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Double Indemnity (8/9) Movie CLIP – Goodbye, Baby (1944) HD

We’re both rotten. Only you’re a little more rotten. You got me to take care
of your husband for you… and then you got Zachetti to take care
of Lola, maybe take care of me, too. Then somebody else would have come
along to take care of Zachetti for you. That’s the way you operate,
isn’t it, baby? Suppose it is. Is what you’ve got cooked up
for tonight any better? I don’t like that music anymore.
Mind if I close the window? You can do better than that,
can’t you, baby? Better try it again. Maybe if I came a little closer? How’s this?
Think you can do it now? Why didn’t you shoot again, baby? Don’t tell me it’s because you’ve
been in love with me all this time. No, I never loved you, Walter,
not you or anybody else. I’m rotten to the heart.
I used you, just as you said. That’s all you
ever meant to me… until a minute ago… when I couldn’t fire
that second shot. I never thought
that could happen to me. Sorry, baby. I’m not buying.
I’m not asking you to buy. Just hold me close. Goodbye, baby.

Reader Comments

  1. God dangit! I accidentally rented the 1973 TV movie, and wondered the whole time "…THIS is Woody Allen's favorite movie of all time?"

  2. I hate that wig! Wilder should have been shot for making barbara wear that ugly wig, she would have been hot with her own hair,

  3. One Hollywood historian once said:  "Barbara Stanwyck is more sexy with her clothes on than most other starlets are with theirs off."

  4. they made her look cheap and fake cause she was playing a role fit for a hollywood beauty they liked Barbara's acting but she was'nt what hollywood called beautiful, she could act, the only phony thing the wig showed was that she wasnt a hollywood beauty!

  5. if i was barbara stanwyck i would have finished him off!!!! this is just like the strange love of martha ivers!

  6. "No, I never loved you. Not you or anybody else. I'm rotten to the heart. I used you just like you said, that's all you ever meant to me." There has not been a man born who hasn't been verbally kicked in the face by a woman for whom he's fallen.

  7. When Neff goes to pick up his gun before he leaves he takes a quick, final look at the anklet that hooked him at the start of the film. He never loved her.

  8. Just a masterpiece of a movie – and the cast is incredible: Stanwyck, Robinson, MacMurray – fantastic chemistry!

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