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Insurance Information : How to Get Health Insurance

Hi, my name’s Seann McWhorter. I’m agency
principal of Insure Right Insurance Agency, located here in Lehi, Utah. Here we’re today
talking about insurance ins and outs, and specifically how to obtain health insurance.
Well, the process is very simple. You’re going to find an insurance agent or a insurance
company that you can deal directly with, and ask them for an application for health insurance.
You will fill out that health insurance application, which will ask you all your pertinent personal
information, including your medical history. Usually they’ll go back five to ten years
on all of your–any doctors visits that you’ve had, any medications that you’ve taken or
are currently taking. And they’ll want to know all of that information so that they
can appropriately underwrite the policy. If you are applying for an individual health
insurance policy, you need to be aware that these policies are underwritten by the company.
It’s not an automatic acceptance. You have to qualify for it. So if you’ve had trouble
with health issues in the past, that may become an issue. It doesn’t necessarily mean that
you won’t get coverage, but it can affect the rate that you get, or whether you’ll get
accepted or not. But in essence, you will out that application, you submit that information
with all the details about any health conditions that you may have, the underwriters will evaluate
that, and usually within a few weeks they’ll give you an offer or decline your application.

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