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How to fill out a dental insurance claim form!

Hey, it’s Laura again from Front Office Rocks. Thanks for joining me. I’m super excited you guys are here
following on YouTube and I hope you’re getting value in these videos because
I’m looking to help practices at Front Office Rocks of course but we can
talk about topics here that are important too to at least get the
conversation started and so on this one I want to talk about the importance of
insurance claims and filling out insurance claims correctly and training
your employees how to do it correctly. So we have to understand and if there’s any
insurance companies listening I’m sorry but insurance companies are not out to
be there for our patients, give them what they need right away, you know, approve
everything, go for it, you can do what you want and insurance companies are in
business to make money and ultimately the way they make money is to not pay
insurance right. Like I live near the ocean and I have flood insurance and if
something were to happen right then I would hopefully have insurance to cover
the flood but they’re hoping we never have a flood. That’s how they make money,
so the same with dentistry they’re hoping that our patients don’t need a
lot of dentistry, that’s how they make money.
So we have to go into it with the mindset that when we’re, when we’re
submitting insurance claims we have to give them all the content that they need,
they need all the data whether it’s a narrative which is the description or
it’s the x-rays or it’s the you know whatever it is, pictures that they need
to get them to pay. So we need to start thinking before we submit the claims,
what do I need to submit and send to make sure that this claims gonna get
paid. Now an insurance form is filling out, reading an insurance form, when you’re
brand new to dental is hard, knowing how to fill it out can be difficult too.
So at Front Office Rocks, we teach brand new employees everything they need to
know about working in the dental office and knowing how to fill out an insurance
claim and spending the time learning and doing it the right way is going to not
only get insurance companies happy and hopefully get them to pay, but also make
your office more efficient and effective. So check out just a little snippet about
the basics of an insurance claim that maybe you’ve never even been trained on or your team and how important it is that we take the time to learn this.
Of course, you know the insurance company that’s up here on the top so it’s very
important that we have the right insurance company in the system. I,
because of privacy, I’ve whited out a lot of information on this form so they
don’t have my patients information but okay on the top right is the
policyholder’s information. So, as you can see we break down on Front Office Rocks
all the specifics of everything that we do in the office and the reason is most
of the time we don’t train our employees well when it comes to why we do things,
the importance of it. We kind of just say do it this way because and it’s
important to take a step back and look at all of all of the details of an
insurance claim, why the insurance is asking certain things, how important it
is to fill out the right information about the patients, the right primary
insurance holder you know, is it a family plan? Do they have waiting periods like
to really understand that is really going to not only give your new employee
or your employee confidence so they know what they’re talking about, they’re going
to be able to communicate with the patients better and ultimately the
practice is going to get paid faster and hopefully what they’re supposed to get
paid, so take the time to make sure that you’re training your team members on
everything that’s important and insurance is huge
right. It’s just part of what we do for a living. It’s part of our practice, so take
the time to learn to train and fully understand what it is you need to do to
make sure that you’re getting your claims paid again, thank you for joining
me. If you have comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas, put them in the
comments. Reach out to us at Front Office Rocks. We have a live chat you can
email us, just reach out to me, let me know what you want to talk about and
again, I will see you guys on the next video. Thank you!

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