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– Hey all you cool cats and kittens. – It’s Carol here. – And today we’re gonna
talk about Cuddles. Cuddles ate two pounds of fresh meat. Do you know whose meat it was? – You didn’t watch Tiger
King in quarantine, I don’t know what you did in quarantine. – What are you doing? – But if you did watch
you’ll enjoy our episode where we talk about Corona virus’ impact on the insurance industry. Stay tuned. (upbeat theme song) – All right, so new product
is always a positive and National Care Dental, which is backed by Nation Wide, this is the hard part for me to say, and it is available almost nation wide. – Almost. It’s not in ten states and it’s the obvious ten states so (both) New York, Florida, Alaska. – Actually, it is in Florida
so (incorrect buzzer noise). It is not in, I’ll just
clear that up Alaska, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts. – New York – Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New York, South Dakota,
Vermont, and Washington. Pretty nice I know all those – Washington, shocking – All those initials
those are unique states. – Why do we need to
know their dental plan? – We need to know their dental plan, like this one, because it
has a 5,000 dollar benefit. – Right, so most of them
have a one thousand, fifteen hundred, twenty-five hundred. I’ve seen a 3,000. But, 5,000, now we are getting serious. Somebody’s actually talking
about what dental costs- – Yeah. – Because seniors are
freaked out when you say yeah I can give you a great
plan, 30 dollars a month, 1,500 dollars. They’re like, that doesn’t cover. – I had root canal that I
think all together was 2,000. – Right. Frank’s was 3,000. – I just – One tooth – it scared the crap out of me. – That scares me. – And I was mid-forties. And a level commissions. – Level Commissions we don’t
need to make that be the aside. That needs to be a big deal. – (roars) – That makes Cuddles happy. That is, that makes cuddles happy. – That is a big deal. – It is a big deal. So, we are currently contracting. Talk to us about that. Talk to us about, also, other incentives we can
help you digitally to try to promote that to your
clients through Eblast. A lot of you don’t have Eblast software or capabilities, or just
don’t have the labor – Or you don’t know what you don’t know – We’re trying to help you. Give us your client list. We’ll sign the non-disclosure agreement, (mumbles) not compete. And then we can push out your message to your clients coming from you. So talk to us about that. – I saw, unfortunately,
today this is not good news, on my news feed, three more people applied for unemployment. So now we
have 30 million Americans who have applied for unemployment. That stinks. However, the good solution
for us in the insurance market is short term medical. These folks are losing their benefits. That’s when short term really kicks in. The essence of what a short
term policy was designed for, not sure why she finds that funny, – You said three more people signed up for unemployment insurance. (laughs) – Only three more – You said I saw today
three more people signed up. I’m like, who are those three people? – It was only three. It was Joe Exotic, – Three people – Carol Baskins, and Harold. – I was like 3 more people. – 3 million – You can’t get anything past me. – She is sharper than a cat. So the total is 30 million. – Which is funny cause
yesterday I saw 26 million. So, I think it’s more than three people signed up for today. – It’s probably five. Any rate, short term was designed for short term amounts
of time like 30 days, 60 days, 90 days. – It’s an unprecedented
time for you to offer – This is a great time – short term medical. Please dear god, if
you are not contracted, and you do not know how to sell it, reach out to your marketer today. – We are doing a lot
of, a lot of webinars. It’s so easy. Next to the effective date online, done. It’s a big- – Can you make any money
selling short term? – You can make a lot of money because it’s not a part of the MLR. So, it’s normal commissions
that it’s always been. So traditional commissions
probably range between like 15 to 20 depending on the carrier. But yeah. – So if you sell us short term to with an average make a hundred bucks? Make 200 bucks? – Oh god, probably 200. – Okay. – Yeah, and then if you
add on like some accident, huge, critical illness, my favorite, 250. – Got it. – What you got? – Well, not as sexy but this is the kind of stuff you insurance geeks love. This is from Equity Research,
yesterday, from Credit Suisse and they had good stuff
to say about Humana. – Holla – Specifically, about Humana’s comments on the broker channel trends. So, even though I don’t like
to get into all this stuff, if you would like this we can, it is in the comments and we will send you the source paper. So, I will just read a little bit of it. This morning, Humana raises individual
