How Insurance Works

How Insurance Agents Write 300 Policies Per Month

– If you are a P&C insurance agent, then you have probably wondered and asked yourself this question. What is the difference between an agency that writes 30 policies per month, versus an insurance
agency right next door, that writes 300 policies per month? What’s the difference
between these two agencies? I can tell you from personal experience, after working with both type of agencies, that the highest producing
agents do two things that’s very different from everyone else. The first thing is they
coach and train their team on how to sell. They give them specific scripts
of what to say on the phone, so that when their team
makes outbound calls, they know exactly what to say, they know exactly how
to overcome objections. And the low producing agents, they don’t have time for that. They don’t invest time into coaching and training their team. They assume that their team
already knows how to sell. And they just let them figure
things out on their own. And that’s what keeps them at the bottom. And the second thing is the top producers, they systematize
everything to their agency, whereas the lower producing agents, they change things day by day. So if you are an insurance
agent who’s looking to grow their agency, you
want to acquire new clients, then I’d like to share my script, it’s called the 6 Step
Script To A One-Call Close. This script allowed me to
write over 150 applications month after month after month. And I’d like to share
this script with you, so that you and your team can
start using it right away. So if you want me to show
you how this script works, then register for a free
training that I have coming up. Click the link below this video, you’ll be taken to a page
where you can register for the training, and
I will show you exactly how this script works, so that you too, can start coaching and training
your team on how to sell. I’ll see you at that training.

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