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Home Buyer Inspection – Austin, Texas (Day in the Life – Vlog 8)

Good morning, everyone! Today, I’m going to take you along on my day in the life as a real estate agent during quarantine and go over your home buyer inspection. So, hi! If you don’t already know who I am, I’m Brea Bone, your Austin, Texas real estate agent with the Bone Team. The majority of my clients this past year have been buyers, and it has been so exciting and rewarding to represent, advise, and guide them in buying their dream home. For more videos on the process of buying a home, and my life as a real estate agent in Austin, Texas, subscribe to my channel and hit that bell to be notified when I post a new video every Sunday. So, today is Friday, April 10th. I’m still in Round Top at my parents’ place, so this morning, my mom and I went on a walk, and then I ate breakfast and got ready for the day, and then I did some work tasks on my computer. Now, it’s almost noon, and I’m about to eat lunch, however, let’s go over your home buyer inspection, but first, let me show you my morning. Okay, so, morning done! Now, let’s go over your home buyer inspection. So, getting an inspection is a very important step in your home buying process. Once you’re under contract for a home, and in the option period, you’ll get the inspection done. In fact, one of the most common reasons people get out of a contract during the option period is because of the results of the inspection. So, you’ll hire a professional home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection of the property, and if any major issues or deal-breakers come up, this will be your time to get out of the contract, or negotiate with the seller to complete the repairs or credit you money to complete them. If the seller completes the repairs themselves, its standard to put in the contract that they have to use a licensed professional and provide receipts. On the other hand, if they credit you money to complete the repairs, it’s standard to get an estimate from a licensed professional beforehand to determine the amount they owe you. So, one thing to note, the inspection is not the time to ask for every little thing to be repaired. If you’re buying a resale home, meaning it’s not being built for you and you’re not the first person to live in it, there are going to be things that need to be repaired or replaced or are out of code. While it’d be great to buy a perfect home, if it’s a resale home, there are going to be items on the inspection report, especially cosmetic issues. What you really need to pay attention to are any major issues with the foundation, roof, plumbing, electrical, wood-destroying insects, such as termites, and any other major issues that come up. At the time of inspection, it’s good to ask your inspector for advice. It’s standard for them to cover everything in the inspection report, however, you can ask them questions, such as “What are the three major issues in your eyes?” or “What would you prioritize to get fixed?” So, the inspection price is based primarily on square footage, with age playing a role too. I took the ten Austin inspectors that I’m familiar with and averaged their prices to give you an idea of the cost, so, please be aware that the actual price of your inspection may vary. The average inspection price I got was $300 for under 1,000 square feet. The price then went up based on square footage with around $500 for 3000 square feet and over $1000 for 6000 square feet. Please note that if the home is older, it may have an additional charge such as $100 for homes built before 2000. Also, there are items that have an additional cost, such as around $125 for inspection of a pier and beam foundation, 100 for pool, 50 for a hot tub, 50 for an irrigation, or sprinkler, system, 150 for a septic system, and $100 for a water well. So, please comment below if you have any questions about your home buyer inspection. Now, I’m going to eat lunch, clean my parents’ guest house, which is what I’m in right now, brush my cats, because I did not do that the other day and I said I did in a video, so I’m going to do that, and then, once I’m done with my break doing those tasks, then I’m gonna get back to work. So, that concludes my day today. Thank you so much for coming along with me. If you’re interested in buying a home, fill out the form in our link below for your free Home Buyer Guide. Also, if you’re interested in being a real estate agent and / or joining Keller Williams, fill out the form in our link below for more information and to get your real estate career started with Keller Williams. Lastly, check out these additional videos on buying a home and my life is a real estate agent in Austin, Texas, and if you liked the video, hit that like button, be sure to subscribe, and I can’t wait to see you in the next video. Bye for now! (:

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