MA membership outlook to reflect better sales and higher retention versus
prior expectations during the 2020 open enrollment period. Okay, so the company noted
that sales have slowed for the ladder half of March – Shocker – All sales have slowed because face to face meetings have been restricted for brokers. Humana has also seen a
decline in member terminations and that is the helpful part because – That is the important part – Yeah, we’re keeping, we can’t get a lot of new clients right now but people aren’t flooding out of
there to some place else. It said Humana is open to facilitate more brokers adopting digital channels. Humana has seen a really
strong, in quotes, telephonic sales channel. Which is done quite well. I can’t talk. – (laughs) – Humana notes seniors are
becoming more receptive to digital channels and telephonic sales and the company has seen
a significant increase in migration, from in
person, to more telephonic and digital channels. So, that’s – What people are doing. – That’s what’s happening, not just what’s happening with Humana, but with everybody. And the carriers that are
more receptive, like Humana, and say hey here’s how to sell digital, make our digital even more
easier, are going to be the one to gets the client’s business. It gets the broker’s business. And the broker that is saying, I was gonna wait this out, probly gonna be over any time now. What time is it? Is probably gonna be over tomorrow. The governors probably
gonna lift it next week. I don’t need to learn digital. Buddy, you’re gonna be left in the dust. This is gonna be a long time. That seniors are not going
to want people in their homes – And it will resurge in the
fall so getting brushed up now, like she is saying, is
not a short term solution. You need to be looking
flu season in the fall for when that hits again. We’re going right back to these tools that you’re learning right now. Which is interesting that
you’re going over that because Anthem’s new voice signature they’ve been sending out emails to all their Anthem partners. They got rid of voice vault. That’s my tear. I did not like this part. I didn’t like it cuddles. So you have to listen to their webinar before they’re gonna send you your code to be able to go in
and do voice signature. I think that in itself
sounds a little clunky so I’m trying to work
through that with some of our leadership folks at
Anthem but it’s a great tool if you don’t have the capability right now to record the conversation with the client that is compliant. So, if you have no idea
what I’m talking about and you’re writing Anthem, you need to reach out to us
because its a fabulous tool. You dial into a number, its very slick, records that yes you’ve
read it, I understand. You do the scope, yes, done, boom. You get a code, you put it
in a producer online app, it’s done. But you have to listen to
the webinar to get the code. So, if you need help
please reach out to me and let me know about that. – I wanted to ask you, please
tell us in the comments, what your experience has been
with people that want you to come to their home. So I had two agents call me yesterday and they said I had 80 year
old clients say they want me to come to the home and one of
the female agents she’s like, should I go? And I said well, you know,
if you’re state allows it, your client wants it, take necessary precautions and do it. She goes, I don’t know if I’m symptomatic. I don’t know if I could
end up killing her. Nobody knows. – Right. – But if the client is demanding, it’s if the client
doesn’t feel comfortable with doing electronically, then just take as many
precautions as you can take. We’re all feeling a way,
nobody has the answers here. – Right. – So, I just felt that was
really sad they were calling and like we don’t want
to make things worse for our elderly clients. – So, I’ve talked to a lot of agents who are still running
appointments and the one has a full hazmat suit that he wears with, I picture, like somebody
working for NASA, right. Completely sterile from head to toe. He said he wears a hat, a mask, a glove. – Send us your pictures when you’re going on your sales appointments
with if you are. Cause I would like to see that. – But he’s right in business and he’s trying to be accommodating, you know, six feet apart. – Well, Scott told me
that he has his agents fill it out as much as
they can on the phone, put it in their mailbox, call them and say I just put it in your mailbox, I’ll go get coffee, you go sign it, I’ll come, you put it
back in your mailbox, I’ll sit in the driveway, look over it, make sure it’s all fine. – That’s a great idea. – So it’s this back and forth and they are still
doing business that way. – The mailbox. Great idea. – Which is, you know,
cumbersome, it’s clunky. – Scott I know I never thought
Scott was that smart. – Underestimated you buddy, dang. – Yeah. This is checking to
see if you’re still watching. – Dang – And please comment in the
