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‘Concerned Women’ Spokewoman Discourages Young People from Health Insurance

I’ve mentioned this strategy that’s
taking place to try to basically make the Affordable Care Act Obamacare unsustainable financially
which is that of convincing young people to simply not get insurance okay and I a
video here the concerned women America spokeswoman went on who knows who cares and she said that you that what really
we need to do is burst evolve course rare and and trying to get God’s help to
do the Christian thing apparently too and Obamacare is what we should do but also young
people shouldn’t get health insurance check it out there’s
been so much money thrown at this train wreck that we’re gonna feel the repercussions
that then honestly Obamacare’s bow on the back to the young
people anybody who’s looked at it I understand that we really shouldn’t be
calling young people like myself young Invincibles you calling on the
young subsidize ours and so I think you’re gonna start seeing
them waking up and realizing that they’re not buying it they’re not buying into having to
subsidize a government-run program that a complete fail and this is much
more than a website as your viewers understand a website
problem this is the problem a big government coming in to try and run something like healthcare
alright we’ll quickly Allison what are you encouraging your members and fellow
Americans to do absolutely keep calling your congressman please send your stories to us my story
at CWF a doubt org and continue to pray that’s something
that we know so important here prayer action and and continue to pray for our
nation’s leaders that they have wisdom and clarity how to fix this very broken
problem and help us completely he’ll at the
country so this is it’s slightly different then saying choose prayer over medicine its choose prayer over med instead of
jus prayer for over medicine for healing diseases its choose prayer over health insurance or healing the country is that what it
is Luis well I’m not sure what I heard when when she
was talking about this I can’t really I don’t know quite when when she saying they’re not buying
into it iraq does that mean just buying that its program that works are
literally buying it well the air yes you’re making an interesting
a distinction there and it’s is very difficult to figure out exactly what
he’s talking about because part of it is also involving prayer and what exactly
are you praying for are you praying the the poor and the sick don’t get the
care that they need what exactly are you
praying for and as reverend marks and Lynn told us last week on the show anytime in Christian teachings in
Christian scripture that someone needed health care or
wanted health care Jesus wanted them to have it and
provided it to the extent that he could how is it become the Christian thing to
do to try do destroy the O the Affordable Care Act I
don’t understand I guess we’ve just got this strange
connection between Christianity and big business where they ate some type of
symbiotic relationship and a you can’t really separate issue and
remember that it was newt Gingrich and conservatives and the heritage
foundation back in the 90’s that initially came up with the individual
mandate idea they were all for it until it was President Obama who said
yeah let’s include that in what we’re doing all the sudden now they’re against it if
he had it been a conservative proposal the individual mandate would have been a
you know joint sacrifice the way Jesus had wanted or something like that they
would have come up with something for sure you can you can absolutely a be assured that

Reader Comments

  1. Versus like that are why I laugh when Christian woman try to claim that Christianity isn't sexist or misogynist.
    I just ask them "Really, so what exactly do you call a belief that a spiritual leaders most important selection criteria isn't their moral behavior, intelligence, or subject matter knowledge, but instead the physical construction of their reproductive organs?"
    I've yet to get a response I consider intelligent.

  2. You are largely correct,
    The teachings of Jesus in the canonical gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, & John have many elements that some have labeled a form of proto-socialism or perhaps proto-communism.
    As he often advocated against the accumulation of personal wealth, along with attachment to material goods.
    The whole "If your neighbor asks for your coat, give him your shirt as well." concept for example, though I can't recall exact chapter & verse.

  3. Oh I know,
    I ma using the most controversial translation of the bible of all.
    Namely, assuming the words on the page, mean what they actually say. Including the bits about genocide, slavery, capital punishment, no tattoos, no bacon, along with Jesus specifically stating the whole of the law applies until heaven & earth fade away.
    But we all know those were just suggestions, it's not like God mercilessly slaughters people throughout the bible for even tiny indiscretions, like lighting incense.

  4. Unfortunately most men think with their dick and not their brains, so I'm wondering if in some desperate ploy to get some attention from the bimbo that they'll throw away the evul socialist commie Obamacare.

  5. "Oh really shithead? Well voters in Spain and Greece disagree with you because recent elections in both those countries saw socialists get decimated."
    Myeah, but was the EVIL SOCIALIST COMMIE healthcare system also thrown out, or was the PARTY thrown out, shithead?
    "Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium are some of the most free market countries in Europe."
    We're talking about healthcare, shithead- which those countries have "socialised". Did you bother to research your claims, shit for brains?

