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herewith earmarking birmingham michigan
the sender immediately daddy a mark what’s up uh… and i would have been not to get out in
his role for quite a few years my grew up in canada so i i had experience with
uh… social socialite medical people actually neither of those who socialized
medical systems uh… the blessing our assistance the government doesn’t own
the hospitals in canada privately-owned and they don’t on the hospitals as we
look at our next is u_k_’s like socialized medicine prepared what happened in canada it at all the
resources to do you stop by not what your previous guest called oil changes
people run to the doctor for the common cold at federal you and i now wouldn’t do and then when
you need cancer treatment or hart uh… some type of heart surgery the resources
are minimized also what happened at the government because linux now enough in that’s uh… it’s a mess the fact that there isn’t anything if
you need if you need to a hip replacement you’re gonna have to wait six months to
a year but if you need a heart uh… if you need heart surgery year to
get it tomorrow and and i hope you know this is not this
is not in dispute i realize the right wingers loved uh…
love to go on about it but it’s frank it’s not in dispute and and lower
quality provoke an avalanche of accepted accept the fact that every single line is slandering us nobody can get in the typically when people come on like
you and say things like what you said i can always call some canadians well can i make one other point yessir
either way at the government-controlled carpet picked it up how much it cost well you know educate at doctors to what they
can get they just every year they but the number of doctors they allow enter
medical schools for example in windsor and my doctorate tighter i couldn’t find a general practitioner
after i thought the harley and let the
cauldron doctor and he looked i know you’re holy crap picking a patient can
you please what might you know he’s a good friend of mine you’ll get good
patient when you let him answer what happened to their shortages cause a
shortage here the united states martin landau to washington d_c_ it’d be
five months to find a doctor that we’ve seen you within six months just for a physical just for physical
for my health ajit by health insurance company required i see it took me five wants a call
around and i i could not find and and and all the natalie if you know what you
know what they have the most post most of the doctors are not most of many
of the actors in washington d_c_ they’re going to this this thing where they’re
going to call and concierge medicine and you can have three thousand dollar
cash payment every year and just it just to be a patient’s and then they they
limit their practice to like a hundred or two hundred people and and they don’t
take insurance i think that’s what’s happening market in the united states free-market
government meddling already left and right in a free market
is high relieved that i uh… this is debbie at the end and in canada one of
the problems that you have is because doctors make so much more in the united
states you’ve got a brain drain going on you get physicians coming to the united
states to practice on the reason that is they are in the
united states is because the a_m_a_ in on a couple of licensing agencies that
are associated with them control not only the number of people
who get in and out of medical school but more importantly the number of residence
is that there are in the hospitals and which you’ve got to go through in order
to become a duffel andy and this is a real problem in the united
states and and and an our problem has gotten contagious it’s affecting
particular cities like windsor richer right next door to the united states but that is where about that that is not a problem with how were
paying for medical care the question is what not do you want the
government to be paying for your health care are not the question is do you want
the government to be paid for your health care which a government the you
can petition for redress a grievance up in the government the you can replace
you can throw the bums out if you don’t like them a government that you can lobby that it
would be the big comet you decide to run for political office or do you want the giant transnational
health insurance company providing health insurance where if you
try to petition them if you try to talk back to them if you try to pick at the
c_e_o_’s house you can get arrested which one do one act gap while i’d want uh… monopoly so i don’t like my
insurance company ako diplomatic i don’t like the government could look at the
three-month benders but to remind you got you gotta make you
got monopolies the health insurance industry right now that back government intervention i know it’s a
lab government interventions because ronald reagan stopped enforcing the
sherman antitrust act is so these guys got bigger and bigger and bigger and
bigger it used to be the restate insurance companies had operate within a
state and only within a state when i grew up in elimination it was blue cross
blue shield of michigan and i was provided to my employees for free i was
going to be thirty eight dollars a month per person are seventy aka it was a
nonprofit organization know it was the government keeping competition in the
marketplace now occupy insurance incase in
california writes back because so many stopping me because there are no it’s
because the government has not been breaking up these big companies they are not enforcing competition
they’re allowing monopoly if you’ve got a upside down mark you’ve got a to identify back into power output chart a course
statewide to will prevent you from doing that d government the market share at company
do you really want a situation where health insurance is like our credit
cards and you find one st like north dakota this is okay we’re going to do
away with all the regulations and standards and there’ll be no protection for you
whatsoever and all the insurance companies register themselves in north dakota
liked the all the all the credit card companies have done the whole selling cross state lines
thing is away of doing away with local control right now every stating union has insurance commissioner who has the
power to say no you will not screw might the citizens of my state and i would and
and i will stop you from doing that and some states are better at it that
other stuff some states have more aggressive insurance commissioner’s than
others but the the were the biggest rinse companies and and the
conservatives are saying well let’s do away with those state insurance
commissioners let’s take away the power of the individual states to to look out
for their citizens i think that the idea i would think that conservative idea
weepy let’s have we the people they have a government that is more
responsive to we the people at the local level and your suggestion that that you be
able to sell health insurance across state lines he’s got his exist across
state lines yet health care’s operator all fifty
states but in each state they have to respond to that to the insurance
commissioner that state and anders cell across state lines mythology is it is just that it’s a mythology and
all i would do is is make your health insurance even works just like a cracker

