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Finns Clap Back At Nikki Haley: Our Health Care Is Great! | All In | MSNBC

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  1. Nice try nikki to find an obscure land which most americans do not recognize, sadly in this age of INTERNET people will see your idiotic tweet. tsk tsk.. the world does not evolve around america and soon america will not be the biggest economy nor the most powerfull country. Learn to live with the fact that america will be second rate and if republicans will be on the wheel they will downright plunge it into a third world banana republic.

  2. I like Niki. She was a bright spot in a absolutely horrible hopeless Administration. I don’t know how ANYONE could be successful working for Agent Orange.
    But she clearly got schooled here.

  3. She should go to Finland and have her head checked cause her brain might be dead. Too expensive to do it here.

  4. That's why people always look stupid going after Bernie Sanders because Bernie speak facts so you have to lie to try to make him look bad which make you look stupid for even trying cuz there's only one truth and that's facts and Bernie speaks with facts so to clapback you have to lie which make you look stupid

  5. It is much easier to provide healthcare in country of 5 million people where 99.99% of population is white. Also the newborn mortality rate is much higher in the USA because doctors try to save every single newborn there and even the ones dying in home are counted on the infant mortality. In countries where the delivery of babies are cheap like in Finland the doctors don't try to save all newborns and they aren't included in the infant mortality numbers. Besides… Finns have personal income tax rate of 55.1% so if you earn $50K then you need to pay $27.5K of taxes…. no thanks. No surprise that Finland is bankrupt.

  6. ah the nikki haley's of this world live in there wealthy bubble , what do they know about the rest of the world [sighs] ..not alot it seems , and the frightening thing is ..that if the wealthy and educated republicans know next to nothing [and don't want to know] about the rest of the world and there own health care..then what does it say about the lay republican supporter [grin]?

  7. Wow, MSNBC gave 60 seconds to show that Bernie's tweet was right on while Nikki Haley's tweet was not right on. Is this a sign they will give Bernie 60 second's every week of honest coverage that is? Bernie/Tulsi 2020

  8. She implied that a man had no place imposing rules on a woman's body in regards to pregnancy. Huh, imagine that.

  9. Forgive this comment from an outsider, but there was a time when I would cringe with embarrassment when I heard Trump expounding on something of which he so obviously knew nothing. But thankfully, continual exposure has inured me to it.

  10. Nikki Haley is too stupid to talk about anything. Good for the Finns unlike the US it's a great place to get sick, great place to have babies, with great clean forests….I would love to see Trump come out to California and sweep the forests on those nearly vertical hillsides –

  11. If US healthcare would work, Europe would have no problem adopting it. We also drink Coca Cola and eat hamberder here. Only when it comes to health care, education, pension plans, employee protection and many other things that we pay with our taxes we prefer to do it in our own way. But please don't get upset. Your military is really cool looking.

  12. it is stunning how some Americans vote against their own interests. Chomsky said it best: "the under class struggles but does not learn from it."

  13. 🤣😂 I’m sorry but Finland is just great taking all the criticism the USA has handed them in recent months. I love their replies!!

  14. Does country like Finland also believe in tax cut?
    By the way, in Finland, the amount of taxes carried for each person and company is public information. I assume this is the best part of Finland which Trump wishes to happen in US the most, am I right ???!!?

    If the administration doesn't know how to use gov money to increase public life standard, they better stand down and not to govern the country.

    Do not be fooled by ur own money in the name of tax cut.

  15. Why can’t any politician admit they’re wrong? Expected more from Nikki.
    As a Finn I’m waiting for an apology.
    Shouldn’t need to remind her basic duties as a fellow Christian…

  16. Next I expect Trumps and Trumpettes to say you shouldn't go to Croatia for vacation coz the sea there it's horrible, totally poluted ….. ;D Oh wait, he won't mention Croatia, he doesn't know where it is, Italy maybe? lol

  17. Nikki Haley the woman who vetoed the investigation into the Massacre in Gaza last summer which saw thousands of unarmed human beings shot with live ammunition by the Israeli army. Men women children nurses doctors and reporters.

  18. You guys realize that the entire Finnish cabinet had to resign because they couldn't fix their system.

  19. the MD PhD was lying about 0e though. she was actually PAID 250e/month + housing to study. more if she had children etc.

