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Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Amendment Bill – First Reading – Video 11

I call and the helical normal Taha soy sweet key tada minam cheer I’m gonna kill Donna well it’s a great it’s a privilege to stand and speak on the first reading of the health practitioners I’ll just get it right health practitioners competence assurance amendment bill men and speaker madam chair can I remind the house because we’ve heard a lot of accolades being accorded to the Opposition in terms of this was their idea that the health practitioners competence assurance Amendment Act came in in 2003 and I understand that according to the Honorable Albert or super William seal that there was a Labour government they’ve bought this health practitioners competence assurance Act in 2013 madam chair could I remind the house there the purpose of the of the assurance Act in 2003 is to protect the health and safety of members of the public by providing for mechanisms to ensure the health practitioners are competent and fit to practice their profession so it’s not a mere technicality that some of the people on the other side spokes about as a technical and it’s not important but I’m sure the papers of this health competence assurance amendment bill implements the recommendations it’s been spoken off of 2009 in 2012 reduce the health perfect practitioners competence assurance Act 2003 as I’ve spoken about maybe I’m going to talk about my conversation to the tonight is about one that changes that this will bring about but before I do that I want to talk about a personal experience I had yesterday in terms of entering the health system I don’t have medical health insurance because I believe that we have one of the best health system in the world and and and that’s why I don’t have medical health insurance so yesterday I just want to acknowledge the time the screen the cervical screening system in New Zealand where women get a notice on when they are due for cervical screening so yesterday was my tune I got my notice time to screen so I took my health as a priority just like it’s a priority for this government to ensure that New Zealand’s health is provided for by practitioners that are credible and through a system that makes you ensures that those people who say they’re practitioners are credible also credible so I went into my gym or GP to get my cervical screening done and min and Chia I’m not sure about the male gender of this house about the vulnerability one has when you’re going into the general practitioner to conduct a smear test and when you are in the prisons I’m always advised when I first went for the screening actually when I visit a child I was advised that you leave your modesty at the front door and you pick it up on your way out yeah you pick it up on your way out when you leave but what they don’t tell you when you do that is what happens who is the person and who’s in charge of you because you are so vulnerable you want to ensure that which is what this amendment that brings about you want to ensure that one when you’re at your most vulnerable and when you’re when the if we have one life and health is important if we don’t have a good health we’re actually we can’t we can’t war live as normal human beings so what we want to know when we’re going in to see our doctor is that one that they know what they’re doing – that there’s an authority that tells us that these people know what they’re doing 3 there’s a place that we can complain there’s a place that we can complain to when we feel that this practitioner is not providing a service that is a credible service and 3 that those a place that has had that authenticated a practitioner to be a credible practitioner that they actually to have a health check so I see this amendment the health practitioners competence Assurance amendment bill is a health check of one the practitioner health check of two the system health check or three those authorities that are charged with ticking that my GGP is actually meets all the qualifications to have a look at every part of me when I’m leaving the modesty at the front door so that’s what I so there are things that this amendment will do I think I’ve spoken enough about my personal experience and why I say my doctor dr. Shoshanna George at the Mount Wellington family health clinic and did a wonderful job because while I was at it she says okay while you’re here we’ll get your warrant your warrant a fitness deal anyway Warner Fitness T chick dun so we’ve got my warrant of fitness time tick tick tick tick tick and I think then every well I think that I trust that every general practitioner that’s there to everyone when they going in to just see one thing and she’ll see that you haven’t done your blood send everything else and they’ll say Oh while you’re here we’ll do that as well so what this act what the recommendations of the 2012 strategic review aimed at providing one tangible evidence of responsible authorities performance to better visibility of decisions about the practitioner practice three greater recognition of the importance of the interdisciplinary cooperation and cooperation and three are better workforce information I just want to have start by talking about their tangible evidence of responsible authorities so it talks about the responsibilities of authorities that those who register and certify the competence of those health professionals and currently there is no way for the public to should be assured that these authorities are carrying out their functions as intended by the Act so the bill will introduce our the bill will introduced a five-year Lea performance review for these responsible authorities not only just there but this bill will allow reviewers to be the review to be conducted by an independent independent reviewers which is assisting it against the indicators developed by the Ministry of Health in consultation with the responsible authorities madam Chia the underpinning the underpinning aim of this act I reckon the underpinning aim of this bill is that the health profession or the health sector should not work in isolation and in terms of providing measures to making sure that those people that those agencies who are to certify the Health Professions are actually reviewed by independent independent people there we can trust and rely on their recommendations once they’ve done the review the second point is about the better visibility of decisions about practitioner practice as a registered social worker I have a I have a competency certificate that says that I can practice as a social worker in this country and I’m and I went through a whole process to get to that place so I speak from a place of understanding bringing an insight on what of what one needs to do to be competent to be clear they’re certified to be a Content confidence which is now so what this bill will do is will ensure that better information about discipline Airi decisions at the moment the public has limited information about responsible Authority decisions as they relate to complaints about registered health practitioners and the proceeds for making these decisions the bill will require responsible authorities to release information about decisions they make on practitioner practice to the person who has notified them about the concerns about the practitioners confident of competence so basically what that means is that if I make a complaint about my GP I get I there’s information about what’s happening with the complaints so that is about continuing on the what the aim of this government that they jittery this government is going in is about a transparent government which means that transparent sector health sector and that’s what this amendment intends to do ultimately the greater transparency about decision-making will improve public confidence in the process of responsible authorities in consistence with protocols followed by the health and disciplinary commissioner in overseas regulatory authorities and what I also like about this this the amendments to this bill is that number one the the the authorities that hit I’ve just get that one through before my time is up because I think it’s important it clarifies that the responsible authorities are responsible for meeting the administrative costs of the health particular particular practitioners disciplinary tribunal so that would mean that the cost in terms of the practitioner will be there is fear there the actually the responsible responsibility of the costs lays with the health practitioners apologized to the authority time has expired oh thank you madam Speaker I call

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