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Difference Between QA and QC (Quality Assurance vs Quality Control)

In this section we would look at the
difference between quality assurance and quality control. These two terms related to quality are used quite interchangeably. So let’s look at the definition of these two and then try to
understand the difference between these two. Lets start with quality control first. So the quality control These are operational techniques
and I will highlight operational these are used to fulfill the
requirements for quality. So these related to inspection, related to
detecting problems related to finding problems and making sure that the defined standards or requirements are fulfilled So coming to the definition of quality
assurance. Quality assurance is a set of plan and systematic activities which are done to provide confidence to
client and to the management that the product will work. Or the services which we are providing
are of good quality. First thing is these are plan and second thing is these are something we’ve just done before hand, before the production starts before the service starts. These are more of a preventive measure rather than inspecting and then acting on that
So these coming in the front and quality control comes at the later stage.
In the next slide we will be looking at the difference between these two. This slide presented the
difference between QA and QC. Let’s look at each of these. QA is focused on
process. Process to make sure that the product will work. Or the good quality will be produced. QC is focused on the actual product . Checking the product if there is a repair, making sure that those things do not recur the focus is on the product QA is proactive. Comes beforehand
QC is reactive QA function is performed by staff. That is a staff function whereas QC is a line function. QA the attempt is to prevent
defects , whereas in QC the emphasis is on finding the defects and making sure
that those defects do not occur again. The tools used for QA and QC are different. QA uses audits as a tool. and in the QC use testing is the main tool for quality control.

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  4. QC is the field and production operations technician. whereas Quality Assurance is most likely Consultancy of products quality management and vendor relations matters. this explanation should be clear enough.

  5. I have finished diploma in mechanical engineer, How to become a QC and QA engineer & which topic study i should do become a good quality engineer pls tell me sir I'm very confused

  6. In short, Quality Assurance is for large companies that have dozens of available payed positions with employees who create process flow charts, PPAP, SPC, etc… while Quality Control is for companies that rely on a guy on the floor who has enough skill, experience and knowledge to work with the actual people involved in a project and makes sure the project is to customer engineering spec throughout the process and upon completion.

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