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2020 OPERS Open Enrollment

It’s time for Open Enrollment 2020 at the
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System. This year’s Open Enrollment dates are
October 15th through December 7th. If you need to make changes OPERS must receive
your completed form no later than December 7th. The Open Enrollment packet contains a helpful
guide and personalized statement. It includes your 2020 Coverage Summary of
plan names, premium amounts and if eligible for the Health Reimbursement Arrangement,
or HRA, your individual HRA allowance amount. For Medicare-eligible retirees in the OPERS
Medicare Connector: Review your Open Enrollment materials and information provided by your
individual insurance carrier. Look for any changes in premiums, plan design and prescription drug formulary. TAKE ACTION if you’d like to make changes
to your medical or prescription drug plan coverage. You’ll need to call the OPERS Medicare Connector
administered by Via Benefits to discuss your options. DO NOT take action if you’re not making any changes. Your plans will automatically carry over into 2020. For pre-Medicare retirees and dependents in
the OPERS Retiree Health Plan administered by Medical Mutual:
Review the information in your packet. TAKE ACTION if you’d like to discontinue coverage
for yourself or a dependent. Refer to your Open Enrollment materials for
how to notify OPERS. DO NOT take action if you’re not making changes
to your coverage in 2020. Your Open Enrollment packet contains much
more information about a number of important topics. They include: Premiums, Spousal health care,
The Health Reimbursement Arrangement for those Medicare-eligible, The Prescription drug plan,
OPERS optional vision and dental plans and Re-employed retiree plans. Remember that Open Enrollment 2020 takes place
from October 15th through December 7th, with materials indicating changes due to OPERS
no later than December 7th. For more information, refer to the OPERS
website at

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