How Insurance Works

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  1. Can I be an insurance agent at 19? I’m in the process of getting my ged.. and once that’s done, I’ll apply. Do you think they’d hire me? What qualifications do I need? I’m totally ignorant about this subject… as is any teen probably is.

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  6. Another tip for a tip mentioned in this video; "Listen to Your Phone Voice", find a paragraph (about anything), use the voice recorder app on your cell phone and record yourself reciting that paragraph. Then, go back and listen to your voice when reading that paragraph. One you come across a word (or other words) you want to change, circle them, practice the pronunciation, then go back and re-record yourself until you're comfortable with your tone and voice. Also, attach and send the recording to experienced phone sales professionals. Do this at least once a week and you'll notice more trust with clients.

  7. As a "young" insurance agent, just wanted to comment on the tips and how I've applied them to real life situations.

    One of the tips: "Avoid Using 'Young' Slang"- this can be done by following tight scripts, and not just one script; a script for opening, rebuttals, closing, etc. The more you practice scripts, the less "young" slang you will use because you will condition yourself to use the same set of words that truly SELL.

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