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An Easier Way to Buy a Car | Shopper Assurance | Hyundai

(uplifting music) – [Announcer] This is Cole. Like a lot of people, Cole isn’t a big fan of all the time and effort
it takes to shop for a car. That’s why he’s very happy that Hyundai is introducing Shopper Assurance. Cole just chooses his car and enters a time and place to test drive, and the car just shows up. Cole thinks this is a
much better way to shop. – Hey. – [Announcer] And he
wonders why most other car companies don’t do this. – Yeah, why don’t other
car companies do this? – [Announcer] In fact, we’re
doing all sorts of things that make buying a car
easier for people like Cole. He’ll love the transparent pricing. He can calculate his monthly payment, find out the value of his trade-in, and even check his credit from
the comfort of his own home. And when Cole does make
it down to the dealership, he’ll be in a better mood. Since all the hard work is already done, then he’s just there
to pick up his new car. Who knows? He might even end up
hugging the car dealer. And should Cole have a change of heart? No problem, he can exchange his car for another new Hyundai thanks to our three-day, worry-free exchange. Cole thinks all these things are better. It’s all part of something that we’re calling Hyundai Shopper Assurance. It’s making the car-buying experience better for well, everyone. (upbeat music)

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