How Insurance Works

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  1. Them Republican Congressman sure sound like they need some KY Jelly to help with their obstruction problems. Jordan talks so fast because he doesn't want people to understand that he says nothing.

  2. I hope the dem's keep this up…they're digging their own graves! I was a democrat back in JFK's time…when they were Americans…sad! They're on the side of those who murdered their best President!

  3. Strange how the Democrats continues to find fault in Our President Donald J. Trump for his interest in 2016 election. I’ll repeat the 2016 election. Looking into the corruption that has spilled over to our Country. With the assistance of Democrats and diplomats and their corruption in, the once again 2016 election. Now they the Democratic Party are trying to impeach our President Donald J. Trump for trying to reveal the truth about allegations accusing him of being a President. If dirt was reveal to an American Ambassador to Ukraine would she be responsible to expose this corruption. Once again in 2016

  4. Trump and the GOP are disgusting! They're not Patriots! Get them out! Ambassador Yovanovitch is clearly above reproach! She is the true PATRIOT!

  5. He Adam S. Marie Yovanovitch lost her job. Not an issue here. Why? Remember::”EMPLOYMENT at WILL”. That’s it. Just like James Mattis and Rex Tillerson. Besides that TRUMP has the Apprentice show you’re fired.

  6. ok….give her a medal and still fire her….this woman is mad cause she got fired….being on the books for more than 33 years and she is so comfortable she dont want to lose all that travelling….hahaha

  7. Maybe she wasn’t tough enough on corruption. Has she ever went to the frontline of battle in Ukraine like Ambassador Taylor

  8. Trumps mind isn't being poisoned. He knows actually what he's doing. He is a criminal and always has been. All roads lead to Putin.

  9. We all know Putin controls Trump. Be it money or videos or both. The republicans have sold US out. Any one who does not have their head deep in the sand knows this !

  10. adam shift is a full blown bubble eyed mental case or part of a sick political grasp for power.. so sickening to realize how corrupt out leaders are. so weak and pathetic.i guess their masters are training them to keep power so that they can get paid like obomba with his ris from a million dollar house to a five million dollar and upcoming a 14 million mansion.. yeah organized crime.. the true crime is with the Clintons laundering money in Ukrainian banks.. this is just the media trying to obfuscate the clinton corruption

  11. the media no longer relies on real stories or sources.. just inflammatory catch phrase to lure viewers for ratings.. anonymous names .scripts written and prepared for them by sources that the reporters. who are now truly just talking heads.

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