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  1. Iodine is in SOME OF our salt ( not Walmart brand, stay away from that!!!) but not rich in the American diet. Our country says 150 mg is enough per day, it is NOT. Asian woman get 6 times that amount and suffer less hormonal issues, drastically less breast and ovarian cancer. Thyroid disorders are rampant in the USA, and our reproductive organs are not supprted as well as our breasts. More cancer and fibroids , and irregular cycles, and miscarriages as well as infertility go on in the USA. Some of these disorders more rampant in African American women. I have thyroid issues. That journey is for another story. But what has helped my reproductive organs and breasts, is nascent iodine. I thought breasts were supposed to be lumpy. My OBGYNs say my breasts were normal I have breast exams with them and myself. Said nothing out ordinary. Wrong. 3 days after taking iodine my breasts were noticeably softer. By the end of the week, ALL the lumps I had before gone. I had a mild case of cystic breast disease, again common in USA . My friend cried thinking she had breast cancer and they were not cancer they where non-cancerous cysts. I told her about iodine.within a week she started to take two to three times more than the average American and she said her breasts were warm. They were breaking down those cyst. In few weeks they were gone. Make no mistake those cysts eventually become cancerous it happened to my mother yrs before I knew about iodine. Aim to get 6 times more than the average American, 6 times more than 150 mg. Increasing the amount in your diet weekly until it is enough. You might notice your cycle will regulate your fibroids begin to shrink and your breast are soft and lump free. An American doctor is studying the affects of iodine on his breast and ovarian cancer patience before they try other treatments. It is working for them too. Stopping growth first THEN slowly shrinking the cancer tumors. Look up iodine rich foods for example seaweed. And get that in your diets as well as consider an iodine supplement.

  2. I have been having ovarian issues literally since i was 13 years old ridiculous pain etc but since i was so young and not sexually active they didn’t do much. Went to countless Gynos and they basically said my shit wasn’t a big deal. Finally went to Dr Miles at Novant when i was 19 and he found that i had a cyst the size of a tennis ball on my ovary! It truly is hard finding a gyno that will LISTEN and not judge you for being young and not married. I tried out a gyno that my mom went to years ago when i was having issues and our experiences were day and damn night smh.

    Best of luck on your journey in Charlotte. Dr Miles was amazing though i recommend him to everyone.

  3. Hey Jouelsy! Novant is only prominate in the Charlotte and Western Counties of NC. if you further east Duke and UNC dominate the NC healthcare Systems, along with Vidant along the more coastal counties. Those systems have a lot more providers and practitioners who specialize in women's health and other specialty areas as well. It may not be convenient however when i lived in Charlotte, i made an annual trip to Raleigh for my yearly pap! Hope this is helpful! 😊

  4. If you live in the Atlanta region I recommend obgyn Dr.Melinda Miller-Thratcher at Innovative Women's Healthcare….she has an office in Midtown and Smyrna. She is a Black woman, most if not all of her nurses and lab techs are Black women as well. I've been going to her almost 6yrs years now and love it

  5. I must’ve missed your previous GRWM video but anyway women’s healthcare in this country is so not taken serious. It’s only taken seriously when are diagnosed with breast cancer!

    I learned about PCOS around 2002 and there was less than 1% research done on this condition therefore I was treated as though I had full on Type 2 Diabetes! Whereas now the medical community knows it’s more to it than just prescribing Metformin. Maybe because more women and young teens are being diagnosed with PCOS. After I had a child in 2006, I’m still suffering from symptoms of PCOS. The medical community wants to treat it as an infidelity issue but it is more to it than that.

  6. I have an iud which allows me to not have a period or it's very light. I'd like to switch tampons brand but it doesn't seem like any of the vagina friendly brands make light tampons. Does anyone else have this problem?

