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BUNDESLIGA [Jornada 27] Predicciones y Pronósticos (Partido a Partido) | Bundesliga Predictions 2020

BUNDESLIGA [Matchday 27] Predictions and
Forecasts (Match by Match) ⭐ Wolfsburg vs Dortmund Hi there! I’m Daguito Valdés
from Yo Hablo Futbol and you are all welcome to a
new video on our channel. And welcome to the betting game,
the preview, to the predictions of the 27th matchday of the Bundesliga,
which will be played from next Friday until Sunday. There are going to be some very interesting
games, but above all, before we start, I want to congratulate
the two winners of the last betting game,
they were the only two members of our community who
managed to improve our predictions, one of them is Javier
Arana, who failed in only one, the one from Red Bull
Leipzig, which everybody failed, nobody
guessed that result. And then there’s Clain Dominguez,
who missed two results only. Remember that our betting game
only failed in 3 results out of 9, so it was pretty hard to beat us, and
there were two people who did and, well, here you’ve been
watching it, we’ve been publishing not only
stories and Youtube posts, we also reward them by publishing
it on the official Yo Hablo Futbol page on Facebook and Instagram, and also
in the stories and status of Whatsapp. I mean, they were the
personalities of the week, and now you have the
opportunity to be next week’s. How? Well, it’s very easy, just
leave your predictions below, in the order you’re looking at
here, in this order you’re looking at here, and put “1” if you
think the home club team wins, “2” if you think the
visitor club team wins, and “X” if you think the
game ends in a draw. I insist, look carefully at this order,
pause the video, go to the comments and now put your predictions in
the order in which they are appearing. But first I want to ask you to subscribe
if you haven’t, if you’re new around here press the little red
button, and also activate the little bell so that
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video to help us with its distribution. So let’s quickly start with
the matches one by one. The first one, on the same
Friday, will be the one that opens the 27th matchday, a
Berlin derby, the Berliner Derby, Hertha Berlin hosts the Union
Berlin, it’s a game that well, without an audience, remember, the
local condition is not worth much, just tell you that last
matchday, only a ‘home club’, only one home team managed
to win, Borussia Dortmund, the others were three draws and
five victories for the visitors, that’ s to be taken into account
when predicting, but I’m going to give “1” in this game, and
that’s how we open Matchday 27. Moving on to Saturday’s first
match, we find a really great game, Borussia Mönchengladbach
hosting Bayer Leverkusen, a match that will be hotly
contested, a match in which Borussia Monchengladbach have 52 points,
just 2 behind Borussia Dortmund, and only six from Bayern Munich, so they may well still be in
contention for the title, but Leverkusen played very well in
the last game too, winning away, has 50 points, is in fifth place, wants
to fight for that position of Leipzig, the Champions standings, the fourth place,
so it will be a very, very disputed match. What do I see
here? I see a draw. Many people will say that
Borussia Mönchengladbach will win, it is true that they have been
doing a tremendous season, but so does Leverkusen, and
remember that the local condition is not worth much without an
audience, I’m going here with a draw, you’ll tell me below how do you see this
match, so, first game on Saturday, “X.” Then we moved on to Freiburg hosting
Werder Bremen, Werder Bremen… The team is in a very bad
way, I already said it in the last video, I think it will be in the
Second Division irremediably, I see a victory here
for the locals, for Freiburg, who are doing
well in seventh position, it needs to put pressure
on Wolfsburg who’s going to have a tough
game, it needs that win, I see nothing but Freiburg’s
victory against Werder Bremen, so I’m going
to put “1” in this game. We continue with a game
that will be very difficult to predict, at least it
has been one of the… analysing it, it’s been one of the
hardest games to give my prediction, Paderborn 07 is hosting
the Hoffenheim, and why? Because Hoffenheim isn’t good,
it’s going to have major absences and it’s a visit where the
locals are playing for their lives. They got a major draw, a draw
I think, that boosted his morale, and this match, even
though many sites give Paderborn as the favorite,
or at least, I’ve read a victory for Paderborn, I
don’t see it winning, I think Hoffenheim are going to win,
despite how good Paderborn can be, since they’re playing for the league,
I think the Hoffenheim, with the… absences it has, it is not
going to let go perhaps that opportunity to be in Europe
next season, and it needs to make up for the heavy defeat
