How Insurance Works

Expectant mother loves how Bind simplifies health care.

With Bind, to be honest upfront, I thought
it was a little bit too good to be true when I was hearing about it for the first time
because it is a new offering. It’s really different than any other insurance
that I’ve encountered before. Medtronic is a company in the medical device
field. It is, nearly 90 thousand employees. I’m used to being on the road all the time. I really like the app for Bind. That’s right at my fingertips at all times,
I don’t need to call, I don’t need to go searching for answers, they’re available to me right
away. The way that insurance has been provided has
been pretty stagnant for a long time. This year I am expecting my first child. As a first time mom, first time delivery,
I was a bit overwhelmed. What I’ve heard delivery costs can entail
and if there was a need to have a C-section or if you need to see a specialist or if there
were any other complications or anything, those are all additional costs in a traditional
insurance model. I started to look into, so what would the
costs be for me specifically and my baby. What I learned was that with a hospital stay
for an in-network it was going to be about 1500 dollars. I did call Bind because I wanted to double
check and ensure that those costs were as upfront as I thought they were going to be. The costs of staying to deliver my baby were
going to be so low and actually in my case as low as 500 dollars was just incredible. And knowing that not only is that a really
low fee but there’s no additional surprises. Every time I’ve talked to a Bind representative
they’ve been super-helpful, friendly, very personable. It feels like I’m not just calling into a
massive call center where my call is being redirected multiple times. Bind has taken out a lot of the mystery or
confusion of having a child for the first time. Now all I need to focus on is the motherhood
side of things.

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