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Kayal Tamil Full Movie

'My name is Aroan' 'I was meandering aimlessly
as a gushing river' 'I was happily breezing through
like the wind everywhere' 'That is when I saw my Kayal' 'She seemed perfect to me' 'I'm now standing here
having lost her' 'You didn't feel like
taking me with you, right?' 'Why did you leave me and go?' 'Annai Estate
Valparai' "Where is my soul true?" "I saw her in you
I gave myself anew" "Carried by a chariot divine
this prefect Goddess of mine" What are you doing
not getting ready? Striking off
places we've seen Marking what we must visit Whatever…but by Christmas
we must be in Kanyakumari Taj Mahal on 17th and 18th Then if we come down on 22nd
we'll be in Nagercoil For Christmas and New year
we'll be in Kanyakumari Sounds good
What? Looks like we'd have visited
every place in India worth seeing Any doubts on that? What will we do
next year then? We'll visit all the small
neighboring countries You need passport
to travel out of India We'll get one To apply for passport, you need to
have a ration card for identity proof We'll get you married – Forgot our deal?
– What deal? First, you get married
Only then it's my turn What did we agree
before that deal? That you'll fall in love
and then get married Your love hasn't come as yet When on earth
will you actually get it? Is it a bus for me to tell you
when I'll get that feeling? When it happens, I'll tell you
First pack all this stuff Your good at shutting me up
with some excuse or other Don't keep cribbing and pack
the blunt sickle like last time This time in Meghalaya,
we must trek down hilly terrain Know the small knife
that Gurkha gave? I've already packed it – Then that headlight, charger
– All packed 'December 6, Coimbatore,
Day Babri mosque was demolished' 'Kind attention of passengers' 'Police department requests you
not to touch any unmanned baggage' 'If you see any suspicious object…' '…please report to
the police immediately' Sir? What do I cook with the 2 kilos
of seer fish you've bought? Fry some and
make rest into gravy – Prawns?
– Grind it as 'chutney' – Sir…?
– What? This is my sister I'm taking her to Madras
for medical treatment When we were standing in line,
someone picked my pocket Go and register a complaint It's not that
If you could help me- Make prawn 'chutney' and
mince the meat as curry – Sir?
– What now? If you lend me Rs 400… …and your address, I'll pay you
as soon as I reach Madras Hey! Get lost What's his age? – He has 1 foot in the grave!
– Don't be so rude Is this how you talk
to a sick person? Most inhuman! – Are you upset with me?
– I wasn't talking to you A 'pain in the neck' case here
You cook and- Please take this So much money? I can't take this much
Just give me Rs 400 It's okay
Keep it Give me your address
I'll send the money to you We don't have
any permanent address Then how will I
repay you, sonny? Help some other person
who is in need of money May you always
be blessed It's okay Sister, come 'Seer fish hogger!' 2 tickets to Goa 'Netravati Express will leave
from platform number 3 shortly' We must wait until
the checking is done Don't push
Stand in line What's this line for? They are checking
Can't you see? Are they giving some freebies? – What's the time?
– 9:40 Move…move I can keep my foot
only on his head! Are you going for your
monthly checkups regularly? That doctor keeps
reminding me to come Just another way of
grabbing money, Selvi 'Looting society!' What to do? Has he given
the delivery date? Baby is expected around
20th or 21st of December But feels like anytime now
because of the pain! Need 4-5 detectors here
Will you send them over? His stomach looks like
he might deliver twins! Let me know if the doctor
has given him any date What's so funny? Why are you laughing at me? Nothing, sir Did they say anything? Selvi asked me if the doctor
has specified my delivery date These chaps want me
to find out from you… …if your doctor has specified
any date of delivery for you, sir! – What did you say?
– Nothing Nothing? I'm coming to get you now! (babble of voices) These are the guys, sir
Shall we go? Where to, sir?
Why should we come? For delivery! He's the one
who ridiculed me Think you can get away
deriding the police, huh? I was simply joking, sir What audacity! Sir…weapons Tighten the security
at all check points Ravi, be alert They aren't budging an inch
from their story, sir If you permit us, we can start
the 3rd degree treatment! This weapon is used
by tribes in Assam, sir Sir, maybe they are terrorists of
United Liberation Front of Assam? Looks like a code word to me International crime ring
seems to be operating No, this is Braille – Mahendran
– Sir? If you see any visually impaired
in the railway station, bring him They've kept bombs
in all these areas Yet to bomb
these places There's a professional
network behind this Who is behind you? 3 policemen Hey! Trying to be funny? This is how they've been
answering us, sir How did you get
so much money? We earned it working in
an estate for 6 months You expect us
to believe this? It's hard earned money, sir Your shoes don't match
your faces one bit Do you need a face
to wear shoes, sir? Letting your tongue run
You're in for a thrashing – How did you get his card?