Reader Comments

  1. There is no law that prevents insurance out of state companies from offering insurance in any state…. It is a business decision that insurance companies make based on the market, cost of setting up a network, in-state regulations, etc. etc. etc.

    Again, it is a insurance company business decision.

  2. Am I alone in feeling a nearly irrepressible compulsion to just flat bitch-slap the next idiot who gets in my face with their "free-market" nonsense?

  3. I'm an RN in Washington state. Never, in over 18yrs, have I cared for a Canadian citizen driven to our medical facilities seeking treatment denied by their province. These assertions that Canadians flock to US hospitals for "desperately" needed care they can't recieve in a timely fashion up North is absolute nonsense.

  4. @starkweather444 Actually maybe one of two dumb Canadians. There is a Canadian that writes in my newspaper that sounds like a fox news moron. I hate him because he lives in a more liberal country than ours. He sounds like America is communist but it is really fascist. His name is Paul Kojoski. He has no right being critical when his country is more liberal. Be critical of your own country and don't be critical of others unless you know what you are talking about.

  5. right wingers and left wingers are idiots, stupid circle jerk videos like this for cunts on either side to suck eachother off are what makes the argument so flooded

  6. @funeralsong34 Well a free market technically would not have anti-trust laws, hence allowing monopolies and cartels to form.

  7. the caller is such a tool… i am a Canadian and they guy is full of shit. he is pretty brainwashed, he seems to forget that in Canada if he is sick, be it a flu or a lung transplant he will not have to pay out of pocket, or at least it will be a very minimal payment and then only if he can afford to do so. he will not go bankrupt because of medical bills. like many others he is confused about PAYMENT and delivery of care.

  8. ignorance is dangerous… even more dangerous are people with beliefs…. yikes! who can a person vote for anymore? Time to strip it away and start from scratch.. it will be painful, but in ten years time we will be better off after burning it down to the ground and starting over.

  9. This caller is an absolute dolt! I actually live a couple miles away from this genius,over in westbloomfield mi,I swear,the metro detroit area is so backwards! Ignorant voids like this tool from birmingham are everywhere around here!

  10. Hi hi! Nice video you have there! Hope you wont mind me sharing.. have you tried " Your Insurance Guy Group Insurance Singapore " (google it)? My HR Manager had some dealings with them and was impressed by their amazing knowledge and experience on group insurance in Singapore! 

  11. Thom is dead on especially regarding lack of residencies. Quote of the call: governments caused the health insurance monopolies

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