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Goodyear Assurance® CS Fuel Max® Tire Product Review

The Goodyear Assurance® CS Fuel Max® is everything the name implies. In fact, the special tread compound on this tire can save you up to 2,600 miles and gas on every set of four. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a lot of money to me. And that’s just the beginning. Not only we be spending less money at the pump, you’ll be getting more traction on the road every season, all year long. Plus, with features like dual aqua groove channels that push water away from the tire, I can feel confident driving my family across town in the rain. Not to mention, it’s got a thick layer of tread right here for that extra grip when it’s needed most. No wonder many SUV and crossover manufacturers equip their most popular vehicles with the solid all-around performers. So, for a great ride and great savings, well, I’ll choose the Goodyear Assurance® CS Fuel Max®.

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