they suffered against Hertha Berlin, and I think they’re going
to win at Paderborn’s home, so in this game, Paderborn
receiving Hoffenheim, a “2.” Moving on to the other game
of the day, gentlemen, this is… well… a train crash, Wolfsburg
hosts Borussia Dortmund, and why do I say it’s a train
crash? Because Wolfsburg also it’s been doing well, it’ s in
sixth place, it’s got 39 points, is the one who marks that fixed
Europa League position, and I think it’s going to have to step
on the gas hard not to lose it. Well, they’re hosting
a Borussia Dortmund that’s come from easily
winning the Revierderby, it’s not going to be easy for them, even though
they’re local, remember the audience issue again, I see a victory for
Borussia Dortmund here, is in great shape, they face Bayern
Munich next matchday, next week, on weekdays, by the way, and
they can’t afford to lose points despite being a
difficult visit, I think I’m confident of a victory
for those led by Lucien Favre, so in this game
I’m going to put a “2”. We continue for Saturday’s
final match as Bayern Munich host Eintracht
Frankfurt at the Allianz Arena, I can’t see anything here
but a victory for Bayern, They’re playing very well, they’re favourites
for everything, not just the Bundesliga, with Hans-Dieter Flick I
saw a different Bayern, a Bayern I hadn’t seen for
a while, playing very well, and I think, I think they are
favorites for the Champions, one of the favorites to win the
Champions right now has to be Bayern, Lewandowski is in
an extraordinary form, Thiago, Gnabry, well, anyway, they have
a great team and I see almost no chance, for the Frankfurt to get some
positive results from Munich, so here: “1”. Moving on to Sunday’s games, we
have Schalke 04 hosting Augsburg, I think it’s a chance for the
classic German team, a team that’s in the doldrums, but needs to
recover from that very tough defeat, it suffered at Signal Iduna Park.
Augsburg isn’t so great either, is in 14th place, 27 points,
has four losses in a row, and not only that, but has five
losses in the last six games, without achieving even a
victory, I think the Schalke, this is the opportunity to
return to the path of victory, it’s in eighth place, 37
points, at least six games without a win, with
three losses, and I think, receiving Augsburg, can give them
the confidence they need to take all three points, I’m confident of that and I’m
going to give them “1”, Schalke’s victory. Moving on to the next game, we find that
the Mainz 05 is hosting Red Bull Leipzig, a team that should have
won at home against Freiburg, in the end, even the
visiting team could have won with a goal that was
well nullified by offside, but everyone, I think that
was the result that failed 100% of the betting game that was
made in our community and in most of the world, nobody expected a
draw from Freiburg, even though they have had a good campaign, I
said it, Freiburg is seventh, they have 37 points, but RB Leipzig has been
one of the best teams in Germany, are currently in fourth
place, it was a painful draw, they have 51 points, they’ve
tied three games in a row, without knowing what
victory is, I think it’s a very good opportunity for
those led by Nagelsmann to take the three points
from Mainz, to keep fighting for those top
positions in the standings, against a team,
really that yes, that is local, but that has not
been well this season, is struggling even not
to be relegated, it’s in 15th place, so I’m going
to give a “2” on this game. And to close the day, moving
on to Sunday’s final match and Matchday 26, we have Cologne
hosting Fortuna Dusseldorf, unbelievable the match they
drew with Colonia last matchday, I had put “1”, they were
comfortably beating Mainz 2 to 0, precisely to Mainz, and
the latter tied it 2 to 2. I think it’s the chance to
take the three points that they couldn’t take last
matchday, they repeat as local, and here I see nothing
but a victory for the Cologne, I’m going to
give “1” to the last match. So, you’ve got it here,
you’re looking at the full betting game, if you
haven’t left your betting game yet, remember to
leave it in the comments. If you guess, if you have
more guesses than we do, if you improve our pool, no tie, I have to admit that there were four or
five people who missed three and tied, but a tie is not the point, it’s about winning,
it’s about improving this betting game. If you improve it, we’ll be rewarding
you, mentioning you, greeting you, in the following video of predictions,
and also, publishing you in all our social networks, and stories of Youtube, of
Instagram, of Facebook, of Whatsapp status, in everything, you’re going to become
the most famous person of that week. So let’s participate, leave it there,
remember the exact order of the matches, “1”, “X” or “2”. I’m saying goodbye. I
send you a big football hug and I’ll see you
wherever the ball rolls. Bye!

