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Beaches Open for Active Recreation & Airport Updates | COVID19 Press Conference

Hey everyone this is Mayor Robert Garcia
it’s May the 13th and we have another City briefing and we will also
answer media questions and after we answer the media questions we will also
do a recap in Spanish. So we’ll get everything in Espanol and we have Alice
from the Health Department who will be doing our Spanish recap translation
and of course Paola who is safely distanced behind me who will be doing our
ASL translation as always so thank you to them. I want to welcome our
Airport Director which is Cynthia Guidry who is here with us and she’ll be giving
us an update today about the airport and how the airport is really transitioning
to this kind of COVID-19 reality we’re in and what can we expect from the
airport as far as what we’re doing to keep it safe moving forward and so
Cynthia will have an update for us and I want to welcome her for joining us today.
So let me begin by just giving some of the overall numbers and some of the
overall data. I want to of course start with the data. As of today we have 1,094
residents who have tested positive for COVID-19. A couple things that are
important to note – there is a bigger increase today of positive cases and
that is due from a delay in reporting from a private lab that’s actually
contracted with LA County and so our health officials are telling me that
these actual results from today some date as far back as April 1st and
so we’re trying to parse out which ones are
actually from from today and yesterday versus others that are far as weeks and
weeks in the past and so for whatever reason that was one private lab that did
not get the results in completely and so that’s why you’re seeing this big number
today. We’ll try to provide more information as to where that number
comes from but again some of these are as far as April 1st and these results
are from the LA County testing sites in Long Beach so not from the Long Beach
sites but from the LA County partnership site so that’s that’s where some of
those are coming from. More generally, there’s a over
677 people that have recovered from COVID-19 across the City of Long Beach
which is a really great sign. We’ve had one other fatality and so that’s of
course very tragic and it brings our death total in Long Beach to 49
individuals and like I’ve mentioned before COVID-19 is the leading cause
of death in Long Beach when you look at the major areas that people die from in
the city whether you’re looking at automobile accidents or violent crime
COVID-19 obviously is the most serious thing that we’re facing. Of the 49 deaths,
38 have been associated with long-term care facilities. We’ve talked about that
being our biggest challenge so let me move forward on a couple other items. The
first is testing; we have now completed over 20,000 tests in the City of Long
Beach with the capacity to do over 1,000 a day and this is such an
important part of our tracking to reopen. I want to remind everyone that if you
feel you have a symptom or if you’re a worker and you think you’ve been exposed
please go get a test today and you can get information at our testing site at of course under the testing note so please get tested, we
want folks to get tested. The other announcement we have today is we are now
beginning to hear from doctors, physicians, dentists, and health providers
that are beginning to relax their rules within their offices to allow more
patients to come in. Now it’s important to note that the state never fully shut
down doctors offices or dentists but most medical providers have had a
limited window to see folks because they’re only seeing essentially
emergency patients but we want to let folks know that most primary
physicians, most other medical providers, are now starting to see patients and if
you feel like you need an appointment with your primary physician, if you feel like you need to go see the dentist again,
a lot of our doctors and medical providers are now back to taking regular
appointments. Before, they were taking mostly emergency appointments or
critical needs but that’s beginning to change and so we want to make sure
people knew that today and that’s a transition that’s happening within these
medical offices and you can imagine that these spaces are really focused on
sanitation and making sure that everything is sanitized and clean and
healthy and so we want to thank all of our medical partners. As a reminder,
individuals without insurance or if you’re a Medi-Cal recipient, we still
have our free Rapid Response Clinic at Long Beach City College and whether
you’re documented and not documented, insured not insured, that clinic now has
been open for many weeks and we are ready to assist you if you need support.
Please also know that the Rapid Response Clinic while it’s no
cost, we’re beginning to see less and less use of it over the course of
the last couple weeks and so if that continues it is likely that we will be
probably shutting down the clinic at some point in the near future. It was an
emergency clinic and we’re looking at ways of taking some of those services
and testing out into neighborhoods and so you might see that personnel
focused more into going into dense neighborhoods, neighborhoods that really
need additional medical support, and so we might have some of that move around
the city but please know that if you need assistance or you need support, that
clinic is open to you today and we want folks to use it because we’re seeing
less folks at the clinic. Now I want to talk to you about reopenings.