  6. The Concerned Women of America web page is not working at the moment. Obviously this means that we should just ignore them because they can't even get their website to work, I mean, Obamacare is a failure because the website didn't work for a little while, right? so therefore the CWA should be disbanded because their website doesn't work. Buwahahahahaha!



  9. The sickness of these evil fucking bastards. America has GOT to have more neurosis than the rest of the developed world combined. Not only that but they are tollerated. What is wrong with people…

  10. wow, 36 thumbs up for that comment. I admit, she's an idiot, but you should understand sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.

  11. @TurboDally
    your #s from 2011.

    2013 Reuters.
    "Spain's PSOE Socialist [centre left] opposition party have all but drawn level in the polls with the ruling centre-right for the first time since elections in 2011"

    Support for all mainstream parties has fallen to an all time low.

    IDK some stuff + sometimes ppl make mistakes etc.
    However it's stupid insulting & harmful to make BS up & cite without references.
    Lying & sales junk crashed economies in the first place.
    GOP rantNuts fail again.

  12. No..Bimbos for Jesus are doing what all Politicians do but particularly the ones on the right.They are purporting to have some insider knowledge when they say "the American people are not buying into it"..Speaking fir ALL Americans because they have a hotline to Jesus and they know what all Americans are thinking .Its so boring and tedious at this point.they need to change the fucking record.

  13. Inquisitor ..what's your primary language .She didn't duscourage or try to discourage anyone from anything.Look and listen again.If English happens to be your primary language,I think you might find that ..YES she did .At very least calling something a. "Train wreck" kind of says its bad news.. .Just a wee bit

  14. Thank you, I couldn't remember the exact location in the bible, I simply remember it being in the bible.
    Amazing what you can learn about the contents of a book, when you actually read it isn't it?
    Of course another implication of that passage is that America can't have been founded as a Christian nation, because the "Christian" thing to do would have been to maintain loyalty to England & stay the thirteen colonies.
    Hmm, does this mean the founding fathers were all really Satanists!?

  15. Christians are highly threatened by government because they believe their only master is The Lord. They understand that government enforces secular laws and not their Christian views. This is why we are seeing such an influx of these so-called Christians into the governments right-wing party. It is their goal to take over and take control to enforce their Christian views on everyone.

  16. under A.C.A our insurance each month will be $800 a month no subsidies for two people.Honestly do you think this is giving me a break of any kind.But now its a have to like car insurance.The feds are tired of people filing bankrupt on the count of medical debt.This is their way of saying get your own ins.

  17. Where are the feminists on these groups? Nobody cements stereotypes more than dishonest, apparently stupid, chicks like this..

  18. I believe Canada and Mexico do that on their own. I don't see any of those countries building walls to keep people out.

  19. If the republicans were so for the individual mandate it would have happen in the 90s and 2000s when the republicans had control. Fact is that it didn't happen making what Pakman said at the end of the video a lie. One think tank brings up the idea which was shot down by republicans because the majority of republicans don't support it. I love how liberals just continue to dig to make Obamacare look good. They can't even get a simple website to work. Funny considering Gore invented the internet.

  20. Hilarious – she has a problem with the young subsidizing Obamacare but she fails to mention two other giant programs (Medicare and Social Security) that are subsidized by the young. Could it be because some people related to her BENEFIT from Medicare and Social Security? I can't quite put my finger on why she hates the Affordable Care act so much…

  21. That was harsh, so….eat your nasty fries with gravy and keep stop your hating…..get some ketchup and chill..lose the gravy

  22. Religion "christianity" is not a symbiotic relationships it is a parasitic relationships. Doing more harm than good.

  23. Hints the name. Trillion dollar Gods. All religions are money grabbers. In some being tax free the are a collection plate for the government lie.

  24. lol asking these kids to pay for some mandate when 60% cant even get a gratifying job lol. Glad they added the part with staying under mom and dad until 26.

  25. LOL.

    Yeah, I'm really going to go out into the world every day, with "faith" that I won't be in an auto-accident, and require several thousands of dollars in medical fees for spinal injuries, or come down with cancer, and run up HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars in medical fees.

  26. So concerned she doesn't care if people are sick or dying. The party of values strikes again. Unbelievable how many selfish. uncaring people there are who then call themselves Godly.