  7. I prefer Nurse Practitioner over phycians. They are just as knowledgeable and more accessible. Please be aware of changes in the field of gynecology. There is a decline in recommending internal exams, pelvic exams, and yearly paps. I had a child in 2010 and around that time the pap frequency changed to about every 6 years rather than yearly. Updates in recommendations are not communicated or adopted across the field, so your healthcare provider may be giving outdated advice. Midwives are not just for women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. Their approach may be more favorable to someone who wants a more understanding healthcare environment. Here's a recent NPR article regarding females under 21:

  8. This may sound weird…but I love a good healthy conversation about vaginas! Lol. You can learn so much just by being open to share. I am 29 but have had good "control" over my vagina for the past 2 years. I believe this control came from eating mostly whole and healthy foods. The pescatarian life isn't for everyone but ladies with PCOS may want to try it plus walking everyday. There are books and research that support this:

    My cousin and I have twin vaginas. Meaning the sensitivities are similar. So we discuss what works and send warnings to each other all the time. This helped us to avoid harmful soaps, overpriced remedies, and pointless doctor visits.

    I love what Joulzey said about preparing for the doc. Preparation is key. Write your questions down and take them with you. Also ask for lifestyle changes that can help you instead of adding more drugs. None were offered to me but have helped more than anything.

  9. So happy you talked about chaffing. Never experienced it until I turned 35 and did not know wtf was going on but I will be investing in some seamless undies…thanks again!

  10. Thank you for sharing! As a person who doesn’t have a vagina I think it’s important for people like me to know this stuff because I have plenty of friends who do and I intend to have kids someday who may or may not have them. I want us all to be able to help eachother out when it comes to healthcare of any kind and shit when I’m well off enough I wanna keep my crib stocked with supplies in case anyone needS it!

  11. Having a black woman gyno is a blessing. I dabbled in some things that pretty much put me in a messed up situation. The amount of care i received from her was unmatched. She even went as far as referring me to a counselor/therapist to help with the after math.

    Now when i was a freshman, i overdosed and i literally received the WORST care of my life. I was able to be brought back from the OD but they did not prepare me for the pain i was feeling after my stomach was pumped. I complained so much and kept asking for pain meds and my white nurse made a sly comment "You wouldn't need these medications if you didn't decide to be an addict". Just know she lost her job that same week.

  12. My vagina is extremely sensitive too! I’ve always had questions about my vagina— what is it suppose to look like? Is it normal to have discharge? Does it suppose to smell like water lol (Plies,smh)? Do I suppose to shave or wax it or leave it alone? Chileeeeee the stress!!!!
    I also don’t appreciate doctors giving paps in intervals of 3 yrs! I really want one, I always ask my doctor is it time to get one.
    Thanks for the the space to talk about these matters!

  13. I use period underwear with my menstrual cup. Check them out on Amazon;

  14. Giving that power #lawyer vibes get ready to go defend my female divorcee and get her $$$$$$$$😊😊😉💕💕💕

  15. I track my BM too, because I dont go for days some times.
    In terms of the menstrual cup, Im still trying to figure it out, I keep having accidents 🙄😩

  16. I use the glow app and I really don’t like it. Most period apps I’ve come across are clunky. I’m bout to start using a paper calendar.

  17. Wow this video is so honest AND I LIVE! My menstrual cup was a game changer as well!!! Less cramps, shorter period, I don’t feel as like heavy with the cup!

  18. I stay in Charlotte and Novant ain't it.I went to Novant my entire childhood and I once I got older, I found a black doctor and switched to CMC(Atrium). There are some great doctors who are under Novant but Atrium is your best bet..or someone who may be under a private practice🤷🏾‍♀️.I will also say that since I switched to Atrium, some of the primary care doctors that I've seen/researched, also do women's health/gyno type stuff or their office has someone one in-house who will do those things.

  19. I'm in Delaware. I don't have periods and it will be 3 years that I haven't had it come November. I couldn't find a black ob/gyn. When I got pregnant I decided to go the holistic route so I go to the "Birth Center" they have great mid-wives/nurses that perform all my woman needs.

  20. All of you in the comments are godsend ❤️♥️and God bless you and your health. Thank you for this amazing video Juelzy 🥰

  21. I've always been an advocate for menstrual cups. They're so much better. However I have found that if I'm having a month where I'm not having many bowel movements, using the cup will be extremely uncomfortable. It feels like debilitating cramps.

