How Insurance Works

Anthony Stramandino / Quality Assurance Engineer

My name is Anthony Stramandino. I work in the quality assurance department for operations here in Mons, at the production site. My duties consist of ensuring the final quality of the products which are sent from Belgium to our European customers. Thanks to the multicultural aspect of the company, we have relationships with many different entities, such as our customer Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany and our Belgian headquarters in Braine-L’Alleud, just to name some of our European customers, and there’s also Japan, so the multicultural aspect of the company is very interesting. We are brought together to work with people who have different ways of thinking and who deal with problems differently, particularly from a quality assurance point of view. The head office in Japan gives us a lot of instructions on how to handle such cases and how to prevent their recurrence.

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