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Insurance FAQ: How much liability coverage do I need on my car insurance?

Hi, I’m Phil Klein from PKIG and this is
part of our frequently asked insurance questions series. We are often asked how much bodily
injury liability coverage is needed on your car insurance. We believe as insurance advisors
this is one of the most important aspects of our job. The key is that there’s no one
size fits all answer. What we feel very strongly about is that the minimum amount required
by the state of Michigan (currently $20,000 and increasing to $50,000 in July of 2020)
is not enough for any driver. The reason for this is that bodily injury liability typically
comes into play when someone has been killed, seriously injured, or permanently disfigured
as a result of a car accident. You can imagine if this has occurred, $20,000 or even $50,000
might not go very far in a court of law and potential judgement.
Our risk managers are trained to ask you the key questions for determining how much you
actually need to protect your family. If you pay for insurance, we believe it’s important
that you are properly protected if you need to use it. For a custom consultation, contact
us today at

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