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Joe’s Story: Short-Haul Truck Driver Safety

This is a story about Joe Freminski. Joe is a short-haul truck driver; it’s a job he loves and every one of his friends knows it. Driving a truck gives Joe the life he wants – the variety and freedom of the open road, catching up and swapping stories with his pals, and lots of time with his best friend, Thor. “What’s going on, buddy?” Most of all, driving a truck gives Joe independence. But one day, on an average morning pick-up,
while cranking the trailer bed, something strange happened. Joe Freminski threw his back out. It was at that moment,
Joe Freminski’s life began to change. You see, unable to walk, Joe needed surgery. During his recovery, Joe was trapped in
his apartment for weeks on end. He couldn’t drive, so he had to ask his friend Steve
to take him to physiotherapy. “We should get going.
You don’t wanna be late, right?” Joe worried that his plum loads
would be scooped by other drivers, and he couldn’t get a reliable driver
to operate his truck while he was off. Joe’s ex-wife agreed to take Thor for walks, but often wouldn’t return him for days at a time. Joe’s friend Steve insisted he move into their guest room, which his girlfriend Tammy had set up for him. “I only watch three soaps a day…” Tammy talked through every show Joe tried to watch, and fussed over him constantly. “Open wide…” Life had taken a bad turn for Joe Freminski. Hold on. That’s NOT Joe Freminski. That’s some other driver. Sure, Joe Freminski got out of his truck that day,
but, like every other day, Joe did a walk-around of his truck to get
the blood flowing and protect his back. “Hey Joe! We’re not training for the Olympics, man.” And, while he endured the teasing of
his peers, Joe Freminski warmed up. As he cranked the trailer, he used his hand to support his upper body and minimize the strain on his back. Because Joe knows what can happen
if he doesn’t look after himself. Joe understands that staying healthy
allows him to be independent and keeps him on the road. Because Joe Freminski is a professional truck driver.

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  1. I do walk arounds every time I leave the cab for truck safety/preventive maintenance checks. Didn't know it'd help prevent things like this. Interesting video.

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