– He's our friend, sir How can such a big shot
be your friend? They are planning
to kidnap him, sir Yes, Ram Kumar speaking Superintendent of Police Prabakar
calling from Coimbatore Prabakar? We met at the function
for the Chief Minister Oh! Tell me
Mr Prabakar Sir, we've detained
2 suspects here They had your
visiting card Want to clarify
That's why I called Their names? What are their names? Hey! Your names Aroan and Socrates Aroan and Socrates, sir Oh! That curly haired golliwog
and palm seed dullard, huh? Very interesting fellows They'll look like suspects
but very nice guys They are my friends I was sponsoring them
at St Xavier's orphanage Tell me, sir I learnt what is the best thing in
this world from these 2 guys 'Instead of saving your money…' '…why do you spend
so much on traveling?' 'How will you manage when
you're old?' I asked them The answer they gave me
just turned my world! They said everyone
in this world will work When they toil 24×7 and
become old and weary… …they'll get a chair
in one corner When they sit on
that chair and think… …they'll have a fat wallet,
car, bungalow, everything But not a single soul to talk to Neither will the assets! They asked me, 'to walk down
memory lane in such times…' '…do you have
fond memories?' I was totally shocked That's when I decided
to stop saving money And start collecting memories! – Mr Prabhakar?
– Tell me, sir Those 2 chaps
are like foreigners They work for 6 months and
with that money they travel Again they'll return
and work their butt out I'll be jealous
when I see them However I can't spend
6 months you know But 6 days in a year
are my golden days Don't mistake me Take a break like me
as and when you can! If you're always with the court,
case, accused and criminals… …your damn brains
will be burnt! – Should I bail them out?
– No, sir, I'll take care Do I need to talk
to higher officials? No, sir…I'll do the needful No…no…convey
my regards to those boys – What did he say, sir?
– I believe they're his friends Mani, you brought
2 ordinary tourists Claimed they're terrorists
and wasted my time He might have praised them
because they worked for him Our man is here If he reads the Braille note,
we'll know their plan Please read this plan 'To dear son Aroan, this is
a letter from your father Abraham' 'I was born blind' 'When I regretted my birth,
I met your mother' 'She came as a scribe
to write all my exams' 'I wrote whatever she said' 'I knew I was good looking
only after she told me' 'Until then I didn't know
what beauty and color meant' 'One fine day she told me
she likes me' 'On that day I saw so much
brightness and fireworks in my mind' 'I have no words to express
that ecstasy, Aroan' 'That day I understood only love can give
the visually impaired power to see colors!' 'Then we both got married' 'You were born
and your mother died' 'I was told you're blessed with
2 beautiful eyes and you can see' 'I was so happy to hear that' 'I can somehow bring you up
with great difficulty' 'In reply you'll want
to be my eyes' 'Not wanting you to suffer
because of me…' '…I'm leaving you
in this orphanage' 'Aroan, you must appreciate
the world I was unable to, my son' 'You must see
the world I couldn't' 'Don't go blindly after money
like most people on earth!' 'Don't live on this earth like
a money making machine' 'Aroan, you're born
only once in this world' 'If you can,
travel around the world' 'If you can't afford
then at least travel…' '…throughout your motherland' 'Above all, please see
the brightness I told you about' 'You must experience that wonder' 'Give this letter to your son
as a gift from his grandfather' Grandfather's gift! 'Your loving father, Abraham' 'I thought it was
a Taliban conspiracy' – Is Aroan here?
– Yes, he's here Yes, sir – Is it Aroan?
– Yes You must experience the brightness
your father wanted you to enjoy Give this to your son Sir, your stick Mahendran, take him safely back Come, sir – Selvi
– Tell me, bro Tell them I'm also
coming for the wedding You said you can't take off Get their details
and send them – Enjoy your journey
– Okay, sir Thought you can't take off – I'll take care of that
– Hey tourists, come here Irudayaraj, get that
complaint notebook Policy agent? Wait, we'll do it today What did you say
your name is? Aroan Take down their names – Father's name?
– Socrates – Your name?
– Socrates, sir Then is your father's name Aroan? Yes, sir Are you playing
a prank on me? No, sir We've kept my name's 1st letter
as his initial and vice versa – Are you both orphans?
