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hello everyone welcome to the channel I’m Bonnie and yes the same person so husband’s about how really you can find your first find me by how really you can buy your first car and then this video was requested by a lot of people that they want to know like how they can go ahead and buy their first car in Canada what are the options what what they should choose second a new one so we will be discussing all the benefits all right on that and I’m not gonna let her speak in this video oh we interfere okay so we will be also covering the part of the insurance the cost that you go ahead and bear how you can go ahead and decide the major factor of your pocket expense the insurance because my you can easily afford the insurance that is something you need to think about yeah whether we should go for a new car or an second-hand car so we will be clearing all that doubts in this video it’s very many steps non-iron okay so there’s no gender next steps to it but she has made the process step so you can follow that or you can made your own steps so the first step obviously to you know to get a car is to get a license so the first step to buy a car is obviously to buy the license [Laughter] [Laughter] you so the first step is obviously to have the dragging extract from your own country if you know driving so that’s the condition he knows driving so he has got his driving start from India I had no idea about driving so I don’t have it so that’s the facility these people can have now the second step is now you have the extract I’ll tell you where exactly you can use that extract and have the benefit of it so now comes the license so to have the license before getting a car there are three steps G 1 G 2 G G 1 is computerized test there is this application and I put in the description box you’ll have to study from that application and go and give the computerized test exactly and that’ll cost you somewhat around 116 dollars like the total plus if you fail and then if you want to relive the test that can happen on the same day or some other day for that TB 16 dollars yeah these are approximate right so this is the cost of the Toronto region yeah a second step is G 2 for that you will have to practice for 8 to 12 months hire an instructor depending for how long you want to pay for the instructor and how long you can hire for the instructor hire that person practice for 8 to 12 months now you can totally omit this whole section of G to get rid of it if you have the driving extract so people like him who knows driving don’t really have to go to G to level and directly jump o G happy cut clear up Gmail G is like few weeks of practice this one poor giant work so basically you you will also eliminate the month waiting period like the 8 months or minimum 12 month waiting period you will also eliminate that if you have the extract after G 1 you can immediately book the next appointment date to give it to you and if you fail in G then you have to gives you 2 thing yeah so you make sure you practice enough you make sure that once you are confident enough then only go for the final exam of G so this is how you can get your license G 1 G 2 G for people who know driving and have the writing extract from the country then G 1 and dump jump to GG without wait time now for the instructor the fees here in Toronto is 35 to 40 dollars per hour totally depends on the person totally depends on the local he has taken six licenses take six with the instructor and then he was confident enough Zagal Anika melanoma happy person oh god oh but fit G may fail over G to come up is much John huh because this is the kind of thing that you need to follow now if you want to go now you’re finally going for the final exam the final practical test you will need a car so in that case you’ll have to talk to the instructor or a friend and then take their card if you will go to the instructor the price is $100 just for the rent for that car only for an hour or so and then the online fees is 125 dollars for the G exam tomorrow 140 130 it’s it it’s between 125 to 150 P no licenses G 1 G 2 and G will be 10 to you’re who will be parcel will be courier you know it will not be given to you like in person yeah over there they will give you the receipt only which will be saying that you know you can drive once you clear G or T 2 they will give you a receive that you are qualified t1 or t2 or GG license but the real license will come to you by post now you have the final license which is the Z license now let’s talk about how do you really get the car the my preference is always new car reason being you make it just like that you are making your life so you are making your car’s engine so basically that doesn’t make a difference because the car engine is the heart of the car so I’d always prefer Newgarden I have my personal opinions but obviously if you’re getting in a second-hand car and depending on your pocket as well so you can go for a second-hand car there are a lot of you know showrooms which deal with the second-hand car they give you great deals to be honest great beads like mouth-watering gives people like me who are fascinating about the cars so you will get like slip over there like you are getting a BMW in $20,000 and because the EMI which they will be converting into will be coming in the same ratio of a new car so you cut off less range less range like Toyota Corolla or in entrar you know island so the the lesser value cars so they will be going out and converting the same email issue but my preference was always to go ahead and buy a new car because I am the one who is responsible for anything to my car so for us it’s like buy a smaller car with this lesser range but a new car second-hand car we really didn’t water it but if you guys really want to go for it there is no like problem in that exactly so let’s get it checked properly exactly there’s another thing is basically which is the major factor the why you want to use a car I wanted to keep the for my first car for a longer duration if you don’t want to keep a car like you are someone who changed car every two years three years so normally there is no point of buying a new car for you you should definitely go for a second-hand car because you will be changing the car very soon at which point which comes up why you are using the car the purpose of the car exactly so if you want to do over lift and you know these kind of things there were certain time lags to it that you your car should be newer model it should be like not five years older than the current year so these kind of restrictions are there so then you have to look for these kind of privileges and the car key is me regarding a home or Bousquet bathroom car decide Cairo but again all this it has to undergo some Cairo test oh yeah so we’re in a lift kind of driving if you are doing so there is a car examination like that they will go ahead and you look into your car whether