  20. Why do American Republicans hate Finland so much? I wonder.
    We have 'free' healthcare, maternity and peri-natal care in the UK also. Guess what… we have a lower infant mortality rate than the USA too! In the US it costs an average asthmatic $2000 for a months supply of medication. In the UK it costs around $25 per month. I don't know how we survive, I really don't. /s

  21. Lake Tahoe forest floors have indeed been cleaned up in recent years, controlled burns too. Traitor Trump got lucky and was somewhat correct.

  22. I love this – the GOP always maligns single payer systems with idiotic criticisms and downright lies. Like, long waits for surgery or appointments – who in America, other than the wealthy DOESN'T hafta wait weeks, even MONTHS to get an appt with a Specialist, or for a surgery? And if you're on Medicaid or Medicare, those wait times are even longer. And to add my own personal anecdote – i am cursed with a chronic headache. There is only ONE pain medication for CHRONIC pain. Oxycontin was created for after surgery pain management, and is rated for like, 36 weeks of use. I'm taking a medication called Suboxone (it's generic name is buprenorphine) that was developed in GREAT BRITAIN, not the United States. Pain is your body's way of telling yr brain there's a prob, but when there's no medical cure for your pain, doctors' only recourse is to block your pain. You can't "cure" pain, you can only cure it's underlying cause, and if that's medically impossible, doctors use pain killers. Unfortunately, when pain receptors are blocked, our body creates more, which is it's job, to sound the alarm until you fix the prob. That's why ppl suffering from chronic pain keep going on higher and higher doses. This is one of the main drivers of the opoid epidemic, ppl whose chronic pain grows beyond the legal/medical limit for an oxy dose a doctor can prescribe, so they seek pain relief from underground sources. Not that you'll hear this in the media, which has a pre-disposition to moralize on pain killers bc of they can be used as recreational drugs, something that's a particular prob in Cali, where Hollywood is based. Of course if you actually have surgery, and you're an oxy addict, you're kinda screwed.

    Anyway, in England, where they have single payer healthcare – rather than the oxy owning Sacklers, w their great wealth & a vested interest in doctor's continuing to prescribe oxy loooooong after it's rated time, rather than spending money researching a chronic pain medication – researchers tackled the prob of chronic pain. They found a way to block pain receptors while fooling the body into thinking they were still open, so the body wldnt make more pain receptors. Suboxone is an opiate, but they engineered the euphoria out of it. But when the company who makes Suboxone tried to get it approved by the FDA, they knew the Sacklers wld lobby against approval, and use their vast fortune to make their life miserable, so they told the FDA it's primary use is curing opoid addicts, and blocking chronic pain is a secondary incidental use. Despite the opposite being true, blocking chronic pain is Suboxone's primary use, and helping opoid addicts to kick their habit is the accidental byproduct.

    In the US doctor's need a special license to prescribe Suboxone, plus there's very LITTLE info publicly available about the medicine at all, let alone the fact that it blocks chronic pain. So little, that when i called one of the three clinics who had a license to prescribe Suboxone in my area, the head nurse who administered that program didn't even know suboxone is used to block chronic pain when I called to tell her i wasn't an addict, so there were no questions on the questionnaire they sent me so i cld apply to get into their program that i could answer. I did find a clinic, and an actual chronic pain doctor, who is prescribing me Suboxone for my pain. That doesn't make me an addict, it makes me someone w a chronic, debilitating medical condition, able to live some kind of life. I topped out on oxy, but even tho i was on the highest prescribable oxy dosage, all i cld do was sit all day on my couch in my jammies & watch DVDs, most of movies/TV i'd already seen and knew the plot of, so i didn't hafta figure anything out. I was in too much pain to even figure out a Hollywood movie. With Suboxone, i'm able to leave the house at least three days a week, i have a social life, a limited one, but at least i'm not totally lonely and depressed, ready to end my pain one way or the other. 

    If you have a relative with an oxy prob, it may be bc of chronic pain, and bc doctors moralize pain management, or they don't believe patients are still in pain – often women are not believed or their pain complaints are minimized by doctors – sometimes ppl w chronic pain can't find legal means to obtain ANY pain medicine. Medicine they can't sanely live without.

  23. Poor Right wingers voters still believe that one day they to will become billionaires and trump will invite them for a seat at the dinner table where they will discuss on how to get rid of minorities in America. Hahahahaha right wingers are the most gullible people on the planet.

  24. The thing that surprises me most is that a supposedly "educated" woman, Trump's former ambassador to the UN, no less, would feel compelled to make these asinine comments. Surely somewhere at the back of her mind she must know that what she is saying is, firstly, nonsense and, secondly, VERIFIABLE nonsense? I know she wasn't at the UN very long – none of Trump's appointees ever stay on for any length of time anywhere – but surely she must have had a modicum of education? If you showed her a world map, I wonder if she even could have pointed out Finland on a world map. Very few Americans randomly asked in the street could, I'suspect.

