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[BBuzzArt] Quality Assurance Service

Hello my name is Sujin from BBuzzArt. Did you know that BBuzzArt has the quality assurance service for any purchase? Yes. We do. If you buy an artwork at BBuzzArt, the
seller will send the artwork to our warehouse. And then we go through the assurance process, to make sure what you’re seeing online is what you are buying. Let me go through the assurance procedure. When the artwork arrives at the BBuzzArt warehouse, the Assurance Manager will check the condition of the package
and start videotaping the entire assurance process from the very opening of the
package. The Assurance Manager searches the artwork at BBuzzArt and double checks the
information, including medium, size, and And they fill out the
certification letter with his or her signature. After the assurance process is
completed we repackage the artwork and send it to a buyer through a reliable logistics partner. We absolutely understand that buying artwork online is difficult and tricky. But through BBuzzArt assurance service, we can guarantee you the most reliable and trustworthy art collection system.

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