We know that today across Long Beach and across LA County the beaches are open
for active recreation that means that you’re able to run and walk on the path,
you can ride your bike on the bike path, swimming is available,
kayaking, anything that’s active but what you cannot do is gather. So there is
no opportunity for folks to picnic, to bring blankets and lay
out, no chairs, all that needs to stay at home. Beach restrooms are open but are
being disinfected and cleaned and we are also reopening Rosie’s Dog Beach which
we know is a huge ask for a lot of people but again please take your dog
through, allow the dog to enjoy but no gathering and no groups and make sure
that we aren’t physically distancing. We also want to encourage folks of course
that if you’re around others you need to wear face
coverings and that we’re constantly washing our hands and if you’re feeling
sick at all please stay home. These reopening of our beaches here in
Long Beach align with the County beaches that are opening all up and down the
coast and they are following the statewide guidelines on beaches. I
also want to remind individuals that we have our trails and our parks are also
open for active recreation and that we have and are
seeing a lot of people enjoy them. A vast majority folks are doing the right
thing and are really enjoying these as active recreation spaces. There are still a lot
of individuals obviously not as many most are following the rules that are
not doing as good of a job following the rules and so I would encourage you
guys to please distance and be safe, this is still a serious health crisis and we
still are many days away from looking at the data to know if those
hospitalizations and our hospital bed room rate are going to spike and
we’re really hoping that they don’t do so and that we’re able to manage those as
best possible. Now I want to talk to you about our Health Order Amendment. Of
course we have opened up all of retail across the city to for curbside pickup
or curbside service that is currently in place. We’ve had a question in
particularly that I want to clarify; folks have asked about dog grooming
or pet services, those are allowed under the state and city order. However, it
needs to be a curbside service and what I mean by that is if you are
a pet groomer, your customers need to essentially pull up
to your location and take your animal inside but the customers still
cannot go inside the store. If it’s a curbside grooming service
where you can bring the animal inside then that’s okay. We’ve had that question
a lot. All retail can open with curbside
pickup but not folks can not go inside the look the the retailer’s and I’m
being asked why is that the case or why can’t we open up restaurants or why are
we following LA County when it comes to reopening up groomers? None of those are
actually completely accurate. The truth is that the State Health Orders
supersede our local Long Beach Health Orders. The State Health Orders today do
not allow restaurants to open, do not allow people to go into retailers, do not
allow groomers and salons, do not allow us to do anything beyond what we’re
doing today so if you hear or I’ve read a couple messages where folks have said
you know Long Beach is independent we have our own Health Department. That is
absolutely right, we control our own health destiny but our Health Department
does not supersede the California State Department of Health and they currently
do not allow any of the other activities or for us to move more quickly than
we already are. The second big question I’ve been getting is – well we’re
hearing that the Governor is allowing some restaurants to reopen or
some retailers to reopen; that is true but only in rural counties with
small populations. Long Beach does not qualify for that, LA does not qualify
for that, Orange County does not qualify for that, it’s only the very small rural
counties at the very top of the state, North of Sacramento and other places
that may qualify for those expedited restaurant openings, we do not. As
frustrating as business owners and others want things to reopen, the truth
is even if we thought it was safe to do so we can’t and I think it’s
important to be honest with people and to spread information
that is actually factual. There’s a lot of misinformation out there so I want to
remind individuals of that as well and with that I want to turn this
over to our Airport Director, we invited her to join us today because she’s got a
lot of really important updates about the airport and what’s happening at the
airport and I want to thank her. It’s a difficult time for the airport as well
and for all of aviation as well so Mrs. Guidry. Well thank you for inviting me
here today Mayor. I’m so appreciative of how you and the City Council have really
kept everyone informed it’s so important to our traveling public and to our local
businesses. So before I talk about the facial coverings and the things that
we’re doing at the airport, I’d like to start by providing an overall update on
Long Beach Airport. So like airports across the nation, Long Beach Airport is
experiencing a major decline in flights and passenger traffic as a
result of COVID-19. Our passenger numbers for April decreased by about 95 percent
compared to the same period last year. The sharp decrease in passenger numbers
means an equally sharp decrease in airport revenue and our preliminary
estimate is a decline of 10 to 20 million in operating revenue at this
time, at this point. This impacts not only Long Beach
Airport but also the many businesses that rely on the economic impact that we
generate so that includes rental car providers, our parking companies,
concessionaires, and our general aviation community and so many others. The airport
and surrounding businesses are economic engines that support the local and
regional economy. Thankfully last month we were thrown a lifeline when the
Federal Aviation Administration allocated $18.4 million in Cares
Act funds to Long Beach Airport. This was a huge win for the airport and our city
and I want to thank the Long Beach Congressional Delegation for recognizing
the financial impact COVID-19 has had on air travel and
specifically on Long Beach Airport. In addition to debt service payments the
funding will support critical operations such as staffing maintenance and repairs
and essential services and supplies despite the financial impact from the
decrease in passenger numbers I am so grateful that the public is following
the CDC guidance and avoiding non-essential travel at this time and as
the economy slowly reopened I want to share with you some of the steps the
airport has taken to ensure a safe and healthy travel experience for us all. We
are working with airlines and Airport business partners on a weekly
basis to improve safety and following the health orders to still ensure a
comfortable travel experience for which we are known. We have stepped up our
cleaning and disinfection protocols in public spaces, we have floor decals and
other measures in place to ensure physical distancing of 6 feet, and as
the Mayor mentioned yesterday we announced that facial coverings are
required to be worn by all passengers employees and visitors at the airport
and this is right in line with the guidance from public health experts and
consistent with precautions taken by airports across the nation. All 5
commercial airlines that serve Long Beach Airport as well as concessions and
rental car companies also require facial coverings for both employees and
customers. So during the TSA security screening you may be asked to adjust or
briefly remove your facial covering, that’s that’s quite okay, you’ll also
notice that all TSA officers are also wearing facial coverings but it’s
important to remember that facial coverings must cover the nose and mouth
whether that comes in the form of bandanas, neck gaiters, or cloth masks
with ties or straps and don’t forget when you’re at the airport to maintain
physical distancing and wash your hands frequently
while at the airport because all of these items and things that we can do
really support each other and we can do it all together. In addition to the
safety messages measures I’ve just outlined by its very nature Long Beach
Airport as a small small hub airport, we offer many advantages to the traveling
public in this post COVID-19 world. We are known for a stress-free travel
experience away from the crowds and the congestion. We’ve also have been one of
the very few airports in the nation that has a large amount of outdoor space.
