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False Foundations for Assurance

– How do you know you’re a Christian? How do you know that
you have eternal life? Here’s eight false foundations
I hear all the time. I hear people one, point to
their religious heritage. People say, I was born a Christian, I grew up in a Christian home. The Bible never teaches
that where you were born, or where you grew up is any
guarantee of eternal life. Second, others point
to church involvement. I talk to a ton of people who say, yeah, I go to church
every once in a while, or every week, even, and while
gathering with the church is an essential part of following Christ, the Bible never says that
going to church by itself is any basis for assurance in eternity. You can go to church every
single Sunday of your life and not have eternal life. People say, I live a moral lifestyle; I’m a good person, I’m
kind, honest, generous, a lot more than a lot
of people in the world, yet the Bible clearly teaches
that a moral lifestyle doesn’t assure anyone eternal life. Just ask the Pharisees,
the great law keepers, and their conversations with Jesus all throughout the Bible. People point to intellectual knowledge. People will say I know
that I have eternal life, because I believe that
Jesus died on the cross, and rose from the dead,
so I know I’m a Christian, when actually, that merely
puts you on the same plane as the Devil himself. The Devil believes Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. He does not have eternal life. That’s no assurance for eternal life. People point to active ministry. Look at all I do in the
church or for the church, or for the others, and
this way or that way. As soon as you hear, think Jesus’ words, Matthew chapter seven. “Many will say to me on that day, “Lord, Lord, do we not
prophesy in your name, “in your name perform many miracles, “do all these things? “And I will tell them, I never knew you, “away from me, you evildoers.” Ladies and gentlemen, it is possible to do all
kinds of things in the church, even be called a pastor,
and not know Christ. People point to active
ministry, a guilty conscience. Another foundation, I feel bad when I sin, so I must be a Christian, when the reality is all kinds of people feel bad when they do wrong. We have a whole system of pop psychology, filled with man-made ways
to cover over our guilt, and we’ve even created a
supposedly Christian version of it, when it’s nothing more than self-help wrapped in spiritual terms. We look for assurance
in positive thinking. Well, I think I’m a Christian. But think about it. If that was a foundation for assurance, then no one could ever be deceived. It’s kind of the whole point of deception. Think about millions of people, in cults, who claim that they are Christians, when the Bible clearly
teaches they are not. We want to know what God
thinks, not what we think. Here’s one more false
foundation for assurance. A past decision. So I hear people say,
I know I’m a Christian, because I remember when I signed a card, prayed a prayer, said
these words, went forward. I remember right where
I was when I did that. Now I wanna be really,
really careful here, because many people can, many
true Christians can remember the exact moment when they
placed their faith in Christ, and their heart and life
was changed forever. But at the same time,
there are many people who signed a card, prayed
a prayer, said some words, walked an aisle, joined
a church, but today, and for years, have not
been walking with God, and have no desire to walk with God. They do not have eternal life. Please hear this. The Bible does not say,
you won’t find one verse, in I John that says, as
long as you said some words or signed a card or
joined a church one time, you can know you have eternal life. That’s not in the Bible. Now again, that doesn’t
mean there wasn’t a point in the past when you truly
began a relationship with God through faith in Jesus,
but when, follow this, when John writes this
letter to help people know they have eternal life, he doesn’t say, look back to the past. He says, look to the present.

Reader Comments

  1. Amen!!! At 50 seconds in he tells the biggest truth here! "You can go to church every Sunday or your life and not have eternal life! This is more true than he even knows because going to church on Sunday is the beast system and part of the mark of the beast because those who do this are obeying the beast Roman Catholic church who changed the Sabbath to Sunday when God said Saturday is to be the day of rest and kept HOLY and he only blessed and sanctified saturday at creation and not sunday. So yes everyone who is going to church on Sunday is disobeying God's 4th commandment. And not only is the day wrong, just in case you guys say it doesn't matter what day because Romans 14 a d Colossians 2:16 and Hebrews 4 says it doesn't matter and Jesus is the Sabbath (ALL OF WHICH ARE LIES AND NOT TRUE, no scripture says to not keep the WEEKLY sabbath which is on Saturday and no scripture says Jesus IS the Sabbath) but if that's your argument you still are in sin because going to church for 1 hour then doing anything and everything everything besides RESTING and besides honoring God and keeping the day holy isn't obeying the Sabbath EVEN IF IT DIDN'T MATTER THAT YOU GO ON SUNDAY, but IT DOES MATTER because the fourth commandment says 6 days shall you work but on the seventh you shall I have a Sabbath of the Lord. God created the heavens and earth in 6 days and rested on the seventh and blessed it and sanctified it and not the first day.

    So yeah you will go to church every Sunday and then you will say to Jesus LORD LORD haven't I done al! Thes mighty things in your name and he will say depart from me You worker of LAWLESSNESS I never knew you. Sin is lawlessness and LAWLESSNESS is transgression of the law aka ten commandments. The ten commandments are eternal an unchanging and binding forever.

    Repent and keep God's Sabbath HOLY

  2. Confessing the Jesus is Lord and Savior doesn’t guarantee eternal life either…. but those who do the will of the father.

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