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Is my insurance company spying on me after my Virginia car accident? Fairfax attorney Ben Glass

Hey, this is Ben with another frequently asked
question. Is the insurance company going to spy on me after my accident? You know we’ve
all seen those news stories of some guy who got a lot of money, and then a video pops
up of him on the roof working or in a gym lifting weights. The reality is that this
doesn’t happen as often as you think it might happen. Certainly if you’re in litigation,
you’re claiming that you have disabling back pain, you can’t walk, you can’t drive, you
have to be on the alert. But here’s the rule: you gotta be brutally honest, OK? It’s not
the people who can do things who get in trouble, it’s the people who lie about, who misrepresent
what they can do. So, if you exaggerate your claim, and you get caught on video, you deserve
what you’re getting. And in some cases that can mean your case is thrown out and that
you be forced to pay the costs of the other side. So the rule is, tell the truth, don’t
exaggerate, but if you’re in litigation, be aware. I wrote about this and a lot of other
stuff in my free book, The Ultimate Guide to Car Accident Cases in Virginia, and you
can get it right here.

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