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Assurance of Network Resilience Throughout Continual IT Lifecycle

Hi, i’m Brighton Godfrey co-founder and
CTO of Veriflow today we’re going to talk about how you can gain assurance of
network resilience throughout the continual IT lifecycle. our patented
technology builds a complete model of your network across all infrastructure
devices regardless of the vendor and the tech is able to do this without looking
at any live traffic instead it predicts all dataflow behavior that could happen
in the future with zero touch from the user
we then infer intended network behavior and automate thousands of checks to
verify availability and resilience here we see a violation where the intent of
the design is not being met by the reality of the network Veriflow has
identified that these two core devices are supposed to be an HSRP redundant
pair but for certain kinds of traffic there’s reach ability only to core one
and not core 2 that’s a potential service outage waiting to happen with
the detailed path tracing capability you can pinpoint the root cause for all
these 10.2 prefixes there are two next tops in the forwarding table but for a
10.2.10 there’s just one. so regardless of whether HSRP is configured correctly
the prefix wasn’t advertised properly in OSPF. this is a real issue that Veriflow identified
in a production network the software started with a high level goal resilience of the data center
and its automated intent inference and verification pinpointed this needle in
the haystack that ordinarily we might not have noticed until after an outage.
that’s one example among many automatically inferred checks you can
see a few others here like consistency path symmetry duplex mismatch and loops
and more. the results of these inferred checks as well as user-defined intent
checks are all populated in the vitals dashboard where operations teams can
proactively visualize the health of their network and generate daily reports
to share with the team. keeping the network online and connected is no easy
task but with Veriflow you can now automate verification of resilience and
availability on-premises and into the cloud to learn how to start Veriflowing
your network request a complete demo today.

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