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Assurance of Salvation

Believers look for assurance of salvation,
from the Scriptures and from what other people say, from prophecies and from books, but the
only One who can really tell us what out situation is, is Jesus Christ Himself. He gave us the
Holy Spirit to guide us and to teach us and to tell us what our situation is with Him,
whether He is pleased with us. Only Jesus can tell us whether He is pleased
with us. There is no other assurance, nobody else can tell us. We have to go to Him and
ask Him whether He is pleased with us. Seek Him, pray , wait on Him until He speaks to
you, then you KNOW whether Jesus Christ is pleased with you or not.
Stay IN HIS PEACE. Keep on seeking Him. Keep on seeking His approval and He will reveal
Himself to you. Do not trust other people. Do not look for assurances in the Bible. Look
for your assurance and your guidance from Jesus Christ Himself.
May Jesus bless you.

Reader Comments

  1. Brother I am LOOKING for JESUS to speak to me with — the question i got ! i am alone very alone and well — only JESUS can – advise me on – how to keep from- getting my into – some not good situations! as a single female – honestly — i am — bait ! only JESUS has kept me in my right mind!!! i can not fathom — not enduring this adventure – to the end – honestly i have concluded – brother — FINALCALL07…………………………………………….. that – if – i die – because — people – so dislike the truthful life i have always – oh- preferred – well then – kill me because JESUS i rather have than – anything one can list – as – what i am supposed to desire in this —– fallen – broken – set — for — fire — world… JESUS is – quite – simple , complex and complicated ???
    is a sign to my silly self – of some TREE of KNOWLEDGE- of good n evil eating – — from that oh we ALL get TESTED on
    before – entrance – to the King's DOMAIN is allowed, JESUS KING / Creatures created = serve the KING.

  2. Гарантия спасения.

    Верующие ищут гарантии спасения, из Писаний и из того, что другие люди говорят, из пророчеств и из книг, но только тот Один, кто может действительно сказать нам, какова ситуация, это Сам Иисус Христос. Он даёт нам Святого Духа, чтобы направлять нас и учить нас, и сказать нам, какова наша ситуация с Ним, доволен ли Он нами.

    Только Иисус Христос может сказать нам, доволен ли Он нами. Нет другой гарантии, никто другой не может сказать нам. Мы должны идти к Нему и спрашивать Его, доволен ли Он нами. Ищи Его, молись, ожидай Его, пока Он не заговорит с тобой, тогда ты УЗНАЕШЬ, доволен ли Иисус Христос тобой или нет.

    Оставайся В ЕГО МИРЕ. Продолжай искать Его. Продолжай искать Его одобрения, и Он откроет Себя тебе. Не доверяй другим людям. Не ищи гарантии в Библии. Ищи гарантии и своего руководства от Самого Иисуса Христа.

    Да благословит тебя Иисус.

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