  22. I just want my periods back. I never hated them, they let me know I was regular. I know it sounds silly but I feel like a part of my womanhood has been taken from me. I know that's not true but it really gets me down. I am working on my physical and mental health and hoping for good results.

  23. Great video! I have endo and use the Diva cup and reusable pads(w activated charcoal). Pain gone, and I feel hella earthy and close to nature during my cycle. Also use the “Eve” app to track cycles. My ob is hippy dippy(you know what color she is) but she is great, I’m talking sit down and look you in the eyes(and into your soul) unlike any experiences I had while I was visiting the clinic here. Charlotte adjacent Erin Hartwell at Courtview Obgyn in Gastonia. Good luck🤗

  24. Love this video! Since 30 I've switched to the cup. I love it, period shortened from 7 days to 4 days. Very predictable, always starts on Friday and ends on Monday. I've told all my friends about it. I keep disposable menstrual disks in my purse for those "just in case" moments but again I haven't had any because my cycle is predictable. I use the flo app, take daily probiotics ($31), use HoneyPot feminine wash and check my ph with the strips. I use coconut oil to moisturize externally down there after showers and it also deodorizes. My V is very happy!

    I also live in NC. I go to A Women's Place where all the ob/gyns are women of color. I never felt rushed and they always take their time with me. It sickens me that any woman would have any experience less than that.

  25. This is so true. My ex went to a Dr in South Houston for an annual check up (with my Well Woman exam, my Dr automatically offers all blood tests including STD tests which any responsible physician should do if the patient is a sexually active human being!) Anyway when my ex requested an STD test coz this new doctor had not included it in his annual check up, the Dr straight up said "It's not necessary. Why do you want one? Do you sleep with prostitutes?"!!!!!!!!! My career is in healthcare so I was in shock at the treatment of black people simply looking to be proactive about their health!

  26. The worst healthcare I have ever received was when I was in TX. My partner’s semen irritates my vagina. Which no one talks about how you can be allergic to your partners ish. I recognized it for the first time in TX. Went to planned parenthood and this lady dr told me I had herpes. I was caught off guard and my partner was also. I went to my grad school health center and got fully tested, I did not have herpes. I still want to fight that lady today.

    Yes, getting off those chemical pads will change your life and I’ve heard so many sat it-myself included. I tried the cup, had a user error. Need to try it again.

    Also, the conversation needs to had about males being treated also if their partner has a bacterial or yeast issue.

  27. Clue is so good at tracking my period! I've been wearing organic cotton pads for a few years now and I definitely agree with you about the lack of drawing in moisture to the middle of the pad. If I'm not hyper aware of the way I'm sitting it can easily move around and I refuse to stain up all my underwear, lol. I bought a cup a few months ago but I had trouble inserting it correctly. It's time to try again.

  28. For all of my ladies with Fibroids, heavy periods and terrible cramps I found a holy grail! These extracts fixed my life: Cramp Bark, Lady’s Mantle, Shatvari, and Shepherds Purse all together as one amazing potion! They shortened my monstrous 10 day periods and reduced the cramping. But you have to take it a few days ahead of your period to really get the full effect. All of these products are on amazon, so check them out there.

  29. Whole heartedly enjoyed this video, so informative and supportive. Since I’ve turned 30 honestly switched to organic pads, and it had made such a difference in my life especially being that I have fibroids. But I highly recommend it to any young ladies invest now it’s worth the change. Honey Pot Company makes great pads, wipes, liners and many more things vagina related.