Our beautiful outdoor garden available to passengers post-security.
We believe all these elements are important considerations when the public
starts to fly again and we’re very much looking forward to welcoming back our
passengers. We can’t wait. So speaking of the future,
I’d like to update you on the status of our plans to transform the airport’s pre-
security experience which we call Phase 2 and many of you are familiar with
that of the Terminal Area Improvements Program. You’ll recall that we completed
phase 1 back in 2012 when we constructed the beautiful north and
south concourses along with the outdoor garden area. Now phase 2 will modernize
and streamline the pre-security experience and also will include a
seismic retrofit and a revitalization of our historic 1941 terminal building but
given the financial impact of COVID-19, we are taking a hard look at all of our
expenses including our Capital Program. We’ve worked with our city’s Financial
Management Department and an airport financial consulting firm to develop and
refine several cost-saving scenarios for our phase 2 construction program and as
I presented to Council yesterday we’d like to resequence our construction
schedule to ease our cash flow requirements and buy ourselves more time
to recover and reevaluate. We are still moving forward with our baggage
inspection facility which is primarily TSA grant-funded and we’re going to
begin construction of our ticketing building but depending on the economic
conditions we encounter along the way that contract has built-in exit ramps
available to us and we are continuously and cautiously monitoring the travel
industry on a weekly basis to guide our decision making and the key for us is to
execute a capital program that is flexible and best positions the airport
and the city for success. Of course as we continue through this process we
will be considering what the future of airports may look like in the post COVID
world and the desire for a touch-less experience, a touch-less journey with
ample space for physical distancing. So before I close, I’d like to take a moment
to thank all of the front line employees in the City of Long Beach working
together and as well as our Long Beach Airport team, either as a city employee
or with many other business partners. As the Director of Long Beach
Airport you know we are part of our nation’s transportation critical
infrastructure and I thank you to the entire team for keeping things running, thank you. Thank you Mrs. Guidry does a great job of running our Long
Beach Airport. We’re thankful to have her on our team and she’s also a Long Beach
resident so she loves our Airport and loves Long Beach so we’re
happy to have her. Now I’d like to turn it over to Jake who’s gonna do
some questions from the press. Thank you very much Mayor. Moving forward we have
our first question from Rachael Jordan from channel 7, go ahead Rachel. Hey so
this question is for the Mayor – one of the guidelines in the amendment of the
new city order says that based coverings are not required while engaging in solo
physically distance exercise so does this mean that face coverings are
required at the dog park or dog beaches where solo exercise isn’t really typical?