Reader Comments

  1. Vamos! Dejen su QUINIELA y traten de VENCERNOS con menos fallos. Estaremos revisando y compilando todos los comentarios. Saludos y si eres nuevo por aquí SUSCRÍBETE! 👋👋⚽⭐

  2. Mi prediccion:
    Hertha Berlin – Union Berlin ….X
    B.Monchengladbach – Bayer Leverkusen…1
    Freiburg – Werder Bremen…. 1
    Paderborn – Hoffenheim…. X
    Wolfsburg – Borussia Dortmund…2
    Bayern München – E. Frankfurt…1
    Schalke 04 – Augsburg…X
    Mainz – RB Leipzig ….2
    1FC Köln – Fortuna Dusseldorf….1

  3. Hertha vs Union Berlín :1
    Mgladbach vs Leverkusen :X
    Freiburg vs Bremen:1
    Paderborn vs Hoffenheim:2
    Wolfsburgo vs Dortmund:2
    Munich vs Frankfurt :1
    Schalke vs Augsburgo :1
    Mainz vs Leipzig :2
    Colonia vs Fortuna :X

  4. (empate ) u.belrlin) B.monchengladbach (2) B.leverkunsen) friburgo (1) w.bremen) Paderborn ( 2) Hoffenheim) Wolfsburg ( 2) B.dortmund) B.munich ( 1) E Frankfurt) Schake04 ( 1) Augsburg) mainz05 ( 2) Leipzig) colonia ( 1) F.Dusseldorf) listo ojalá k me vaya bien en esta jornada ya le estoy entendiendo como es que tengo k ponerle los resultados

  5. Hertha unión Berlín 1 monchegladbach leverkusen 2 freiburg bremen × paderborn hoffenheim 2 wolsburg dormunt 2 Múnich frankfurt 1 schalke augsburg × mainz leipzig 2 cologne dusseldorf 1

  6. 1
    Daguito ahí está mi pedrá🤣🤣 Espero acercarme lo más posible¡ Saludos y bendiciones¡¡¡¡¡¡

  7. hertha v u Berlín:1
    M'gladbach v Leverkusen:2
    freiburg v w Bremen:1
    paderborn v hoffenheim:x
    wolfsburg v b Dortmund:2
    bay Munich v Frankfurt:1
    Schalke v ausburg:1
    mainz v leipzig:2
    colonia v Dusseldorf:1

  8. Buenísimos pronósticos Daguito… Se puede diferir pero no estás lejos de la realidad. Vamos a ver! Te felicito por tu otra quiniela. Saludos

  9. A mi me parece que empata el Wolfsburgo al Dortmund y que el Gladbach le gana al Leverkusen en casa. Gracias Daguito por estas previas! Sigue y no pares! 💪💪

  10. Hertha vs Unión Berlín: 1
    M' gladbach vs Leverkusen: 2
    Freiburg vs w Bremen: 1
    Paderborm vs hoffenheim: 2
    Wolfsburg vs B Dortmund: 2
    Bay Munich vs Frankfurt: 1
    Schalke vs Augsburg: 1
    Mainz vs Leipzig: 2
    Cologne vs Dusseldorf: 1

  11. Empate herta, gana leverkusen, gana freiburg, gana hoffenheim,, gana borussia dormund, gana bayer Múnich, gana schalke, empate maiz y leipzig y por untimo gana Colonia.

  12. 1er partido – 2
    2do partido – 2
    3er partido – 1
    4to partido – X
    5to partido – 2
    6to partido – 1
    7mo partido – X
    8vo partido – 2
    9no partido – 1

  13. 1; 1; 2; 1; 2; 1; empate; 2; 1. Tuve que ponerlo así pues el teclado del móvil no quería dar Enter 😂. Un saludo bro

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