  30. I was misdiagnosed 7 times in and I live in Raleigh NC. I have a genetic disorder (VKH) which was causing me to go blind and gave me deathly migraine headaches… I was told I was days away from being permanently blind because this disorder could only be reversed if discovered quickly, luckily ONE woman figured it out, but I was literally arguing with doctors to even get to her (my dad even threatened doctors lives because of the amount of time they told us to wait to see them even after I went completely blind)….it was a horrible experience because literally nobody believed me except my parents and as a black woman I now have anxiety even going to the doctor for small things now

  31. Your video was so interesting and upsetting because I haven’t really had any unpleasant experiences regarding my reproductive health. I’m 24 but I’ve gone to the gyno/health department a lot for birth control, std testing, vagina issues and I haven’t been met with any bad doctors. It’s sad that so many women have unpleasant experiences and judgemental doctors. My gyno was a black woman at the women’s center in Mary Washington hospital in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I can’t remember her name but she’s probably the only at that one

  32. I live in S.Korea. I went to the gyno with a translator and he didn't look me in my face once or say 'hello' 'goodbye'. I asked him questions via the translator and he responded angrily to each one and at one point told her 'she wouldn't understand so there's no point trying to explain'. What I wanted to question further is literally what I studied at degree level: medical microbiology.

    During the ultra sound and pap smear, he shoved the equipment in me at full force and rummaged around like I was a doll. Finished without a word, took off his gloves and walked out the room without a word. The whole experience was horrifying. You are helpless because Koreans defend Koreans no matter what. I told him to print me all my documents because I want to try another doctor in another hospital because I don't like my treatment, he complied.

    At another hospital I had an endoscopy awake. Without warning the doctor shoved the camera down me and when I gagged, simultaneously trying to pull it out, another doctor held me down with his entire body weight, all while the other doctor is telling me to 'calm down, it's not that bad'. At the end I vomited and was in floods of tears and all the Korean health professionals just stared at me unsympathetically, one asking accusatorially 'why are you even crying?' I was then prescribed medication (wasn't told what for) and I went to the pharmacy and stupidly paid for it. When home I translated the medication name and found out I was given antibiotics (I literally didn't have any unwanted bacteria) and meds for males with prostate issues???

    Health care professionals really don't give two shits if you're a black woman.

  33. I love this video! I live in Durham and finding a great OBGYN has been a struggle. Thanks for your honesty and transparency and for creating a space where we can discuss this openly and honestly with one another. I'm reading the comments and looking for some recommendations.

  34. I remember going to a Planned Parenthood to get a pap smear when I didn't have insurance. I had such anxiety, any time I have to go to get checked that my mother had to go with me every time all the way to my early 30's. Anyway, this female European gyn didn't believe that I was a virgin, let's just say the lobby heard when I screamed. She broke my hymen and when I questioned the nurse afterward she called the MD in to speak to me, who then commenced to basically nervously bully me when I asked her why did her pap smear hurt more than any I have had prior, from my male gyno, although I told her prior to the test that I was a virgin. She pretty much told me that it had to happen and provided no education regarding after care or expectations. That was my first frightening experience with healthcare.

  35. Maybe it’s an AZ thing but they only want us to get paps every 3-5 years. They say it’s not necessary to do it every year. Thoughts?

  36. My old ob/gyn had almost made me lose a nipple after I got mastitis from going cold turkey on breastfeeding. She thought I was trying to get drugs and told me to allow my baby to suck out the infection through the milk but, when I went to the emergency room the doctor immediately prepped me for surgery please be your own advocate.

  37. Thank you Jouelzy for CONSISTENTLY shining a light on reproductive health and the politics that greatly impact it, especially for women of color- Black women, in the united states, who are apparently so underserved. Thank you for sharing personal anecdotes and practical tips to arm women. Thank you for recognizing your own privilege within the system and for recognizing challenges that would befall others less fortunate. You inspire me to become involved with local politics and to do my own small part in de-stigmatizing reproductive health issues. Continue the good work!

  38. I live in Charlotte. I recommend Randolph Health OB/GYN. Its a diverse office of gynecologists. I have had interactions with 2 of the doctors there. Both were very patient and very gentle with my yoni.

  39. I live Greensboro and I found a wonderful doctor to help with my fibroids. Dr. Tamer Yalcinkaya, a reproductive endocrinology-infertility expert, is president and founder of the Carolinas Fertility Institute with locations in Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Charlotte. He was awesome! He didn't see my situation, numerous tumors, as bleak at all. He helped me reduce the number of my tumors so that having a child was still an option.

