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Group Health Insurance Business I For SHARP PEOPLE who want to Make Residual Recurring Income

Let’s talk about Group Health Insurance Business today. Why Group Health Insurance is important? The most difficult part of the filed agents are facing is income which is not consistent. Making residual recurring income is the most difficult work. As you know insurance agents are paid by commission by case by case. No case No Commission! As a Financial Campaigner, I have to mention that steady cash flow should be considered as “life or death issue” You can’t plan because of a lack of steady cash flow. Insurance agents are working with worries for tomorrow. Not only insurance agents but real estate agents as well. I worked as a real estate agent for 2 years. I changed my CAREER with many reasons quitting real estate career. Like a real estate career, your career as an Insurance agent could be the same as real estate, it doesn’t matter NYlife, MassMutual, Prudential If you just started with LIFE and HEALTH license, you should be very excited like everyone who just started a new career. But you will realize there is no more market to sell products after you contacted everyone you have known. The momentum comes within the 2nd year of your career. Not everyone becomes very successful career withing 2 years. The survivor ratio is below 15% in 2 years in the Insurance field. 100 people started, and less than 15 people keep their insurance agent career. It is reality. Do you have plan B? That is a huge problem that many do not pay attention to. One of the solutions is Group Health Insurance Business. If you are one of the sharp people, you will look for RESIDUAL RECURRING INCOME. Another solution for RESIDUAL RECURRING INCOME is equity market business which requires you to get series license, series 7, 66 or 65 minimum. You can open a brokerage account for your client. I become a bank for my clients and manage your clients’ assets. The more grow the asset, the more fee get paid to me. Consider a 1% fee of all the assets I manage and this is growing every year. It takes time to get a series license in order to do equity market business. That is the reason why I recommend Group Health Business which you can start with only HEALTH LICENSE. The commission rate is very sizeable and it could be recurring residual income if you renew successfully. Unless you make mistakes, the group will renew with you because they trust you. Trust based on your quality services and relationship with the group. I have many groups been with me more than 8 years. Does “RECURRING RESIDUAL INCOME” sound good to you? How about $3,000 or $5,000 per month?
How does this sound like to you? But your manager will never mention about this lucrative business. Do you know why? Health Business is a personal business which means your manager does not get an override from it. Line of business for Insurance Company is LIFE INSURANCE and ANNUITY only with Life and Health license holders. Only the manager gets override. And he/she hires more agents to expand. HQ will offer the manager in a certain territory regardless of your intention. You can’t open a branch office without approval upon your qualification which is usually over 3 years of experience and production. The manager is under pressure for production quotas. Isn’t it obvious why managers will not recommend the personal business. If you think this is your career NOT a JOB, you have to learn how to make residual recurring income otherwise you have to change your career within 2 year. With those series of reasons, I highly recommend all of my team members making income from group health insurance from the beginning. You have to have income!! I have seen too many agents who struggled and went back to previous jobs. Selling life insurance products is not hard. Sometimes it feels too easy with the right people who are normally your friends. But it is almost a temporary income in my opinion. You need to know how to make residual recurring income in order to survive after 2nd year and after.

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