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Two U.S. Air Force B-1B Lancers have conducted
an extended deterrence 32-hour round-trip sortie over the South China Sea on April 29,
2020 The bombers belong to the 28th Bomb Wing,
Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. As per the U.S Pacific Command, the mission
was carried out as part of a joint U.S. Indo-Pacific Command and U.S. Strategic Command (USSTRATCOM)
Bomber Task Force (BTF) mission. An official statement released after the mission
says, “This operation demonstrates the U.S. Air
Force’s dynamic force employment model in line with the National Defense Strategy’s
objectives of strategic predictability with persistent bomber presence, assuring allies
and partners” This is not the first time such a long duration
mission has been undertaken. This operation follows a bilateral exercise
where Ellsworth’s B-1s departed from their home-base, integrated with U.S. Air Force
F-16s and Japan Air Self-Defense Force F-15s near Japan and returned back home after a
nearly 29-hour mission. In this video Defense Updates analyzes why
B-1B Lancer’s direct mission from the US to the South China Sea is a stark reminder of
U.S military’s capabilities to China? Let’s get started This video is sponsored by the free-to-play
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ship and three days of premium account time as a bonus. The official brief stated,
“USSTRATCOM has conducted BTF missions (previously known as Bomber Assurance and Deterrence missions)
since 2014 as a demonstration of the U.S. commitment to collective security, and to
integrate with Geographic Combatant Command operations. The first mission included B-52H Stratofortresses
and B-2 Spirits traveling from the continental United States to Joint Base Pearl-Harbor Hickam
in April 2014.” It is to be noted that round-trip missions,
once dubbed “Global Reach” have been conducted from CONUS or Continental US with B-52s and
B-2s, as well as B1 bombers, though the frequency has increased. This is most likely because of the termination
of Continuous Bomber Presence Mission and is more in line with a new strategy Continuous Bomber Presence Mission called
for long-range heavy bombers to be positioned at the bases at all times to respond to potential
contingencies. Under this, since 2004, the U.S Air Force
began deploying B-52s, as well as B-1B Bone supersonic bombers and B-2 Spirit stealth
bombers, for six-month stints to Andersen on Guam. But now a new strategy is in place. The new concept which is in line with the
National Defense Strategy requires bombers to operate forward in the Indo-Pacific region
from a broader array of overseas locations to reduce predictability and increase operational
resilience. The idea is instead of deploying bombers on
6-month rotations to Guam, the U.S Air Force will leverage CONUS and overseas bases including
Guam to project the air power to the Pacific in a way that can’t be anticipated easily
by the enemy. In his way, opponents, such as China and Russia,
will find it difficult to carry out a preemptive strike to take out the bombers. Gen. Tim Ray, Air Force Global Strike Command
and Air Forces-Strategic commander in a public statement issued on Apr. 22 had said, “The rapid employment of airpower directly
supports the National Defense Strategy and assures we can provide overwhelming force
anywhere, anytime in support of American interests or our Allies and partners,” The intention is clear – to keep rivals guessing
and be prepared to strike from different locations. B1 lancer essentially has 2 variants
The B-1A was originally designed during the 1970s as a high-altitude, Mach 2.0-capable
nuclear bomber. However, President Jimmy Carter canceled the
