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IA Training – (303) 503-9212 – DoD Information Assurance Training and certification
for the DoD 8570. Cyber-attack in progress. In the past year, cybercriminals have found
ways to attack new platforms from mobile to cloud services. Hackers got smarter and better organized developing
better ways to spread their crime packs while evading detection. What’s worse is that they are only growing
in numbers. Are you looking for a better job and you want
to help the US fight the latest cyber terrorism threats keeping Americans, their devices,
and their way of life secure? Did you know that you can get trained and
certified to boost your career and earnings in the IT world? There’s a high demand for DoD certified individuals.
Our IA training helps with the supply of those individuals. Here are some of the benefits
when you train with us: We have a 90% 1st-time pass rate and free
class retakes until you pass. Live Virtual Classes taught by certified instructors
with 15+ year’s security experience. Day and Night time training schedule. Our client list draws from both government
agencies and Fortune 500 companies from all major industries and sectors. You can take our classes from a pc, smart
phone, or a tablet. We are the Cyber Security Expert in all phases
of IT. We also provide placement assistance. Once
certified, we have DoD placement specialist that will work with you to help find a career
fighting cyberterrorism. Get a great job and fight cyberterrorism. Get your IA Training today by getting DoD
trained and certified. Attend a free DoD training webinar. Call 888
659 9597 Training and certification
for the DoD 8570.

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