your car is good enough for that it has all the safety features or not so this is kind of a examination that they do off your car and it cost you some $100 or $120 so for that I think you will have to go for the new car but totally depends I have seen a lot of people going ahead and buying the all luxury and beautiful cars but secondhand and then they’re also driving uber and stuff so you’ll have to do your own research and then it depends on your preference yeah now we will talk about how to get a car what you got and you got how you can get a car now old car like I told you here like there are places here where there are big show rooms which are dealing with only secondhand cars so like there are or you know auto parks these kind of things are there which is a big brands and they’re dealing with only secondhand cars they will give you financing options over there everything is there so like buying a second-hand car from the air is just like you’re buying a new car everything is under one roof you can get your car checked and everything will be there then the other option which comes up as the small dealers so you will find yeah small small small dealer so you will find like roadside dealers here also implemented car yeah they have shops and they have very limited cars so you options they really get it arranged for you if you if you want to get it done and all sort of things they can go ahead and look into that aspect but all the formalities and it can be easily financed so all this they will they will arrange it for ya soul option a third option is directly buying it from an owner so basically like some you know someone who has a car and he wants to set it out so you can go ahead and directly talk to him then if you want to finance it then you have to arrange your own financing stuff and everything you have to talk to your bank or you can go ahead and call any agents or like there’s a lot of long lists in the online when you do a detail part of it this is this is the third option that you can directly go ahead and buy it from someone the fourth option is the online thing so online things is like again in marketplace you will be the face book marketplace feature it will show you the cost if you want to look for a car then there’s a different websites of different from brand like even Honda they have they run their own franchisee change which deals in second cars you can go online on their websites and we will find the Honda second and kazooie same goes with different different brands here also on KGC you will find cars exactly selling cars furniture and houses so you can go and go ahead and find it all keeps you yes but make sure why again I’m saying it once you are buying a second-hand car make sure it is the life and the the heart of the car which is the engine it should be good easily Guardi and I have normal skin like me hair mousse kill hair what another year insurance after Joe basically the collector when it comes to giving the money monthly yeah now we talk about how to do car new car is a very cynical process which which you which we are following from our countries as well from all the native countries like there are showrooms that you go to and there are people that you meet only showroom is the only option exactly there are people that you meet you tell you about that you tell you our selective options like this is the option I want to go for they will show you the car that’ll make you test-drive it and then you can easily if you if you like it you can go and you know ask the options that how you want to go for it they will arrange everything for you for you like they will be going at and filling the financing options for you basically what I tell you is there are online websites for different brands I will explain what I am saying depending on your budget supposedly if you want to buy from you and I Honda more City whatever you are budget your budget is go online search and here whichever car you like then go visit the show shows individually go to Toyota go to Honda Volt in your diet or go to Mercedes whatever BMW whatever is your budget yeah talk to them tell them that this is my budget sample our budget would be twenty five thousand dollars for a car so they would show you all the cars under that budget so then you will have to choose and discuss with that person what are the formalities for that car what are their financial stuff that goes under it what are the documents that you that these people need from you exactly and then if the car is for $25,000 that person would ask you so you want to do the down payment so there are some really basic and minimum that you have to do sometimes is thousand dollars sometimes it’s two thousand dollars and if you know exactly sometimes they even advise uses like paid three thousand dollars and so that they can go ahead and get your reference if you have and if you have a lot of cash and if you have a lot of money whether it’s cash or like in your account and if you want you can pick me a big chunk of amount out of the total budget out of the total car money like if it is for $25,000 you want you pay for ten thousand you pay ten thousand dollars if you have it yeah so then Joe gives to Panaji the money that you have to give monthly it will be way less and it won’t hurt your pocket that much exactly so as so as per your budget you can discuss with the person and the person that riser would ask you that do you want the lease to be continued for how many years so if the loan the loan to be continued for how many years technically the standard is seven years so if you want you can give it in three years if you have money or if you’re earning good if you have the job so maximum is seven years and then every month your bi-weekly the chunk will be extracted from your account and will be you know extracted into you know what I mean yeah ticket so now you have decided the model of your car you of the net and decided that any order of enhancing and everything then you need to submit your documents based ABS PR cards and you are any employment letter that would be fine as well so once you submit these letters then they will go ahead and process your file because as per depending on your credit score your loan need to be approved so they will run a credit check the first time it is at credit check do remember it they will run it hard credit check on your account when I say hard and soft hard means there it will once they will run a credit check your points look at their there will be some point which will be deducted from your credit score supposing your your credit score about 700 it will drop down to six seventy six eighty softer is like it will still the doctor credit you know but it will be very less numbers so they will first time they will run a hard credit check on your account just because it’s a big amount it’s gonna be like something about $25,000 or $30,000 or $40,000 depending on your choice so once it gets a proof from the bank then