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Hazard and Risk — What’s the difference?

What’s the difference between hazard and
risk? The two are sometimes used interchangeably but when it comes to your safety you might just want to be clear whether
they are the same thing or not. When it comes to health, hazard is the
possibility of something causing harm while risk is the probability of harm occurring. Take a bottle of bleach, there is always the
possibility of someone doing something stupid with
it. But, until then do that stupid thing it’s a hazard not a risk. And whether the
bleach is in the cupboard, on a shelf or locked in an impenetrable vault the
hazard remains. Of course, as soon as someone does do
something really stupid like drink the stuff there’s a real probability in them
harming themselves. And that hazard is transformed into a risk. Standing on the edge a tall building is
hazardous. Stepping off the edge is a risk. A hammer sitting on a workbench is a hazard. Using it is a risk, especially if you’re cack-handed. A container of gasoline is a hazard. Pouring it while holding a candle is a risk. Of course there’s more to it than this
but the bottom line is that there is always something else that’s needed to
change a hazard into a risk. To find out more about hazard and risk how they’re related check out some of the other videos on Risk Bites. And stay safe.

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  1. To be clear: Do NOT drink bleach! …or eat Tide pods… >.>
    Para ser claro: ¡NO beba lejía! …o comer Tide…
    Pour être clair: Ne buvez pas d'eau de Javel! …ou manger des gousses de Tide…

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