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A quality assurance matrix for CEFR use

Are you a teacher, a teacher educator, an
administrator or a curriculum developer? Do you wish to promote effective
language learning in your institution? Are you planning to use the CEFR to
initiate the curriculum change? Are you tired of a curriculum reform that is not based on principles of quality? If you replied yes to at least one of these
questions, then you will find the QualiMatrix very useful. Increasingly the CEFR
and its new updated and extended version the CEFR companion volume is changing
curricula and language teaching methodologies. However, when it comes to
introducing curriculum innovation or implementing the action oriented
approach stakeholders do not feel supported enough nor are they aware of
other practices they could get inspiration from. Now with the QualiMatrix they have all this. QualiMatrix aims to bring equality into language curriculum innovation and does the sole through its different components that
work in synergy to provide the best and most effective support. These components are the matrix itself, a tool for self-assessment organised around the
classic quality assurance circle of planning, implementation, evaluation and
action; a database of over 30 authentic practices from all over Europe and
beyond organised around the principles of quality such as validity, reliability,
and sustainability, that can inspire you in your process; an extensive glossary of
over a hundred and twenty terms with clear definitions of key terminology in
language education; and relevant resources and tutorials. The matrix
generates an individualised radar chart profile of areas of strength and weakness, cross-reference to the principles of
quality, and it provides guidance for taking next steps. QualiMatrix is very
easy to use. All its components are colour coded and
accessible both through a jigsaw puzzle and a list with a short explanation.
Wherever you are in the process of implementing change in your curriculum
this tool will support you, help you and inspire you. The QualiMatrix can boost
the potential of the CEFR to initiate real change in language education at all
levels. All is ready for you to try – enjoy!

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