How Insurance Works

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  1. every Russian free agent making rounds on the dog and pony show says 'Russia is a protection racquet, undesirable, odious excuse of a government ' then spits then spits their line

  2. Wise man with exceptionally clear understanding of the wows of US foreign policies and the repercussions of its illegal actions in other countries.

  3. Watson institute , I hope not named after Watson CEO of IBM supported Hitler tattooed the Jews & gypsies etc. received gold medal from Hitler, that WATSON, Shame.

  4. pt2 deep vast chewy-integrity-diplomacy-and cavalcade of clowns-not a summation but a synthesis of ideas-cant wait for
    part 3 on how to steer the ship and navigate with grace-perhaps just a vision now and a reality tomorrow recovering diplomatic agility-AMBASSADOR FREEMAN expertly diagnosisessss the very sick trauma based patient called usa and with remarkable insight assess the organs-nerves-fluids-brain and psychology of its illness and we as newbee cutters face our pt before it goes under anesthesia- ps i dont have a tv and msm is blank blank blank and blank-you add your own-without knowledge we have no wisdom without vision we cannot see the path-manythxsgr8esttrilogy

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