  25. Nikki Haley is just another former Trump Troglodyte and current POS human. She defended Trump’s garbage policies because she’s every bit the garbage person he is

  26. Nice try Nikki. btw: with whom among your current younger male staffers are you checking into an out-of-the-way rural motel this weekend? And how much are you discreetly slipping him to deny it if later questioned by the media?

  27. That's what we've been doing wrong n Australia as well, no raking our forests. So obvious really.
    By the way $0 dollars to have a baby in the land of OZ. infant mortally more than Finland but less than half US.

  28. A bit hypocritical of Trump to use Finland as an example and poorly used it, IF only there was someone who could school him and help him get it right! #HeyBernard ….
    Furthermore I don't understand how Bernie gets reamed for actually providing facts, yet, people like Chris Hayes trip over themselves just to serve him on a silver platter to their Masters and War Lords.. Trump's hypocrisy and blissful ignorance is surely unrivaled… if only…

  29. Nikki Haley is confused about health care in this country…just like everybody else in Trump's administration. Does anybody remember all the fun we had in 2017 when the Republicans tried to repeal the Affordable Care act and replace it with six toxic HC plans?
    Trump and the GOP were just as confused then…as they are about everything else…

  30. 12,000 vs 60? Skimping? Nope just plain GREED!!! That is the problem with healthcare costs. Take the 12,000% profit out and look what you have, affordability.

  31. I had a transplant and it cost me £0,And go every three month to make sure everything is working at zero cost to me ,all glory to EU and the UK And I still have my one bedroom flat.

  32. They should have stuck with "Venezuela" as why socialism is bad. Each time the try to name a real social Justice country, it backfires like when someone at Fox tried and failed miserably to demonstrate that young people in Danmark are the most miserable compared to our youth.

  33. Coming from a woman who gets the best healthcare money can buy, paid for by the American tax dollar. But God forbid anyone else should get the same option, no social programs for the peons.

  34. Unversal health care🇦🇺🇬🇧🇨🇦🇳🇿🇳🇴🇩🇰🇸🇪🇫🇮🇮🇸 these cpuntries cant be wrong

  35. Boeing must have ties to Pharma/health care in the US, this is the only thing that could explain why Nikki would even try to protect the current standard!

  36. Nikki Haley, Pence is 1st in line for 2024 and don't have high hopes to become a presidential nominee in GOP. You are still Nimrata Randhwa. I will put my money on you not getting a VP nod either from the eventual 2024 nominee. Try your luck in lobbying business that most retired politicians from GOP get rich at.

  37. With MSNBC having lied to us repeatedly during the past few years, I don't believe anything they report anymore, not even the time of day or the temperature outside.

  38. Most people in the US have no idea that there is a completely different world out side there own country.

  39. Haley is in politics for the paycheck and benefits. She lacks actual talent in that job. Kind of a female version of Trump in manner and experience. Real politicians are versed in law and most important, proper etiquette for the position. Yes, you do have to exhibit some sense of the task in order to do it justice. OJT is not the best avenue of approach.

  40. Attacking Scandinavia is such a Trumpworld thing to do.A region where four of the top ten happiest countries in the world are and we aren't even in the top fifteen and are heading out of the top twenty in fact.

  41. There's a book out called "Everything Trump Touches Dies".
    This applies perfectly to the intelligence, integrity and the careers of people who get anywhere near Trump.
    One day they are successful respected professionals. Then they get in Trump's orbit and before you know it they are disgraced, bitter has-beens.

  42. Nikki Haley is a proven crook, why are media covering up her crimes? She received "inducements" illegally.

  43. They probably use Finland as a example as most Americans have never heard about it and would not know how to find it on a atlas

  44. Every new mother in Finland gets a sort of baby's start-up kit with clothes. diapers and even a sort of rudimentary crib all curtesy of the Finnish government. Someone should send ms Haley one.

  45. Fun fact: not only do they have internet in Finland, their constitution recognizes the internet as a human right!

  46. When forest floor is cleared after logging it's called "raking".
    In Finland we "rake" our forests. It prevents forest fires and we burn the trash at plants to produce heat and energy. Trump didn't say anything stupid.

  47. Maybe Nikki's thought was that people wouldn't like our answer because the health care is sooo much better. It can only make Americans feel worse about their own system.

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