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  1. Mr. Newsom order to stay at home, seems like the cases slow down a little bit in CA especially the Bay Area just for a few days, but now it starts to grow again when people don't comply. Alameda county is one of the least compliant! That is really alarming. Can we do some more aggressive measures to make sure people compliant? e.g. we send phone text messages of reminder and alert and give the information that people may get fine if they do not comply because it is important discipline and responsibility people should be to fight this world war against a "flesh-hunger electron-microscopic enemy!!! I have been in my house strictly for the last two weeks not get out of the door! Today I must got out to get some foods for my family, OMG I saw a lot of cars on the streets like nobody listens to the governor to stay at home order!!!!!!!!!! No wonder why the cases continue to climb!!!!!! Hello people, the longer we let the Covid-19 attacking us and stay around longer, the longer we would fall into debacle of this world war!!!!!!! I believe polices need to take a bit more aggressive to make people actually compliant!!!!!!!!!

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