program on June 30, 1977, in favor of air-launched cruise missiles carried onboard the B-52,
intercontinental ballistic missiles and what eventually became the Northrop Grumman B-2
Spirit stealth bomber. This was done after it became apparent that
penetrating Soviet airspace at high altitudes in a conventional non-stealthy aircraft was
likely a suicidal endeavor. President Ronald Reagan eventually revived
the Lancer program on Oct. 2, 1981, however, the new B-1B was optimized for low-level penetration. Additionally, the aircraft was modified with
new engine air intakes and other upgrades to reduce its radar cross-section. The resultant B-1B aircraft no longer possessed
Mach 2 capability—topping out at roughly Mach 1.25—but had much better survivability
because of the stealthier profile. Most airplane wing designs are tradeoffs. Wings are set for low-speed stability or high-speed
performance, or some middle point. Even with flap systems and leading-edge slats,
fixed wings are compromises. A multi-role aircraft needs more flexibility. Having variability in the wing configuration
has distinct advantages in making a single aircraft adept at multiple missions. This is what makes B1B a flexible platform The B1B is powered by 4 General Electric F101-GE-102
afterburning turbofan engines. Each of these can generate 17,390 lbf (77.4
kN) thrust when operating normally and 30,780 lbf (136.9 kN) with afterburner. These enable B1B to have an excellent range
of 5,900 mi or 9,400 km and a service ceiling of 60,000 ft. The engine performance makes B-1B capable
of hauling a lot of weapons. B-1B has a massive payload of 125,000 lb (56,700
kg) internal and external ordnance combined. It has 8 external hardpoints for 50,000 pounds
(23,000 kg) of ordnance and 3 internal bomb bays for 75,000 pounds (34,000 kg) of ordnance. Depending on mission B1B can carry a variety
of ammunitions like Mk- 84 general-purpose bombs, CBU-87/89/CBU-97 Cluster Bomb Units,
GBU-38 JDAM, AGM-158 Joint Air to Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) to name a few. JASSM & JASSM ER – Extended Range are especially
useful. The AGM-158 JASSM (Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff
Missile) is a low observable standoff air-launched cruise missile developed by Lockheed Martin
for the United States Armed Forces. It is a large, stealthy long-range weapon
with a 1,000 pound (454 kg) armor-piercing warhead and it went into service in 2009. AGM-158 JASSM & AGM-158B JASSM-ER enables
B-1B to strike targets without having to get into the enemy’s strike envelope. JASSMs has a range of about 230 miles or 370
km whereas JASSM-ER (Extended Range) has a strike envelop of 575 miles or 925 km. Harry Harris, the former commander of U.S.
Pacific Command who is now U.S. ambassador to South Korea in a testimony submitted to
Congress in 2018, pointed out several important aspects. He noted that China is not a signatory of
any treaty such as the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty or INF and used it to
develop a large arsenal of missiles. INF Treaty was signed by Ronald Reagan and
Mikhail Gorbachev in 1987. It banned ground-launch missiles with ranges
from 500 km to 5,500 km that is 310 to 3420 miles
As per him, the Chinese Rocket Forces has more than 2,000 ballistic and cruise missiles,
almost 95% of which would violate the INF treat if China was a signature. Some of these missiles could be used to hit
Guam which is around 3,000 km or about 1,860 miles from China. But with the new concept, U.S Military is
able to greatly negate this threat. Though B1B is a relatively old platform but
the versatility of the design makes it relevant even today. It’s enormous payload capacity and long-range
gives the U.S Air Force tremendous operational flexibility and will be a major source of
headache for China.

