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Comment est née l’assurance?

Hello to everyone, my name is Jean-Charles Seilliere and I have worked in insurance for almost 40 years I decided to start this channel to clear up a bit the career of insurance, how it works why? because it is a field that everyone is confronted with and that nobody knows really why we must do that, what we must do, why it works and why, sometimes, it does not work so I am going to explain a bit how this field works in these episodes and then the traps also to avoid, and some tips to try to not fall into the traps and then to be always happy with the service that your insurer or your insurers bring you You will have the chance, evidently, to ask us questions on this site about all that you want – problems or ideas and then I will respond to you, or the people who work with me or beside me will respond to you Then, I am going to start with something simple. I am not going to make you something terrible I am going to tell you a bit about the history of insurance and how it started The insurance started about 1700 years before Jesus Christ. Yeah, that’s a lot and at that time, why did it work? There were these guys who rode around in caravans It began in Mesopotamia if I have a good memory and then all of these caravanes could be attacked so for all the merchandises that were transported, they put into place a system for reimburse a bit a part of the merchandise that had been lost then a bit after 1700 years before Jesus Christ after the Romans arrived there and they began to make the first death insurance that worked in certain cases where there was not a lot then maybe there was a thief who killed someone but that was pretty rare at that time I believe that that is the same today Then the insurance arrived truly with maritime Then the maritime had the shipowners who transported their merchandises from one point to another, or one port to another If the merchandise sank or was attacked by pirates, etc. at that moment there were organisations of a sort of banker who loaned money to the shipowners for their merchandise if the merchandise arrived at their destination at that moment then the banker already at that time began to take advice and reimburse about 50%…between 30-50%, of the sum that they loaned On the other hand, if the ship sank then they had nothing more All of that is a bit, then it advanced at the turn of the century to arrive at the moment where the man said sir don’t take between 30-50% of what arrives, that’s way too much, I simply can’t Then they began to try to make fixed premiums That’s to say that here to transport all of these merchandise to go to there that will cost that much You take or you don’t take it. And that’s how it worked. Then the first insurance contract truly arrived around 1300 or so, and that’s a Genoese contract that served to guarantee the merchandise that left from Marseille. Then after the history progressed and things evolved, there was the war, the movements etc. but in the main lines that’s what happened later We arrive now in 1660, 5, 6 where the first fire insurance contract was used in Great Britain 20 years later, that same fire contract arrived in France So in 1686 Then there were dead ends, there was the revolution, etc., all of that stopped We arrive in 1910 where the first unemployment insurance was created in France That started like that. Then, in 1958 automobile insurance became obligatory. That’s to say that the damages one can pose to others became obligatory by the law. I will explain all of that later… in all of the episodes how that works and what is it’s purpose In 1982 the law makes it obligatory to guarantee the risks of renters in fires, when you are a renter whether it be an independent person or a company with clauses that explain also to pay attention to match your lease and your insurance company fundamentally In 1982 the natural distasters arrives too and in 1990 the storm guarantee becomes obligatory which was made before it was taken up by the state and then after the state is relatively discharged while waiting for the insurers to take into consideration And that is roughly the history of insurance Then, this episode, it aims to indicate the major lines and direct your attention to each point of this career and of each type of guarantee. Whether in living, automobiles, business insurance, a hair stylist insurance, etc. I will have almost all the informations that I can communicate to you roughly I am not here to manage your disasters, but I am here to maybe help tell you pay attention to the future, pay attention to this, plan for that In the next episode, I will already show you how the insurance is distributed And how it is distributed today by the mutuals Then there are mutuals with a fixed contribution and some with a variable contribution And then that is all Meuf mayif maysif matmut And then later there are traditional insurance companies That’s to say AXA, Alliance, Generali, MMA, etc. etc. These insurance companies, they have more distribution networks They can have equally networks in terms of distribution and in general it passes through agents, an agent of Generali, an agent of MMA, an agent of AXA, an agent of Alliance and others. Or then also the brokers. The brokers, they are independent and they work avec all the insurance companies who want to give them a mandate. Next time, we will return to these subjects starting with home insurance So do not hesitate, if you already have questions to ask, to ask us them And I will respond to you. Communicate, send this site to your friends, those you are close with because you will see that I think you will learn some things and what stays always very opaque today in fact can, maybe, try to explain in a playful, nice and not too boring manner and you see, not necessarily with a tie So I wish you to all have a great weekend, because that is a long weekend Thank you for your attention, see you next week and don’t forget, above all don’t forget. I’ll get it one day, I’ll get it Goodbye!

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  1. j'aime beaucoup, j'aime vraiment beaucoup, j'ai appris plein de choses ! Très clair dans les explications ! j'aime !

  2. bravo jean Charles…Très claire,ont à tous compris…
    A quand l'emission avec notre belle Catherine?
    Tes deux amis du Château du Maréchal Fayolle 😉

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