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Derek O’Brien | Computer Security & Information Assurance | Corps of Cadets

My name is Derek O’Brien, I am a Computer
Security & Information Assurance major, I’m a member of the Corps of Cadets and this is
my Norwich Story. My favorite experiences involving the curriculum
and the major so far is the professors. These guys absolutely know what they’re talking
about. Like uh, Professor Kabay ended up showing
us that like some of the textbooks, some of the books he has in his desk, he’s actually
been an editor for some of those books. And they’re used worldwide as like, kind of
like a standard. And I think that we are kind of blessed at
this institution to have people like that, with that kind of experience to be able to
pass on that experience to us. Where I’ve made most of my friends is just
like through my rook platoon. A lot of the people, like my rook brothers,
a lot of us are fairly close. We have a couple of outliers who are just
like, sometimes they love us, sometimes they hate us, but overall it’s like a tight knit
group. I’ve also made more friends through some of
my classes, like civilian friends. And I’ve made friends from Air Force ROTC,
just the PT sessions there. Just talking to people. You can end up making friends like all over
the place, it’s just whether or not you actually choose to go out and talk to them. Well, my ultimate goal is to commission with
the Air Force and hopefully head into Special Operations.

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