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Do I Have To Pay My Health Insurance Back?

Hi. Dale Casares, personal injury
attorney at Robinson & Henry. One of the other questions
that I get asked often is, “Do I have to pay my health insurance back?” And of course the answer is yes or no. If your health insurance pays
for initial treatment, an emergency room visit, the ambulance or if they pay for ongoing treatment
or imaging or surgery, if you recover full policy limits
from all available policies, you most likely will not have to pay
your health insurance company back. If you don’t recover policy limits, then you most likely will have to
pay your health insurance back. That is called subrogation. So, your
health insurance company, if they pay for your treatment and
you recover for that treatment, they have a right to get paid back unless you get policy limits. It’s a statute that is unique to Colorado and can be tricky to understand
the circumstances of when that statute will benefit you. There, of course, are a few exceptions
to everything, right? But one of the exceptions is if you
have a government policy, a government health insurance
policy or some other policies that are self-funded under
a statute called ERISA, that’s something else that you would
need to speak with an attorney to see if maybe it can be
negotiated on your behalf. So, if you recover for medical bills that
your insurance company paid for, you may or may not have to pay them back. It’s something that you need to discuss with
an experienced personal injury attorney. Thanks. This has been Dale Casares
with Robinson & Henry. Bye.

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