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About Student Blue Health Insurance

[MUSIC PLAYING] At Blue Cross and Blue
Shield of North Carolina, we have a long and
dedicated relationship with colleges, universities,
and the place we all call home. With 30 years of experience
in student health insurance, delivering hassle-free
plans and dedicated service is at the core of what we do. It all starts on day one
when your students either enroll or wave. Ben is a freshman, new
to campus and excited about starting college. His parents were sure
to remind him, however, that he needed to make sure
he’s covered in any emergency. That’s why Ben enrolls
in the Student Blue plan. Student Blue provides
Ben with access to a large provider
network, including coverage when he has to visit
the student health center. Craig is a student athlete
having serious leg pain. After an exam, it’s clear
he needs a specialist. With our online tools, Craig
finds a specialist that accepts his Student Blue plan. But in those times where
the clinic is closed or getting out of vet
is just not an option, Student Blue has
virtual care offerings that assist students 24/7. When Karen’s allergies
hit her hard, she can call the
dedicated Student Blue team who will direct her
to her telehealth options. Now Karen can see a
doctor on her tablet and have a prescription ready
for her allergies by morning. And Karen’s roommate,
Monique, doesn’t have to worry about her
coverage while studying abroad. Student Blue coverage
extends across the US and in over 200 countries
through the Blue card program. Because student
health and well-being doesn’t stop becoming a
priority while they’re exploring the world. With online resources
like Blue Connect, students can easily access
all their Student Blue plan information whether they’re
at home or on campus. By keeping in constant
contact, not only will students have everything they
need but so will you. The Student Blue portal lets
you view each student’s account and run extensive
campus-wide reports. And as you run a growing and
busy student health center, you’re not alone. Each campus has their
own account manager to work with you on the
big-picture ideas as well as a dedicated campus
service advisor to address the
day-to-day questions. At Blue Cross and Blue
Shield of North Carolina, we know your students,
we know North Carolina, and we know health care.

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