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Dave McCormick Discusses the SecureChoice Mosquito Assurance Program

Several years ago, I had a key customer on
the East Coast who wanted to introduce mosquito [control] into their program, but they didn’t
want to hire additional crews to just do mosquito work on a 21- to-30-day basis. So, I contacted the Syngenta technical team
about this, and so they developed a protocol whereby major universities on the East Coast
started testing Demand® CS [insecticide] and Demand CS plus Archer® [insect growth
regulator] on both 30-day basis and 60-day spray basis. And so, we developed the protocol
and the tests were done using backpack misters, exactly like a pest management team would
be doing for backyard mosquito management. The test indicated that we were getting very
good residual. Syngenta was able to guarantee the performance
of Demand [CS] and Archer on the 60-day program through its SecureChoice℠ Mosquito program. The reason this story is important is because
we had a key customer that had an issue or had a problem. They wanted to utilize our
products, but there wasn’t a path or there wasn’t a defined area at the time. So, it
went from practical knowledge to university data and Syngenta was able to have a guarantee
on this model. It was the first time a manufacturer really
looked at exclusively a pest management-based mosquito add-on program.

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