Rachel you cut out in the first part of the question, I think you asked a
question about face coverings if they are required when you’re closer than 6
feet is that what you asked? I’m sorry. One of the new guidelines says that these face coverings are not required while
engaging in solo physically distance exercise but does this mean that face
coverings are required at the dog park or at dog beaches where solo
exercise isn’t really something that you do there? So face coverings and I’ll get
clarification from our health folks and get that out to you but as far as I
understand it and if I don’t have this correct and Jake correct me. Face
coverings are required at any time that you are within the 6
foot range of someone. If you are out
alone and you’re walking your dog, you’re not required to have a
face covering however if you are out with your dog and you know
you’re gonna be within close contact with other individuals, you should be
wearing a face covering. If you’re at a dog park you should be wearing a face
covering if there’s gonna be other folks in the dog park and I would assume
that question is almost always going to be yes. Certainly when you are
entering any restaurant to do the to go or the pickup or any retailer that’s
doing the curbside, you are required to have a face covering as are the folks
that are bringing you the food or the or the items and Jake is that
correct? Absolutely Mayor, the goal is to make sure that
everyone has face coverings so even if you are going in an area where there are
people around you please take a face covering with you in case you find
yourself in a position where you’re closer than 6 feet. Put that face covering
on to protect you and the people around you. The
general rule that I’ve been following on face coverings and that
other folks have is that if you’re gonna go outside and you’re gonna be around people of any type, wear a face covering. If you’re gonna take a walk
in your neighborhood alone and you’re not gonna be around anyone
and you don’t want to wear a face covering, it’s not required. If
you are gonna be in contact with people and I think a vast majority of the time
you are gonna interact with other individuals when you are out and so
having a face covering with you I think is important. I was on
Second Street today and I had my face covering and I think most people I
walked and by running to had their face coverings so I think that’s the general rule but I
will check on the order itself to make sure that it’s all correct and
Jake will double-check on that. Absolutely and some of the questions
that we’re getting on Facebook live are relative to that and please everyone
understand that the people that you see speaking in front of us they may not
have face coverings but they are absolutely all physically distance from
each other and even our interpreter is physically distanced even though it may
not look like that on camera. 6 feet away. All right moving
forward, Hailey go ahead with your question from the press-telegram.
Hi yeah my question is about the beaches reopening today. I just wanted to ask if
there have been any problems or warnings or citations issued associated with you
know people either being using the beach for passive use or even at the beach
parking lots people trying to park there? I don’t know about today but
I do know that we have given out some citation.s I mean I asked the question
about for example I did see some kind of gathering at Bixby Park and on the
Bluff and I know that police have been out there. There have been
citations given out but more important there’s been a lot of education that’s
happened. I went there today and actually I’m not sure if this is because maybe
the beach is now open but there was less of an impact I felt at Bixby Park
and the Bluff today during the days than I had seen in the past. That
could just be a reflection of the time I was there but there have been some
citations given, majority of people are following the rules but there still are
some that are that are not and so it’s not going to be a perfect system. There
is not going to be perfect compliance and we’re not going to be able to have
an enforcement system that is able to cite every one that’s that’s
that’s breaking the rule but the police are out there, the lifeguards are
out there, Park staff is out there and I think a lot of us obviously see
what’s happening at the beach or the Bluff but you know this is a huge city
and so we’re not only just patrolling the beach and the Bluff. We have
wetlands and parks and trails all over the city, it’s enormous
and so we have to make sure that our police and everyone else is everywhere
and not just everywhere patrolling those issues but remember that crime and
everything else that used to happen in a city before COVID it is still happening
so the resources are everywhere and the best way to deal with those issues
are for people to police themselves which I hope is happening. Absolutely thank you Mayor. The next question is from Valley go ahead Valerie
you guys hear me yes okay so yesterday the county said that the order would be
extent their order would be extended for three months and people were pretty
shocked. Long Beach’s order is so what is our timeline look like? Well we
don’t have a date on our order and so when we put the last update to our
order out we removed the May 15th date and essentially aligned with most of
what the state is doing which is not setting a date
and so it’s open-ended which is what the State of California is at and the reason
we did that was because we don’t know where the data is gonna take us. I think
it would be unwise and more importantly the health professionals within the
health department believe that it’s much better to have an open ended date
because yes it may take a while but it also may be that we do really well
in the next couple of weeks and we’re able to be flexible with that date.