  40. I hate how many of us have had horrible experiences with gynecologists! I've had painful periods since I was 13 and no doctor said the word "endometriosis" to me until this past year. My two best doctors have oddly been older men and that's because they listened, took my issues seriously and treated me. I went to a doctor with an attitude of dismissal when I was fresh out of high school and I refuse to do that again because it caused me years of pain and distress I shouldn't have been dealing with.

  41. The copper IUD, oh lord, they don’t warn you, no pain meds.. they open your cervix! (Mind you, ive never had children.. so that was insanely painful) and I’ve been in and out of the doctors since.

    They seriously act like we don’t feel pain. And it is so OBVIOUS.

  42. A serving of bran cereal for breakfast in the morning keeps me regular; even if I don't eat a lot throughout the day. Using a menstrual cup gives me one less thing to think about during my period.

  43. In 2019 I found 4 life changing products for vaginal health! I recommend EVERY woman at least try using these products. The first two being the mentioned menstral cup paired with period panties (organic pads aren’t that accessible to me plus you can find cheap period panties on Amazon). The other two are vaginal PH test strips and Boric Life vaginal suppositories (both found on Amazon). The suppositories are great if you struggle with periodic or even reoccurring BV OR yeast infections! Even with free, military funded healthcare I too get paranoid about my health, I can only imagine what you ladies without those same privileges go through. Good luck ladies! And thanks Jouelzy for making this video 💕

  44. The #1 thing I recommend that helped me SO much is testing your blood levels for nutrition deficiencies! For example Vitamin D deficiency is super common and can cause/exacerbate a variety of chronic conditions

  45. I find that incredibly rude. That person in Houston was extremely disrespectful. If you want to use birth control or condoms or anything else it's your business and your preference. Most of all it's your body. Also, you are absolutely correct, birth control is not just for pregnancy prevention, there is a multitude of uses and people use them for what fits their body the best for their needs and or wants. I love your content.

  46. While I've been a subbie (and an avid watcher of your videos) for quite some time, I rarely comment but I just had to on this one.. thank you willing to be transparent about your experience as a Black woman trying to gain access to adequate gynecological care.. I hope this is a first of many videos around this.. or maybe something more interactive beyond the comments under your videos.. what that would look like? No clue. Either way I'm here for it for sooo many reasons… Sending love and light your way!!

  47. Yeessssss to the cotton organic pads!!! That changed my life in less than 6 months soooooo cray! That should not even be the case when you have been using sanitary products all your life, its very scary to think how symptoms and other things will alleviate themselves just from changing the type of pad or tampon you use. I know my flow is more consistent, my blood is brighter, I have less clotting.

  48. This was a much needed and appreciated video! I’m 41 and can say even when i was 30 (she) went through lol being sensitive to washes and or workouts. I also have been off BC (pills) for over 5 yrs. probably the best decision I made with regards to my reproductive health. Literally anything would through her off her game. I’ve been doing vaginal steams at home lately ( through my own research of specific herbs to aid in healing my womb and any issues. They have helped tremendously. But every so often she acts up. Thank you for opening the dialogue amongst women especially women of color!

  49. Also i have purchased the cup but am soooo afraid to use it for fear of inserting it incorrectly. I’m thinking being frustrated in trying to insert is properly while bleeding heavily always has me giving up. Definitely will attempt to use it. I now use organic pads and tampons. Honeypot has been my go to organic product by a WOC

  50. I'll be 30 soon and ive been fortunate to only have the 3-4 day cycles that arent heavy. I dont deal with cramps at all. But ive started washing with "honeypot" using just my hand and ive switched to organic pads. Life changers…and we need to also be mindful of how sex can change our pH.

  51. Just an fyi going in with that attitude she spoke of "I'm paying for this so ur gonna give me ur time" no don't do that sis I work in healthcare & that NEVER works out in the interest of the patient! The facts are so did everyone else that has an appointment that day & sorry there is only so much time that can be given to each patient! Healthcare workers already dismiss black women & with that neck rolling gum popping attitude best believe ur concerns will be dismissed with the utmost quickness! All advice ain't good advice! U gotta play the game to win not to make a point!