  27. 1969, like most people who claim prices are up, have either been proven wrong, are looking at a superior plan comparing apples to oranges or live in a state which opted out for which you can thank your governor for screwing you to spite the Pres. Ignorance has run a muck with ACA mostly because some really don't want to admit 50k lives are lost each year due to lack of insurance.

  28. Yes, because Obama-care (and private insurance) is NOTHING like social security, Medicare, or Medicaid. In each case it's the young and able taking care of the sick, poor, and old.

    If you want to call that a scam or a ponzi scheme then that's fine, but I call it general welfare as written in our Preamble of the Constitution. The Framers write in broad strokes in the beginning and then narrowed it down as writing the Constitution. We should strive to find ways to make the Preamble true.

  29. Your right lady i will pray, i will pray that ACA will happen and that you will watch it work and feel dumb that you just said you were against it

  30. With as much as the GOP tout being the party of God, you would think they'd support Universal Health Care. Jesus says to heal the sick, feed the hungry, and care for those in need. Really, it's all in that book conservatives hold up when they scream at gay people.

  31. Why should Canada build walls? They're not war-mongers like the highly embarrassing "christian nation" USA is.
    Canada's likeability is by far better than the States.

  32. What if the way for the government to reduce health care costs is to promote healthier diets and lifestyles rather than promote more health insurance?

  33. Really? I'm loving seeing Obama loose all his credibility, I'm loving seeing MSNBC and CNN call him out on his lies. I'm loving it LOL. Like that old BK Slogan I'm Loving It!! haha 😉

  34. What I'm hoping is the law gets repealed, I know it probably wont happen if the problems get fixed. But I'm happy just seeing him being destroyed. Weather the problems get fixed or not, it won't make a difference, he lost complete trust.

  35. Ya'know what. Leave them pray for the downfall of the AFA. If they keep praying that it will fail nothing will get done and it will succeed.

  36. This is a perfect example of the problem with religion. It teaches complacency, instead of trying to fix a problem it teaches you to sit back and pray.

  37. i don't need to be convinced not to buy health insurance. i downright can't afford it and the affordable care act didn't help. thanks for the extra $95 fine though

  38. I'd like some god damn insurance. Oh wait blombambaronicare doesn't provide it.

  39. Djan, you speak because you disapprove of ACA but the fact is it does offer quality health care. There are many plans to selct from. If you aren't smart enough to research for yourself, seek help.

  40. Who wouldn't fuck her if only she would shut up? If we pray hard enough, will she give us a BJ?

    As Led Zeppelin sang, cryin won't help you and prayin will do you no good.

  41. Your lies are so typical. You are part of the GOP problem. Believe what you want to justify your hate for the Pres but it only flies with the hate, fear mongering right, a shrinking base. The tea party is the big loser here willing to crash our economy AGAIN to derail the Pres. America is becoming more progressive and lives in the 21st century, not 1950 where the tea party is

  42. concerned women for america?!?… obviously they are not concerned for the women of america and are brainwashed by their husbands who tell them what to say.

  43. ACA is not socialized medicine.If anything, this is capitalism at its best. The govt does not own the hospitals, drs don't work for the govt. States that opt out are spiting themselves, not the Pres and hurting their citizens and economy. 16 of the 20 poorest states are red and need it the most. They will have to fund their own meducare and still see patients in the ER who are full of people who don't belong there when they could visit a dr instead.

  44. Plus, visits at the ER often cost 300-500% more than a dr. Patients lose, the state loses and hospitals lose. The old saying, cut off your nose to spite your face.

  45. No, I CANNOT get medicaid for free. Even the CBO said that 31 million people are likely to still not be covered by 2023. Why? Because PPACA leaves it to the states to decide whether to expand medicaid. Thanks to the individual mandate I now owe a $95 fine because I can't afford insurance and can't get it for free. The website itself provides all of this information.
    So basically, you're uninformed, and misinformed. Quit spreading false propaganda about things you don't understand.

  46. Again, you're stating something that's patently false.
    I'll spell it out again for you.
    One does not necessarily get medicaid free if they're really* poor.
    It depends on whether the state they're in expanded medicaid.
    Many states did not expand medicaid.
    Neither of the other two scenarios are applicable.
    You have no counter-argument. You are in no position to be a condescending little shit as you've been demonstrated to be factually incorrect. The CBO and is on my side, not yours.