It’s an open ended date in Long Beach, the same
way in the state, same way in Pasadena, which is the other health
jurisdiction in the county and I think, I could be wrong that LA County either today clarified what Dr. Farr
the other day and I think they’re also moving to an open-ended
date. That could be incorrect but certainly Long Beach has an open ended
date. Our timeline will be guided by what our hospitalization rate
says. Everyone should pay attention to you know next week when we do
these briefings next week we’re gonna talk about the hospitalization rate,
having had you know a couple weeks of data from
when we started these reopening and so that’s gonna be important for us to look
at and so I’m anxious to see what that says. All right Thank you Mayor. So now moving forward we’re going to go into the questions that we’re
seeing on our some of our social media streaming here and the first question
Mayor there’s obviously concern about lost revenue and people are
obviously concerned about taxes. How will the city make up for the lost revenue? Is
there any plan for that and there’s a concern in are we going to increase
taxes for that? Well first of all the
city doesn’t have the ability to increase taxes only the public can do
that at the ballot box but what I will say is the fear of lost revenue is
real. We all, when you hear business owners that are worried about their
workers, I’m worried about those workers and I’m also worried about the
incredible decline in revenues that our city is seeing. We are gonna have to
make some very, very difficult decisions from a budget perspective in the weeks
and months ahead. I’ll just give you some examples:
number one our largest employers in the City of Long Beach are education
institutions. You’re talking about Cal State Long Beach, Long Beach City College,
Long Beach Unified. They are all going to be making significant cuts to their
budgets because that state funding is just not going to come down the way it
was with these huge deficits happening at the State of California. They’re our
largest employers .That is going to dramatically impact those workers
in that workforce that then impacts our economy within Long Beach. If you look at
and so education is our biggest industry along with the port. The port is seeing declining revenue, declining cargo, that is going to impact our
economy. When you have your two biggest industries really not doing well because
of this pandemic and then you take the City of Long Beach – how does the city
of Long Beach pay for the police officers, the firefighters, the paramedics
that everyone expects? It’s a variety of different ways of course, different
revenue sources but a big part of that of course is sales taxes or its of course the property tax and other
pieces of it. We only get of course a small percentage of these
buckets to take care of the city but those are all declining and so when
the economy is shut down, we’re also very concerned because those
revenues aren’t coming into that we can pay for those paramedics that we need to
be accessible to all of you or to fix your street or to pick up on the street
services. I’m gonna have to present
a budget to the City Council as I do every single year I present a budget
to the City Council and just a couple months from now. I can guarantee you that
this is gonna be a budget that will have some drastic cuts, it’s gonna be very
painful to the city, and then that’s gonna translate into a loss
of services and the type of services that we expect here in the City
of Long Beach. So there is a huge impact from a revenue perspective but I
don’t see the city today, right now, what we’re trying to do is support
the community and people that are hurting because
they’re out of work and so what we’re trying to do is use our resources we
currently have. That’s why we’ve suspended you know parking citations for
so long. That’s why we’re not forcing people to pay their utility bills if
they can’t pay. That’s why we are not enforcing all the same type of citations
or fines. Sure, those could certainly sometimes help with the city revenue
but what’s more important is helping people right now and so we’re gonna have
to take care of the budget hole and we’re gonna have to really not
really look at revenue production because there is nowhere to look for
that. We’re gonna have to make cuts unless the state but especially the
federal government gets serious about supporting cities.
In fact i was on a call this morning with one of our Senators, Senator
Kamala Harris, who is doing a great job representing us in DC
and she supports our position. Our entire California Legation does; we need
Congress to adopt the new Cares Act and this new I believe it’s called the
Heroes Act it’s just got introduced in Congress. That bill that is sitting
right now waiting to be heard in the Senate would provide direct aid to
cities and that would allow us to ensure that we have the ability to fund what we
need to fund because our city employees right now are working so hard on this
crisis. It’s nonstop every day and I’m really worried about the financial
health of our city moving forward but we are going to present a budget, it will be
responsible, we know our teams do everything we can
to make sure that it’s the least impactful. Public safety is the most
important thing that we do as a city so that needs to remain strong and when
it’s presented the council will have a lot to debate and they’re gonna have a
lot of hard decisions to make when that budget is presented to them over the
course of the next few weeks but your city staff is working on that budget
really hard right now. They are pouring over the numbers and there’ll be a
pretty large presentation that the the budget team is going to make to
the City Council they’ve been making them but I believe even next week
there’s gonna be a pretty large presentation made so you’ll be hearing a
lot more about the budget in the weeks ahead and that’s probably a
lot about the budget but I think it’s an important topic. Thank you Mayor. You know one of the questions that we’re getting here is about summer programs;
obviously the City of Long Beach has fantastic summer programs. Some of the
programs from parks and our junior lifeguards and some of those other
programs, what’s the plan for that and what are we looking like in the
future for that potentially? Well the city hasn’t made a decision about
those yet but I’m personally this is not the health professionals talking,
personally I’m not optimistic that we’re gonna have the same
type of summer programming that we’ve had in the past. So as far as what it
will look like and as far as what programs will be offered I think the
health department right now is working and looking at that and I
would expect that there will be announcements in the near future around
what kind of youth sports and our youth programs in the summer look like.
We know that a lot of those programs provide important childcare
opportunities also for working families but at the end of the day the
decisions really have to be first and foremost made to protect the health
of the community and so we will be taking the advice and be implementing
the advice of our health professionals who are studying and looking at this
issue right now and so will our youth programs look the same the summer as it
did last summer? Absolutely not and so we don’t know what they
look like you and I think that’s a discussion that’s currently happening.