Reader Comments

  1. It's all just intimidation. Nothing will happen. They'll just ask China something on the basis of Bonded Labour to keep providing goods to West on cheap price as they did after Tianaman Square.
    The way west acted that time is the reason this pandemic happened this time.

  2. Why not attack China and destroy whole world of humankind? This planet has enough of biggest parasite in its history.

  3. China and the CCP has so many headaches right now they are going to start falling out of windows!?

  4. China better also be worried about the Arsenal Plane and Submarines that can carry 120 Tomahawk missiles each.

  5. Bombers are not sufficient, Attack aircraft and fighter bombers need to also reach China. That capability is dwindling year after year.

  6. China and the US have got to stop dick waving and do some dick shooting. Nobody takes this seriously. Not REALLY…. Compared to the cold war of the 80s shit like this is just not concerning, back then we were escorting back Russian heavy bombers armed with live nuclear weapons flying over US soil.

  7. something missing here..Sea?? dont knowTower in CH must fall down in 9 seconds.How do you feel than? Covid19 eat steel and have 26% deaths already in world..your fuckin private clinics and private credits

  8. When will you teach China CCP PLA a lesson that reminds them to respect Asian territory and international laws?

  9. Unfortunately for China, Trump is not a politician. He is a businessman who despises bullies, especially bullies who have already sucker-punched their smaller neighbors, the world and the U.S. with a bioweapon. He has already ORDERED captains of vessels in the Persian Gulf area to fire on and sink ANY vessels harassing U.S. vessels. Does China think we won't do the same, or worse, to their fleet and illegal island installations? They have consistently misjudged the POTUS to their surprise and frustration.

  10. Warheads for Chinese foreheads.
    The capability of B-1s to carry nuclear munitions should be restored to the planes, since that capability had been disabled as part of the INF treaty agreement with Russia.

  11. Am i hearing right? this is truly an Amazing feat of engineering the designers achieved in their designing n building of this amazing plane, all the way there n back n on top this Huge amount of payload, This is engineering at its very best, well done guys

  12. They need a large upgrade and start carrying the hypersonic air launched missiles. Now that we are allowed to use intermediate range missiles again those programs from the seventies and eighties are being dusted off again.

  13. All options are on the table…..will the Chinese give in to reason? Of course…..they are suffering worse and worse every day! Will the Communists give in to reason? No! We want all options on the table. Only China can conquer China. Squeeze Time! Something gotta give! B-1 is a long spear! With support……any angle….any time. Instead of a wing to deliver 115,000lbs of ordinance. B-1 do that for ya! From well outside there missle’s. Got lots of options there! And that’s just one feather in the “Wings of Liberty”. May she never lose a feather!

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  17. US and West should stop with this anti Russian hysteria and agree on some mutually acceptable compromise how to coexist and respect each others interests just like they did during Cold war. Todays Russia is considerable more free and democratic and even pro West than Soviet Union so it shouldnt be problem. 
    It'd allow them to concentrate on the real threat to everyones security- China and if they had understanding with Russia they could easily agree on new missile or any other treaty that wouldn't hinder them in relation to China
    But so far they work hard on pushing Russia closer to China instead.

  18. That evil fossilized giant known as China needs to be twarted in its quest for global dominance. A B1 lancer at their doorstep sends just the answer.

  19. Meh! I think the US is just waving its Military cock at China but, I will wait until Michel Platteeuw weighs in on this video! He's the "Expert".

  20. WTF is "pound force"?! God the translations and grammar of this channel is so strange to me – the guy has a perfect English accent, but the grammar sounds like an 8yo Chinese student translation.

  21. This is all stupid, why not peace than war? If there's any war like China and USA there will be no winner and we'll all lose civilization. Peace ☮️ for all!

  22. I really love the B1A, capable of mach 2.2-2.3(depending where you look) but sadly they only made less then a handful since they said the speed reduced stealth capability.

  23. Man. Still cant use the English language properly. Reading your grammar is like pulling teeth! Its spelled reach"E"s. Plus the B-1 carries weapons or payloads not ammunition! Geeeeeeeeeez!

  24. Soften the air defense with intermediate range small yield nuclear missiles, then bring the b21 to open up a lane, them we bring the f35 to open up more areas. Now the f15 and big bombers can play without issues

  25. If Chinese authority has really desires for firing war on south China sea against region countries and USA that is meaning or clearly admitting Chinese economic policy society systems reaching last closing point

  26. With the hypersonic missile coming on board that weighs roughly 10K lbs a B1b can carry up to 12 and that is a huge payload.

  27. see how chinese react by dropping some dummy bombs from this aircraft. but what are you going to do with all the chinese in america?

  28. If we want you dead in 30 minutes, we send a hypersonic missile. If we want you dead in 24 hours or less, we send a B1B. No reason to have our bombers forward-deployed to Guam any longer.

