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miss anything switch by the switch bike is one of the
most exciting innovations in transport and my personal favorite it is
lightweight fit steer handlebars and has been demonstrated to give your ride an
extra boost with electric power designed by two bike enthusiasts oliver and de
metrio the switch bike kid raised more than half a million dollars on IndieGoGo
in 2017 and has since gone on to achieve global popularity with delivery to more
than 30 countries as the switch bike becomes more and more
popular with over 3,000 people all over the world crossing the million mile mark
on their switch kits the maker of this innovative device haven’t rested on
their laurels they have continued to make improvements to the switch kits
with the newest models being smaller and more lightweight than their predecessors the switch works by detecting your
cadence as you pedal and sends a signal to the power pack which then orders the
control system to deliver the optimum power required to the motor in the front
wheel all you need to do is switch your front wheel and watch as your riding
experience changes forever very bite the very bike was designed to
be an improvement over a regular bike in any way possible
it was constructed with the aim to be 300% better at helping you burn 84
percent more calories than regular bikes by increasing the parts of your body
involved in the exercise it ensures that your muscles are equally warm then
prevents the tension associated with under cooled muscle groups leading to
improved cardiac output and oxygen consumption this is another model from the same
designer made for individuals who do not want to ride a two-wheeler like the name
implies the trike is a three wheeler that enables riders to pedal with either
their arms legs are with a combination of both you can steer the trike either
by turning the entire front wheel or by pivoting the whole front end of the
frame made with the lightweight powder-coated 7020 aluminum alloy frame
the very bike trike can be yours at prices starting from 3986 US dollars snowgo the snow go is an innovative way
to enjoy the mountains this innovative device combines the best features of a
mountain bike with the mechanics of skiing
steering is handled with the use of an adjustable handlebar as well as with the
use of 13 integrated pivot points which mimics skiing motions with its flexible
and open design you can easily enter and exit the lifts with a built in chairlift
hook and a counterbalance design if you’re worried about safety the snow go
has a custom integrated design which ensures a steady and safe ride making
your skiing trip one a pure unadulterated pleasure zealot we all have painful experiences
with our bikes being stolen personally it was an experience that still keeps me
up at night well the zealot was designed to ensure
that it never happens again described as the world’s first foldable and proactive
bike lock the Z lock is the bikers best friend it works with the use of advanced
communication technology as well as a minimalist design that confer the most
secure protection for your bike using fingerprint Bluetooth and spare key
locking it comes with a 98 centimeter
unbreakable and temper hardened material equipped with military standard aes-256
encryption bluetooth system to help protect your privacy this flexible
security solution is powered by an efficient lithium battery and low power
consumption components which lets you secure your bike for up to three months
at a time MC square science geeks will understand
the hype behind this unique device created by singapore-based I the SG
engineering and training the MC square bike has been described as a
revolutionary multi configuration cycle that can be tweaked to shift the users
needs if you pay attention you’ll see where the name was gotten from the mc-squared works with no chain and
with little need for maintenance and has been shown to be able to handle all
types of terrain weighing in at a light weight 14
kilograms this marvel of engineering would impress even Einstein with its
innovative design bird of prey the bird of prey lives up
to its name by providing a thrilling biking experience for the true outdoor
types designed by California inventor John Aldrich and built by veteran bike
builder rust any eltridge the bird of prey has been reputed to be the fastest
racing bicycle in existence it has a long low profile in
forward-facing semi-pro riding positions that give it its uniquely aerodynamic
outline while soft leather coverage supports ensure that the body is well
supported for a comfortable ride other concessions to comfort include Aero bars
at the front that helps support your elbows the bird of prey makes use of
high speed gears mountain bike and 62 rear chaining to provide one of the most
comfortable and thrilling biking experiences you will ever have quiggily
the quickl bike is a compact design designed by Germany’s Karsten Benton
famous for being able to fold up to take only 55 by 40 by 25 centimeters the
company in charge of its quickl claims that it is the most compact folding bike
in the world and we are inclined to believe it as it can easily fold down
into a size that can fit in your carry-on luggage it’s extremely
lightweight with its weight of 8.5 kilograms and can be easily and carried
wherever you go it can carry riders as heavy as 200 pounds when fully assembled
the quagle has been demonstrated to provide a more comfortable ride than
you’d expect with the ability to cover up to 4.5
meters at a maximum of 25 kilometers per hour for CLIs cruiser designed by legendary
Norwegian innovator Olli or Killa the four CLIs cruiser was created as a
graduation project at the Institute of Design in lotzie Finland it is often
described as the phantom bike in reflection of its white color as well as
the apparent missing front for it went from the distance how does it work well
the four CLIs cruiser works with the use of a modified frame where the handlebars
are connected to a steering rod that runs back toward the sea then curves
down and forward to the wheel as a result of this the steering wheel
doesn’t block the wheel as it curves out away from the wheel and back again at
the connection point the result is a vehicle that’s a literal marvel of
construction and a piece of functional art there you have it folks a list of
the eight most insane bicycles and related inventions from all over the
world which of these inventions that you think were the most useful tell us in
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