  52. I started using the Meluna menstrual cup a few years ago. I wear a dye free panty liner as a back up protection. I’ll never go back to regular pads/tampons.

    I experience excessive sweating below the belt so I wash my pubic area and labia with unscented castile soap, rinse entire body with cold water before getting out of the shower, towel dry well, apply a lotion that dries as a powder to keep my groin and thighs dry and cool during the day. Sometimes I set the lotion powder with talc free powder for extra protection on hit days.

    I experience BV for the first time last year and I found boric acid suppositories and probiotic vaginal suppositories very effective at restoring pH and getting rid of funky odors.

    Working to clean up my diet, drink enough water, and take my vitamins and probiotics daily.

  53. Totally off topic but it's been a long time since I've seen your videos. You are in my feed yay!!! I LOVE your cut and you look fabulous.

  54. Menstrual cups are the truth! Add clean eating, if you can get rid of cows milk, and go vegetarian fully or at least 1 or 2 weeks before your period starts you will have a different experience all together. If you can't give up meat/fish it's fine but go for quality/organic products and reduce the amount of meat and poultry you eat. We don't need meat 7days a week. Also eating smaller portions helps alot. Have 5 small meals instead of 3 heavy ones for example.
    I still have period pain and PMS but I don't have to call in sick for severe menstrual pain anymore.

  55. This video is essential! I’m 31 and I knew my body would change and I anticipated some aspects because I talk with the women of my family and I know that fibroids run in my family and all the women in my immediate line has experienced them, including my younger sister. So when my period was irregular and heavy—I had a feeling and that helped with the “official diagnosis”. Additionally, similarly to the privileges you experience, I do too and I’m from Boston and I still feel like medical professionals speak to people in a way that is rushed and cold. I have had to check multiple people on the phone by repeating back to them what they said and the impact. I did research on how to advocate for myself in case I didn’t agree with the treatment plan. Also calling billing and insurance to know where your money is going is annoying 🙄. Thank you for using your platform to make it transparent cuz girllll (I use clue and glow app too best ones for free) 😊

  56. I’m fortunate to have a BW gyno who I have a good relationship with. I’ve had my fair share of negative experiences though. Thanks for giving us the content we need more of!

  57. I have been using organic pads for a while on and off but would be really interested if you have more info on the menstrual cup because I know that is even better

  58. 1. Get yourself a Naturopathic Doctor. Works wonders! Dr. Crisp in Cary,NC is AWESOME!

    2. Dr. Allison(she’s black) at UNC Healthcare in Briar Creek(Raleigh) is pretty good.
    They’re far(2 hours) from Charlotte but maybe worth the drive. @jouelzy

  59. That damn haircut is so on 🔥 it looks good! This look gives me the beautiful Black Divas like Ms. Carroll, Eartha Kitt and more. my granddaughter loves your makeup!!

  60. Being pregnant and dealing with my OB and the ER has been the one of the most disempowering experiences I’ve ever dealt with.

  61. Possiblity unrelated post: I had the worst UTI of my life for the 1st time in 3+ years. I'm in my 30s, I went to the urgent care and the meds they prescribed took so long to start making me feel better. So my husband and I went to a different urgent care and let the Dr. know what I was prescribed, and that it was 2 day of meds plus pain killers and no relief and that I believe that it wasn't working well and in the past when I've had UTIs the meds started working the 1st or latest the 2nd day. The white female doctor told me that if you have that much experience with UTIs in the past you likely have a hygiene problem. disgusted look I was shocked, I let her know kindly that I do maintain proper hygiene technique. I couldn't believe she was so assuming and rude.

  62. I'm in North Carolina, Asheville area, and I found a doctor I adore. She's a dual specialist (Obgyn and pcp). Someone in her billing is slacking right now but I feel comfortable talking to her. She's Asian I'm black. But it works.

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