Thank you Mayor. This question is for Cynthia relative to
the airport so we’re going to transition over to you quickly and this is one of
our Instagram questions. The question is – why is the Airport so strict about
face masks required even if you can maintain 6 feet of physical distancing
but the guidelines for instance say at the beach that may not be required
if you’re exercising? So I think and you’ll see this across the nation and
airports have implemented this really to ensure that there’s so many people
coming in and out of the airport and wanting to make sure that you know real
quickly you can quickly be within 6 feet of an individual so with the cue
lines for screening, with the cue lines for getting on aircraft, we really want
to make sure that message is out there for everyone to have your
facial covering on. It just makes it safer for everyone on airport property,
it’s for the public safety that we’re thinking of this. All right we’re gonna
go back to the Mayor for one more question relative to the retail and
this is obviously a big concern. A lot of retail owners that are providing
comments and feedback on Facebook live and really the challenge is – why is it
okay to enter larger chain stores like the target and the Walmart’s but yet the
the small retail stores, the mom and pops who aren’t able to have people come in even
if they can practice physical distancing. What’s the plan for that and
Mayor what do you see moving forward future? I mean obviously we don’t
make the decisions about the question of why is it okay. I understand that
frustration but at the end of the day we have to follow the state health orders
and I know that a lot of the larger retailers that were allowed to
open or considered essential in the initial statewide health order were
because they also provided different access to what was considered essential
supplies like food or groceries so I understand that frustration but again
the Long Beach Health Department, our rules are superseded by the
statewide health order and so even if the Health Department felt that we could
open a small retailer tomorrow and do it safely it’s not allowed. The only
thing that the State Department of Health allows is curbside pickup at
retailers and that’s it. So that’s the world we’re living in. I
know it’s a frustrating answer for some but we’ve got to make the best of
what we are allowed to do. However, that does not stop us or slow us down from
planning for the future and I was just yesterday on a conference
call with 15 restaurant owners. I was on a call the
other day before that with all the leaders of our arts organizations. I’ve
been talking to different groups of workers. We have groups and advisory
groups and everyone is discussing how we safely reopen the next set of
industries so that when a Governor Newsom announces changes to the
statewide health order and says we think we can now safely have different
small retailers open up so folks can walk in or perhaps there can be some
restaurants that could open under these conditions, when those
announcements are made we are doing an enormous amount of research to figure
out how to do it in a way that’s the most safe for the public and for the
people working at those establishments. So that’s what were working on right now
because we can’t control what’s happening at the State Department of
Health and I expect they are listening also too some
really critical important medical advice and medical professionals. I know
that in our case here in Long Beach our medical teams are looking at our local
data and we have to be so careful in not opening up too fast
because the absolute worst thing that we could possibly do at this point is open
up fast and then have to go backwards and start closing things again because
the hospitalization spiked up and so I think it’s been described that this
can’t be a light switch but it’s got to be like a light dimmer and we’re just
slowly turning the light dimmer up. We have what we have. I know
it’s not enough but it is what it is and then we’ll continue to add building
blocks to that but those building blocks only get added if sometime in the next
days and weeks ahead we haven’t seen the spike in our numbers and so that’s what
we’re looking for. Thank you Mayor. Before we move
on, I want to stress to everyone that’s out there and with all these questions
we’re getting and our city social media team is responding to a lot of these
questions please have patience with us. We’re trying to get that information to
you, a lot of great questions. One of the other questions that we have is about
parking permits and I just want to give everyone that’s listening out there and
update on the parking permits. Yes, we will be extending the parking permits so
we are encouraging those that are in areas that are impacted by the parking
and have been issued those parking permits to please go to our website and
look for that additional information on the website visit us at for that additional information. For those individuals that are home owners, landlords, or renters we’re also working on a resource guide to provide additional guidance and direction on the services that are not only offered locally but also at the state level, county, and even at the federal level and so please let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll try to
continue to respond back to you but again Mayor we’re going to turn it back
to you for the translation. Great and now we’ll go to Alice with the
Long Beach Health Department who’s gonna translate for us in Spanish just to
