irritation if you
haven’t yet watch our video on how to find a toilet in Katmandu seven never
use the bucket in the bathroom for splashing on your privates after using
the toilet use your own water or at least know where it comes from eight
trim the bushes so you won’t always need to use toilet paper or water when you
use those squad toilets they’re kind of smelly sometimes and you want to get out
as soon as you can so keep it simple number nine this is the most important
just about do not have unprotected sex you know that but here are a couple of
things you might not have thought about the men are not circumcised and they
struggle with the same water issues as women do if the young man has neglected to keep his junk clean it can cause a lot of problems many of the women here have
fibroid cysts and hygiene can play an important part in this or at least
that’s what I suggest we recently had a guest who was sleeping with her trekking guide
which is fun when she got her monthly she is at our
guesthouse and she told me for the first time she had cramps so bad she had to
spend the entire day in bed she couldn’t understand it but my guess is it has
something to do with her sleeping arrangement also society doesn’t speak
openly about such things so there is no information for your new friend to
understand disease they still think the common cold comes from a change in
weather and I’d like to tell you a quick story that I hope you’ll remember I had
a friend a tourist friend who came and got involved with a nepali man well the
first time they they had sex they used a condom but the next morning he wasn’t
quite as firm as you know ordinarily he was the night before but he couldn’t get
the condom on so she just said oh what the heck you know what what are the
chances so she went ahead and had unprotected sex well the next day the
following day she got up and she realized that she didn’t have any clean
underwear so she says Oh! Sweetie I forgot to
wash my underwear way oh well I’ll just wear jeans it’s no big deal
he starts going off oh you can’t do that Oh my god you can’t and she’s
like why? he says because of that green that slimy stuff that comes out
of you and she’s like excuse me but there’s no slimy stuff comin out of me
three days later there was slimy stuff coming out of her what it was was a
yeast infection thank God it wasn’t anything worse but he had
had it so long that he had been giving it to so many women that he thought all
women had this mucus stuff coming out of them and his urethra was being damaged
yeast is a little animal they a little fungus and it was crawling up his into his penis to the extent that he wasn’t able to get an erection at 30 years old next is
inappropriate dress every time I go to one of the nearby cities like Kathmandu or Bhaktapur I see young women wearing inappropriate clothing yes
you can get away with it in Kathmandu but the older men and all the women will
look at you in a bad way and really I think the young Nepali men will too
they’ll just think you’re easy like back in the day in the West if you were out
in the villages though now you’ll bring disrespect to yourself
the trick is to keep your legs stomach and shoulders covered just to the knees
you know in just the shoulder and you can wear short sleeve t-shirts it’s fine
and the last one maybe this should have been first never ever ever say the
f-word don’t even think freaking will work there is no excuse and zero
tolerance for such speech in this society so you really do yourself a
finger if you just practice before you get here if you if you’re from America I
mean everybody else is probably from anyway
okay so there you have it Ama’s list of how to be stay safe in Nepal and be a
good girl while you are travelling in Nepal one of the things that I mentioned was dress you
don’t do do the elbows or with the shoulder you can do the elbows here but
the knees no the midrib no less you’re wearing a sari so what are you wear?
well what what you can get is something like I’m wearing this is a hundred
percent cotton made in Nepal spun in Nepal and they call them like tourist
pants I don’t know if these are put there actual Tourist pants but the
tourist pants are like lower but they fit in your suitcase your backpack
they’ll dry really well you can take them up to the the mountains when you’re
trekking and when you get back home they’re great they’re you you can just
throw them in a overnight bag take them sleep in them overnight and then you
don’t have to get dressed in the morning I used as the scrubs I used to do that
I’m going to include this in the shopping video so you can get some
different style and all but it’s just one option that kind of help
not be scolded for wearing a sleeveless when there’s nothing else who these are
very cool to wear but I do want to apologize to my Nepali young men friends
they they’re really some of the nicest kindest gentlest most trustworthy people
i have ever met but I wanted my female listeners and viewers to
understand just a couple of cultural differences so I hope that helps and
see you next time

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