  47. The facts are on my side, and against you.
    I stated quite clearly how PPACA actually works but you lack the mental faculties to understand.
    You refuse to learn about reality and insist on reasserting falsehoods.
    You know that you have no counter-argument to the FACTS.
    Medicaid is NOT extended to those who cannot afford insurance in all states.
    The individual mandate requires a fine of AT LEAST $95 if you do not buy insurance.
    I'm right. You're wrong.
    Stop sucking Ed Schultz's pee shooter, child.

  48. There's a big surprise: now you're just going to copy and paste generalized paragraphs from government websites without looking into any details.
    Haven't you heard of "the coverage gap"? Not likely since you're too busy playing minecraft.
    I'm getting tired of debunking your myth over and over again.
    Some states did NOT expand Medicaid eligibility. Say it out loud. Some states did NOT expand Medicaid eligibility. Some states did NOT expand Medicaid eligibility.
    Time for you to shut the fuck up.

  49. Are you really proud of just sitting there spouting lies over and over again? Fuck you you uppity brain casualty.
    I have better things to spend my 26 cents on than some dumb fucking fine for spending my money on actually useful shit.
    I hope you get what you deserve.

  50. You're making it abundantly clear that reading comprehension is something you lack. This being the case I suggest you stop engaging your intellectual superiors in any form of debate. You're just a Brave New World delta and I'm the A+ Alpha male. You are only suited to following my orders -not questioning them.
    The only intelligent thing you've said in paragraphs of text is that we should use a single payer system. You don't actually have the intellect to understand why this should be so, though.

  51. Why the fuck should I have to prove any of that shit for my individual self you cognitive cripple? Educate yourself about PPACA.
    Number 4 you just made up as I've never made any claim on insurance rate changes. You just do nothing but lie and make insinuations based on lies.
    What the fuck is wrong with you?
    You need to see a god damn psychiatrist and get some nootropics pretty severely. Hopefully PPACA will cover your schizophrenia or early onset Alzheimer's prescription when you get diagnosed.

  52. It's impossible to prove anything to you. You're just like a creationist nutjob that looks at evidence then just denies its existence. You might as well go ahead and claim that you can shoot laser beams out of your ass since you're on that level of psychosis already. Let me guess, Jesus is your Lord and Savior, too, right?
    I've already stated it over and over again. For the sake of anyone else reading:
    This guy Nick B keeps lying about how PPACA works. Ignore him.

  53. Nick, wouldn't waste my time on DJ. Ignorant people like this don't want it to work and will make false claims to prove his point, typical tea party antics. Everyone eventually gets sick and then find out either their plan doesn't cover, goes into deep debt or simply go without treatment.

  54. Thus far, nearly all those complaining on Fox news turned out to be uninformed and proven wrong. If they're not smart enough to find policies that work for them or how policies work, they should seek help as they only embarrass themselves.

  55. There's no way you're an atheist. You're too irrational. You've denied reality way too many times to consider yourself an atheist. Sure you might not believe in a God, but it's not because you can think straight. You just jump on the bandwagon like republicans and democrats and christians and muslims do. I realize the use of the word is technically correct by definition but it really to signify freethinkers and rationalists too, which you and a significant portion of "atheists" certainly are not

  56. It's interesting how your type like to consider propagating false facts and downright lies as "education". I figure it must be a remnant installed in you from early childhood from your religious upbringing. I wish there were some way to fix your broken minds and make this world a better place. It's unfortunate that evolution didn't create more mechanisms to tame the wild psychotic tendencies of the human mind. Thankfully those of us who can think straight have made some advancements despite you.

  57. I think the Tea Baggers ought to be fucking beheaded in the streets along with the republicans and at least 50% of you fucking imbecile democrats. FUCK YOU all you shit for brains.

  58. +Nick B
    @Nick B
    If you want to put on like you're some sophisticated little fellow then you ought to do better than persistently lie and put on like you know something that you clearly don't. You've lied about the individual mandate. You've denied the existence of the coverage gap. You've lied and are still lying about what I've told you. You've lied and are still lying about what you've said. You might as well run for office since you're so comfortable with lying and pretending to be couth, you pretentious twerp.

    Also it's nice to see that Google decided to break comments. Somehow this company make billions of dollars and yet they're too stupid to maintain basic functionality.

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