How Insurance Works

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  1. I'm curious. The no-branches-thing, is that a consequence of distributed version control?
    I can see how this makes sense for the master repository but as a developer I kind of like branching.

  2. Do you guys plan to start working on accessible products for the blind? Also, do you realize how important GOOGPHONE was? Google Chrome is not user friendly for the blind. Will you be accountable, and see this as an opportunity, or do you see it as a nightmare? Let's talk. We're tired of hitting brick walls all the time when it comes to the way people do not think about the blind. See what Freedomscientific, Humanware, Apple and others are doing.

  3. You've got to think in terms of not how pretty your application is but how practical it is. If you can think and develop your materials with this in mind, you just might be able to outdo Apple, but you have to think–"out of sight!"–pun fully intended.

  4. Ari is a great man and wonderful Test Engineering Mgr.  Met him briefly in Cambridge in 2011.  Very intelligent man.

  5. Not sure I understand your approach here. This team (at ~35-36mins of presentation) that was not fixing some nonpriority bugs you had to publicly humiliate them instead of finding the root cause of why the bugs were not being fixed? You say that the bugs were fixed after the public humiliation but the time wasted building those bugs.. are you sure this time was not wasted for something else more productive? Perhaps the team needed more resources. Or if they did met all their goals were they just being lazy the rest of the time then? This means bug management. On the other hand are you sure that this approach of yours did not break the psychological contract of the employees? If you soon see a very good 95% or more coverage and you see deliverables fail to be delivered are you sure that you have not played a part in it?..

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