they will go ahead and tell you that the loan is a proof please go ahead and buy an insurance our first car got rejected from human then we had gone to Toyota too good ten days and then it was rejected and into oppa it got approved would they know today whether a day maybe two days man a day next day I got a call and surprisingly your Nike Tom Cali lady they which was cheaper than what we are what we got in town right now Tom Adam Hikari provably 16 are approved nearly three years our companies for dependence upon key from Ankara sided rules / depend Carter second thing is job to my phone either your car has been approved you can come and do all the formalities go do all the formalities and also they’ll tell you we will not give you the car till the time you won’t have the insurance of this car Soto showrooms a guard Parnell is a big effect on insurance later than here way insurance key marker pay insurance case Alania garita mariachi to chilled out room I was Harry gauri karnik insuring suta Harry gari kagari economic model carne Correa purana gary hurry cock along insurance Capri Hotel insurance castle a nosegay Tariq ahead okay so basically the the first thing that you can do is you can obviously set up with your laptop and research online like TD u TD insurance is one of the major factor that people go for TDC insurance Liana gives car an online calculator once you like the code obviously you can give them a call they will go ahead and call you back regarding the same and you can discuss the matters this is the term I am agreeing to other are there are companies like bel-air intact lot of companies are their insurance company so you can always look for their website and there’s a lot of calculators online this is the first point of way that you can do your research for the insurance code the second thing is agent agents way come come now may go cook so many agents Illya so I don’t I didn’t make movies minook Sam blog on eco he has a commission a lobectomy because they have the direct dealing with the company as well so my experience with the agent was much better than doing online because agent Gomez some job I agree this is the thing that I wanted what are the factors that impact your insurance price Insurance Code co-consul factors impact occur Campanella to kidney God is relative to most men – Taizo Cooper – and he got to tune garlic he slay you scare away Kabir just everyday commute Kyrgyz gotta say don’t get announced co-anchor yes a factor so they were both effect car there a many so finally agents about curry to know some job I like him a office leakage Allah only Sarah Dessen disregarding my use curve one took my karma will use my car will be on Saturday Sunday when we family get that any family personally usually got used obviously wanna take Nicole Binaca dat ha is a subset off you got own a calculation the Yankees is up a hunk in the our campus’s argument of the guerrilla okay who says upset me in Charles Fort Worth you do you take happily evaluate he get to hung Yi a calico City then the second benefit they gave me like online app Mary kooky I was a new driver in Canada so owner Dominic awake online app install that nigga bula to me right now I mean I’m enrolled with intact insurance okay happy that they will go where it keeps a track or the way you are driving how hard you are breaking your car and all that kind of stuff but immensely may go up to so many athletes is that it’s a kind of customer you know keeping a customer with with them oh it database run Conigliaro kneecap install kuraki that’s it it’s a very simple thing you will get somewhere around 10% discount for that so do many would unfairly insurance pros are cambogia so the major if factors that impact your code is keep negative it is our schools allow again make idea piranha guard against Kansas yep another dollar difference other then katana co-op kidney if safety features equipped Paraguay was my winter tile install Caribbean yoga is called $30 square difference on out there then.who Skokie see a used car away Carrasco a liar you left le use Carolla well if Kaliyuga obviously the insurance prices are going to be higher sorry factors could depend they’re gay or was came back to me the impact of hooker thank you octopus can and again the yeah us can the insurance keys three hair got a key now that man he had to obviously a for higher price million who yeah maybe in bacteria meta wada but by just that he thought Assam lockira ago many things Aussie agree insurance so which I pay and it’s good so my name is going to limit the Ricky does that does activity sorry that’s it so basically I’m the agency here my insurance agent car number honeybee akka advisor making Jojo has a McGarry leader would buyer Joe theme of water to a Pakistani thing so uh no Neha Mary Hill confusion agent they will be Pakistan is a so alone maybe car features that help could be on the online peeker up insurance car calculation but her Java Mengele in fact II may be Manasa Dodi a subsea tree manager denied insurance cool a cantar Mohammed he mangaka to thankfully my agency reasonable Melia as you get the insurance happening insurance insurance clearly tell me has the octopus insurance confirmation of yeah insurance confirmation key copy either agent or either the person you are getting from you need they will go and send the insurance confirmation to the person you are buying the car to the company from where you’re buying the car exactly once they go out and send it there then the insurance the car car guy will call you and they will tell you like we have got the confirmation of insurance oh and take the car monthly that the amount that we pay for the car including the gas is $800 so while twice if it will be deducted for the car loan in a month and once for the insurance exactly so they will ask you for the insurance for the loan part that how you want to go ahead and you know to tuck the EMI I do you want to go ahead and do it bi-weekly or you want to keep it monthly I chose by weekly because made a $10 but sedatives may because there’s a fees that get attached when you go ahead and do monthly everything is sorted initially her cheese make whole easy problem Ikey her cheese Nova hawala trees the magnetic classically but then everything will be sorted once you get in a flow of it so don’t really get panic or worried about the whole situation this come to Canada and you know play along with the whole thing we find don’t worry at all but yeah this is the thing if you still have any doubts related to the car the insurance or anything you want to ask you can go ahead and ask us in the comment section and we’ll be happy to help you so do share subscribe and like the video and share with your friends and let us know if you liked the video yeah do tell us that in the comment section that appreciate us yeah yeah so let us know if you have any concerns orange and bye bye bye take care you

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