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Difference Between Control Quality and Quality Assurance from PMP Certification Exam Point of View

Hello Friends. We have 47 different processes on the PMBOK guide 5th Edition It is important to understand the difference between some of the processes for your PMP exam On this video let’s take a look at the difference between the control quality and the quality assurance process if you look at the control quality it is part of the monitoring and control phase It is more of product oriented Wherein we look at the product to see if it meets the requirement which was defined or to find the defects on the product So this is more on the reactive basis. On the other hand if you look at the quality assurance Process it is part of the execution phase It is more process-oriented Wherein we are trying to built in the quality inside the process itself to prevent the defect itself in the first place so it is more of proactive Basis So that’s the basic difference between these two processes I hope this information is helpful. All the best for your PMP journey

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