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Gleaner Life Insurance Society: Indexed Universal Life

– [Narrator] As they prepare
to send their youngest child off to college, the Kings
are also getting ready to embark on their own
adventure as empty nesters. They’ve saved for Julie’s tuition, purchased the campus dining plan, and packed her coordinating
bedding and shower caddy. Now Julie is all set
for the road to success. And so are mom and dad, because they have an indexed
universal life insurance plan from Gleaner Life Insurance Society. The permanent coverage
means their policy will last their lifetime as long as
they keep their policy funded. It also builds cash value,
which the Kings can use for supplemental retirement
income when they’re ready. The flexible premiums
offered by the universal plan allow the Kings the option to
make lower monthly payments during periods of time
when their resources are spread thin, and
increase contributions when their finances are more secure. In the meantime, they pay target premiums to keep their cash value well funded. Throughout Julie’s childhood, the Kings directed a large
portion of their premium to an indexed account which
offered even greater potential for cash value growth when
the index performed well, without the risk of losing value if the index performed poorly. Now, as they near retirement, they’ve directed a larger
portion of their premium to a fixed account which
earns a competitive, current interest rate
with a minimum guarantee. Knowing they are leaving
a financial benefit for their children, and
planning for their own futures, means Steve and Cindy have
one less thing to worry about. They also appreciate that
Gleaner is member-owned and charitable-minded. Just by owning a life insurance
policy through Gleaner, they are helping to
fund volunteer projects in their own community. Find a Gleaner agent online
at to find out more about the
flexible options available with indexed universal life insurance.

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