  29. Well why did you leave guam air force base in the first place? you are afraid of something!
    Meanwhile Americans warmongers are coming in 321…

  30. A bunch of man child just came in their pants lol, doesn’t B1B fly over South China Sea pretty much every year? Come on Americans don’t be senile, give us a reason to shoot it down, come on 😀

  31. Make that 75,000lb bomb load internal if its stealth is to be of any advantage!
    Two SU34s based at Guam could deliver more ordinance.

  32. Are your voiceovers your actual voice, or is it a simulation? If the latter, what software are you using for it?

  33. I am sure that China would love to have a jet engine for their " fighter " jets, that is better than their flopping fish engine. The United States has an aircraft that can carry 125,000 pounds of whoop ass right to their shore, and we have several B1B bombers, not to mention the B2 Spirit, and old reliable B-52. China is still struggling to make aircraft that can make it out to blue water with more than the pilot, and a light load of fuel.

  34. just goes to show the US unlike Russia can fly strategic bombers for days to the other side of the world bomb the crap out of someone and fly home again:)

  35. Undoubtedly, the pilots who will fly to bomb China on this plane will be the first victims of the war. S-400 is not asleep, comrade!

  36. That thing can fly with a fully loaded 18 wheeler plus another half loaded 18 wheeler plus a little more. Crazy

  37. The United States can't negotiate a nuclear arms reduction treaty because of the threat posed by China. If anything the US should increase its arsenal. China will not sign such a treaty and couldn't be trusted at all if it did. Once New START expires B1B and 4 Ohio class Trident submarines converted for cruise missiles with conventional warheads should become capable of delivering nuclear weapons again.

  38. Time for China to receive a stern military spanking in the South Asian Sea (No I will not call it the South China Sea, since that only reinforces the delusion it's theirs)

  39. They have to figure out how to launch them from carriers. Put two rockets on them. These jets specialize in ground hugging.

  40. B1B is a nightmare for CCP China. Like trying to track a bullet train in a canyon with air defense radar. Belly on the floor bomber with maneuvering abilities like fighter jet.

  41. commie china better take a step back i dont think it knows what its getting into! boycott china

  42. There will be war.
    China has garnered ill will because of infecting the planet with the Virus.
    Time to fix CCP.
    God bless all humans afflicted with the Virus.

  43. oh yeah! the entire fleet of only 6 bombers capable to take off ))) definitely scary AF)


  44. Now, if they could have gotten these B-1B's moving around Mach 1.5-2.0 in a B-1R configuration (upgraded engines)… That would have been a priceless way of saying, "surprise, motherfucker!" since it would have taken about 1/2 the time to get there. Because, although technically a non-nuclear option currently, changing the bone to a nuclear capable delivery system is relatively trivial.

    I might add, send a few squadrons of F-15E's to Korea and Japan with B-61's and you have a real recipe for fun. Mix in the BUFFs, the bones, the stealth bombers, and ALCM's and the subsequent shitstorm would not be a good day for China – and that's just the USAF (don't forget that the Navy would want to play too).

  45. Is anyone actually still abiding by the INF treaty anymore? I thought the US pulled out cause they suspected Russia violated the treaty?

  46. I bet before it even try to fly for " it will be shot down" plz stop biased news .. and do note " arogant people" in the end completely destroyed by Lord God.

  47. Your videos are great and informative. But why do we have to hear the seatbelt dinger in the background? Am I the only one who hears it?

  48. It will blow up in midair with a might BOOM hit by China air defense missile or a tiny bird. ????

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  50. 120,000 lbs of ordnance? You want to tell me it carries more than the B-52? Impossible.

    Can someone please shed some light on this? I am sure that the B-52's stated payload of 70,000 lbs is internal/external only, but I am not sure.

    Surely, the B-1 cannot carry more ordnance than the giant B-52, amirite?

  51. If you keep staring @ 2:35 why does it look like it dropped a nuke in some apocalyptic last photo ever taken.?

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