recap, thank you. Hola buenas tardes a todos si gracias por estar con nosotros
Nava mente secession informit IVA del Tracy DeMaio
oh noes a companion a director Adele REO Puerto de long beach Cynthia Guidry pero
vamos a empezar con el resume en el alcalde como siempre desde hoy tenemos
mil noventa cuatro residentes de long pitch camp euro Vado positivo del Corona
Vera’s elemento en el número de casos positive OHS report ADO’s of’ week asado
por una de Moura en información sobre los resultados de una bola Torrio
privado que habría sido contratado por el condado de los ángeles
aproximadamente seis ciento setenta Y siete personas se on recuperate okay son
buenas noticias desde nuestra última sesión informative a Lunas / demos un
resident a day long bitch ese fue una persona Maori no Sesenta a nose cone
problemas de salud su yeah sube ascent a’s yah Mendte el
total de Carentan a de muerte cenang beach treinta Y Ocho de estas Carentan
mm Huertas Astana Sochi ADO’s kono Centro’s infer Maria de attention a
largo plazo las pruebas las pruebas continuin siendo una aspecto critic o
parle sig in en todo control la prevention y la propagation del Corona
be rose amply on las opciones de prueba para el vira sigue siendo una prioridad
para la ciudad a low-angle hasta las hoc on realizado casi be in 10 mil prevas en
la ciudad y tenemos or eaten este momento la capacidad de mil aldia por
dia recuerden que las pruebas estan dispo nibbles para todos los
trabajadores essencial a’s Independiente meant a si tienes in Tomas Oh since in
Tomas para programmer una cita de la prueba de korenev eros visit a Long
Beach Punto God VR para diagonal Co V DC no a day o Wed a llamar al Cinco seis
dos Cinco siete cero cuatro say stresses estamos entrando novo período de
transition con los consult Oreos médicos a los probe adores de atencion medica
que estan commence ando rehab rear sus puertas este pero también queremos
record our lays que la clínica devolution rápida todavía está
disponible durante la transition mientras los probe adores principales
continued en regress ando so Sophie Cena’s Yara sarira la comunidad la la
clínica de evolution rápida todavía está disponible
a ver las personas todos los días de Diez a cuatro y está localizada en el
colegio de long beach sobre la PCH required an auto assist esta fiesta de
los siete Diaz de Deus a cuatro desde el seesi Abril hemos visto pimientos
Catorce a pacientes ENS a clínica devil asean rápida los pacientes pueden no
tener a nova recetas Medicus para el mientras commune s attend demos a todos
los pacientes Independiente meant a day sin defender de su estado migratory o
antecedent ezra cialis edad Yount edad de Janeiro Oh su estado de seguro de
salud no tiene que tener a segurança para recibir servicios en esta clinica
puede recibir una prueba del coronavirus tambien a a PA no necesita hacer Otto
servicio no se necesita sita y todos los servicios son gratis quiero record are
lazy las personas que necesitan intention medica también puede in tienen
la opción de amar la clínica TCC formal meant a conocida como da children’s
clinic pero ahora SE co no say tambien como si si si family house ESO trop Sein
un poco de los datos sobre la tur tur Adela’s playas desde hoy tenemos algunas
Buena noticias para compartir con ustedes en alienation con nuestro socios
del condado de los angeles-area BRE Mo’s todas las playas del long beach par
actividad ezra creativa solamente desde el amanecer
hasta la terre de ser Podrick army estrous playas para Nadar Taman our
career and our NK y todo lo que es a TiVo sin embargo no se puede REO near no
puede tomar el sol en la playa es que no nose para que trae Gansu CLE Rastas para
co-star Sen Lorena no meses para actividad ezra creative ‘as
los Manos de la playa san abierto Cesar antes infect ADO’s regular mint inclues
o mo cement odd owner REO del in Piazza para aumentar la salud y seguridad
pública ‘he’s tambien a MOS rear tow la la
para los más kotas conocida como Rosie’s tall bitch y todos los park es para
perros de la ciudad también vole vole Verena Bree Roy pero es muy importante
recordar que todavía tenemos que practicar LD stanza me n toe fisico
siempre es muy importante cada vez que salga de su casa Traer su cobertura
facial a cualquier lugar que vaya por que nunca sabe cuando vas star cerca de
personas a no tener a sadist ante distancia física lara / to regard walden
las playas significant paso aza hace AMA super tenido port ana dades para
disfrutar de nuestros espacio salary Roberto se que muchos de nuestra
comunidad en estado esperando mess regression y los record ahmo’s que todos
continuar practic and old estancia mentos fisico para que podamos seguirá
van Sano de manera Segura en me n da de la orden de salud el sitio de guerre de
la ciudad se octoly Sara para replica runa en de a la orden de salud más
seguro Nell Oh God además de las playas quiero compartir de algunos otros
detalles claves sobre los servicios que estan rehab rien de en este momento los
dientes servicios para más Kota say permiten como cuando si quieren que sus
mascota sayin vinod azoty le curtain el pelo los todos esos servicios toda diaz
so no fruss Eidos pero a la servicio en la calle la banqueta sore puede dejar su
su mascota afuera pero no los Vanna de haar entrar a los al CTO pour de si este
tambien an vido muchas preguntas sobre restaurants i en la noticias a veces
tominaga información que uno tal vez no a clara meant a CI algunos rooster
brands en el estado de california casey entre abierto pero son solamente en
zonas ruderalis del estado a Seco momo Norte