below if you’re watching. Don’t text me, don’t text me. So let’s talk about this
fun bunch of stuff from (noise drowns out speech) – Can we talk about how this is potentially cutting
off my brain supply? – Just take it off and put it on Cuddles. So, a lot of information
came out that Mayhew was successful in getting
deadlines pushed back as far as notifications
that are mandatory for – So they submitted a bunch of suggestions to the administration that would provide, now read this, provide relief
for individuals to maintain, or obtain health insurance
during this pandemic. And basically this is what
I got out of all of this. Our pandemic started March first. So sixty days after the national emergency or any other date determined by the DOL. Whatever that end date is,
where they say it’s over, they’re adding an extra
sixty days for people to make sure that there’s
no lapse in coverage, no lapse in filings like your 5,500 forms. They’re giving in it, what they say is that’s for right now and that could change. Yeah, so the summary is all your ERISA, COBRA, all your deadlines
have been extended. It’s okay, lets chill out. We’ll get through this. Don’t freak if your missing deadlines. – Yeah, don’t freak. – I mean, till they change it, then we have to freak
or we’re in big trouble. – Um, I did my stuff, what else you got? I’m feeling pretty good. – I mean right now we are
on the cusp of everything. Quote on quote, soft opening again and that will vary in the fifty states. – (murmurs) – No, I think it looks good. (whispers) Um, our industry has been greatly impacted but we’ve been deemed essential so most people could continue to work but another thing besides
working with our clients is working within our own agencies and that’s something, that you know, we all could help each other. How are you reopening your agency? How are your employees dealing
with coming back to work? And, you know, – What’s realistic? – Yeah, and that’s
something you can ask us, we can show you the blueprint we’ve done to reopen our office cause we got a hundred people in that
people in that building and thirty people in this building and to try to figure out how to make all our employees feel comfortable at work and a lot of people are not comfortable with the
concept of coming back in. And then a lot of employers
are not comfortable with the concept of their
people working remotely because the productivity is way down. Or it’s just way harder to get work done. So, that’s something we’ve called a lot of our key partners and
said hey what are you doing? What’s working? What have you learned? What’s not gotten a lot of
good ideas from other people? That we would be happy to share with you if you’re struggling with
that with your agency. This is the best time to kinda network with like Scott’s solution. – Love the idea of the mailbox. – It’s what are people doing? What are people doing that’s working? And this where, ask us, we’ll share it and few have great ideas that you’d like to share
please send them in. – Share them with us. – If you haven’t watched
the Tiger King, on Netflix, I would highly encourage that you do. – If you do watch it – It is very relevant – Just chalk it up to experience don’t think
you’re gonna get smarter. – If you grew up like, like Christian, if you grew up Cosmopolitan, I don’t know how Cosmopolitan (mumbles) but if you grew up like in
a city and you don’t really, you’re not really tapped
into the redneck spirit of this country you need to watch it. – We are some part redneck
ourselves if you didn’t notice. – We didn’t wear shoes all
summer long, we lived on a farm. – We don’t own shoes. – We didn’t live on a paved road. We’re pretty, we’re pretty redneck. – So (sighs) enjoy it. Enjoy it. – You need to watch it.
Get out there people. – Get out there. – Tell us what you thought about it. If you don’t watch it, you’re not gonna get the
Carol Baskin thing here. The vibe that we worked
very hard to put together to bring a little levity
to these hard times. – Right, you just wait till – If you like it, – Next week – You gotta tell us in the comments because if you guys like it we are willing to be John Finlay. – I love John Finlay. – It’s up to you, you gotta
tell us what you want. – She’ll be Travis. (both laugh) Until then, good time folks. (upbeat music)

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    I'd call the client and ensure they are home. Then just put the app in an envelope, place it at their door and observe from the street until they got it. Then come back and get it after your soda run (I don't drink coffee). I've done a couple E-Apps where I did everything 100% on the phone- filled the app out and met the client for 60 Seconds to sign my tablet.

    If a US Postal Employee catches you using the mailbox- they may raise some serious issues for you. PERSONALLY- I believe it's overkill and being an overbearing pest- but it could happen.

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