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Joa abedi – “J’ai l’assurance d’être sauvé” (I have the assurance of being saved)

Hello, Good evening Well liked in the lord, everything depends on the time at which you are following us right now. I am your brother Joa Abedi. I really wanted to share today, this short moment you in adoration. A way for me to to share with you, the grace that God has put in me. And I would like above all, to share a thought, a short thought, that is in the book 1 John chapter 5:13. We are told that: I told you these things so that you know that you have life you who believe on behalf of the son of God. Well liked We have eternal life in Jesus Christ. out of him or out of Jesus Christ, there is no eternal life. And this eternal life we ​​have it is a assurance that we have, in us who lives in us it is not simply a hope. Because somewhere also it says: We are saved in hope.but we have eternal life also as an assurance, because we know that Christ gave his life for us, for us saved, we bought from this life of sins. Reason why I would like to sing this song, this wonderful song ensmbles I have the assurance of being saved. And I hope it’s going too bless you and if you love and if you like like the song, I will invite to share it with everyone our community or with your friends, a way for us to to edify one another as he has commanded us in the word of the Word of God. May the Lord bless you it’s your brother Joa abedi. I have the assurance to be saved May the Lord bless you so much and we make an appointment we will not miss to share another song with you I like you very much, may the Lord bless you

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  1. Sois toujours grandement béni frère Abedi ❤️Demande moi en ami sur facebook Je suis guitariste de Dieu pour le louer et l’adorer en tout Temps Louons son Nom ensemble amen Merci pour ta vidéo et ton amour pour nous ❤️

  2. Merci mon frère pour cette belle louange. Gloire soit rendue à notre Seigneur Jésus-Christ. Rien ne nous séparera de son grand Amour manifesté dans nos vies. Soit abondamment béni et merci de prier pour moi afin que le Seigneur me donne la capacité de pouvoir jouer à la guitare, car j'aimerais tellement le louer avec cet instrument.

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