mess pasado Norte de como el área de Sacramento porque esta en esos areas a
numero de personas hola population de personas s mess bajo nosotros en Long
Beach somos una Ciudad muy grande los condado de los ángeles token da dos de
orange kyani ESO no se permit a toda via por que somos no Calif Acamas para ESO
servicios opera rehab rear estarán en estas áreas por que somos ciudades con
con muchas personas e and este momento no super meter
por favor recuerden que también es muy importante seguir usando la squirter
espera la cara porfavor no nose no de hand de salida su casa
si es que tienen que salir para Casas necesarias yeses essencial a’s es
importante siempre kargh are su cobertura hora para un brave a restroom
n sobre el aeropuerto de los ángeles della directorís in T Aguirre alley
while que los REO puerto san todo el pais another puerto del manga chest
experiment and ona dis Minos significant a en los vuelos yell tráfico de
pasajeros como resultado de la panda me Adele coronavirus el número de pasajeros
de abril dis Minu yo aproximadamente no meant a cinco por ciento in cooperation
con el mismo período de llano pasado en la fuerte dis minutiae own el número de
pasajeros significant a dismay know she own igualmente los ingresos del REO
cuerto en este momento Mo’s visto ‘no dis dis
Manasi own de Diez Milla veinte veinte millones en ingresos opera TiVo’s que
trae el aeropuerto de Long Beach esto afecta no sólo el aeropuerto sino
también la smooches M presses que dependen del impacto económico Cajon
éramos incluyen doe a los probe adores de alquiler de los Altos las compañías
de estacionamiento concessions nuestra comunidad de Abbas Aviation general
in muchos otros el aeropuerto y las em praises son Motors economic owes que
apoya n– alikum you need add local original pair o fortuna’ vimentin mes
pasado la administración de Ava’s de aviación federal o como se Co no se ESA
e a cig no dis yo cho punto cuatro my own Sen fondos de la Lakers para que la
report Odell on bitch se hace sigue operon dou y fue una gran victoria para
nuestro cuarto y para nuestra Cidade queremos sagrada sarah al alcalde a
burger see Adele on bitch he todos los del al-kaldiya para conocer el impacto
de financiero coronavirus a tenido en los viajes a Aereo’s yes Pacifica meant
a non-story Oh puerto del de la ciudad del on bitch
es muy importante y también queremos record our lays que el aeropuerto de
long Vista see Gwen doe todo las partes del CA del Departamento de
salud para que podamos viajar sana mente econ protección a medida del economy
assay bRILINTA mente quiero compartir con ustedes algunos de los Paso’s que la
rio puerto a tomado para Durante’s are una experiencia de viaje Segura
saludable para todos estamos trabajando solamente con REO líneas de socios
comerciales delario puerto para mejorar la seguridad seguir lasorda neighs de
salud eager auntie’s are la experiencia de viaje como una por lo que somos
conocido x’ hemos in tessa faqad onest rose protocol OHS denim psi des
infección en Arya’s públicas delario puerto tambien hemos puesto Kalka
Manya’s en el piso yatras medidas para asegurar LD stanza me ento fisico
des SPS y como o tambien kabbadi anunciar el alcalde que todos los
pasajeros empleados de visite antes del aeropuerto de vino SAR cobertura
spaciality ono-san trabajando en el aeropuerto esto es tan Nene akan
Liguilla de expertos de salud pública esta consistent a con las precaution
esto modest por los REO puertos en todo el pais los cinco las Cinco Aaron Lena’s
comer see an escape Reston servicios en el aeropuerto de Long Beach ah si como
nos concessions y las compañías de alquiler los altos tambien Ricky Aaron
cobertura Spa cialis tanto para empleados como los clientes durante el
examen de seguridad que conduct on administration de seguridad de
transporte o como se Co no se mejor SI sa seat Alves de van a poder pedir break
a brave Ament sa remove a van la cobertura facial kanna-san viendo sukar
tarjeta de identificación pero sólo sara por un momento es importante recordar
que las cobertura spas darren cubrir la nariz
in la boca y hacen forma de pano ellos o mascaras date ella no l’ve in end a man
tener la distancia physical a bar se las manos complic when sia men trois que
está en el aeropuerto por que todos estamos juntos en esto en el aeropuerto
de long beach por su propia afuera tienen un pequeño roberto central Oh
free seven Taha’a para viajar en en este mundo que ahora
Camby Ando por la pan de Mia de coronavirus so siempre no sang conocido
por una experiencia de viaje cena stress lejos de las multitude AZ la congestión
so por ESO stavos trabajando muy acerca para asegurar nose que esta experiencia
sigue on o lo más Lomas igual que podamos tambien somos del uno de los
pocos REO puertos en la nación que tiene una gran cantidad espacio la a libre
nostro jardin al aire libre disponible para los pasajeros despues que pasa la
seguridad crea Mo’s que todos estos elementos son consider ADO’s importante
es cuando el público comienza a Volare abba meant a estamos an cos us poured
our lays de la bienvenida nuestros pasajeros quiero tomorrow momento para
gray de ser a todos los empleados de primera Linea que trabajan en la ciudad
del on beach yes us toda la información pour a muchas gracias creo Thank You
gracias por ESO and thanks again everyone for watching. We’ll be back on
Friday for another update, we’ll have a lot more to report including a report on
trade in the Port of Long Beach and how that’s impacting Long Beach, thank you you.

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