– Yes, sir They are both born
without any reason Irudhayaraj Sir, please find out for
what reason he has been born You keep quiet What's he saying now? Asking me to find out why
this constable was born Why do you always ask
others to find out? Ask me directly Sir, can you please tell me
the reason for your birth? We have 101 commitments
like family, marriage and children Are we wasted wastrels like you
roaming around without a goal? What is the meaning of 'goal', sir? Means we should become
like a Thomas Alva Edison Isaac Newton
or Abdul Kalam Why should we be like them? We can be ourselves! – He has a solid point, sir
– What point? God has given each of us
a question paper It's enough if we answer
all those questions If we unnecessarily
write others' answers… …we'll only end up failing! We must first
find out who we are Not realizing this,
many people in our country… …try behaving like someone else and
end up rotting on the streets, sir – That's a fact, sir
– What fact? Are you saying human beings
shouldn't have any goals? Goals? Sir, aren't you aware
of global warming? What are you blabbering? Whole world is perturbed as to
when and where a bomb will explode? When will the earth split into 2? When will the sky open and
everything will fall apart? Perturbed…? On the other hand millions of people
wander not eating even 1 meal a day! Who can think of goals
amidst all these calamities? He thinks beyond
normal boundaries! In this situation if you voice
your opinion, they'll get mad They'll definitely get mad Sir, when alive
as far as possible… …we should be
helpful to people And die peacefully Should set this
as our goal, sir It's reality, sir Where's their life heading? Why should our lives
head anywhere? Wherever it takes us,
we should follow happily It's nature of law, sir Why are you hyping it up? These guys will never win
in life until the very end – Challenge?
– Why should we win, sir? Is life a race? Or are we horses? Are we born to earn pots of
money or become a big shot? – Then what?
– Birth is a truly big wonder And we've both
been blessed We must be honest and admire
the wonders of the world Honesty is fine but how
can we live without money? I agree money
is important, sir We must earn to live But we shouldn't live
to only earn, sir Why are they confusing us? They're mad caps
of the 1st order, sir In another few days
they'll be in an asylum We are loony Only lunatics won't crave for
money, status, name and fame They won't be jealous of others
Nor spoil others' lives Whenever they feel like laughing,
they'll laugh to their hearts' content They will happily wander
We also wander like them But you're very brainy, sir Racking and taxing your brain
on how to settle in the next 20 years Work till you are a zombie
and become like noodles… …with high blood pressure,
sugar and cholesterol levels You'll save without knowing
why you are doing so And without anyone using it
you'll kick the bucket, sir Kick the bucket? Forecast brain, sir What they're saying
makes 101% sense If I listen to you for
another 10 minutes… …I'll take off my uniform
and follow you guys But I have a family and
I must settle them Settle- – Policy agent
– Sir? Bring that form Can we leave? Irudhayaraj, let them go
after they sign Give it Sign here What are you signing, sir? It's a life insurance policy If I suddenly kick the bucket,
they'll give the money to my wife Just a security Sir, stop If they give you money to live,
sign on the dotted line 1000 times Giving money after you die- Roadblock, huh? Claiming it's a formality… …they'll make your wife
run from pillar to post Won't they come home- If cooking gas is over, my wife
will call only me immediately If I'm gone whom will she call
and how'll she get the money? Sir, we'll take care
of the claims Yov! My wife knows nothing except
press the buttons on her cell phone! Sir, don't get confused
with whatever they said 'Even if I tell her, she isn't
patient enough to listen-' There are many benefits
in this policy – Let's say you die today
– Huh?! Figuratively speaking Speaking of me dying on
an auspicious day like Friday?! You're so screwed up Leave now We'll talk business
another day Join a company which gives
life to some people at least Shut up! I know what to do Bro, please go now Be careful In future, think
before you sign, sir Good you saved me If I had listened to him
and signed that policy… …and in case
I lost my life …wondering if he really
paid my wife or not …I'd have worried
myself to death, right? Why should you worry, sir? You can't increase or decrease
your elbow length by worrying… …is what Father at the convent
has repeatedly told us! Bible words, sir He seems to
know everything Look at them Do they get up in the morning,
iron clothes, wear uniform… …get into the jeep and
go around to monitor? Or do they steal, go from
one shop to another… …cheat others and save
by hitting others below the belt? See how happily they fly That's because they don't
worry about tomorrow Great, sir There is only one difference
between them and us What? They have wings
and we don't, sir – See you, sir
– Take care "Like birds we freely fly
With the breeze we float high" "As we travel, like a flower
we sprinkle laughter" "We laugh carefree
On a cheerful spree" "This world we think
as our kith and kin" "Remember…treasure" "We don't need any address
A permanent place to possess" "Hiking through forests and vale
Across vast seas we'll sail" "From east to west, like the sun
we'll have furlongs of fun" "Sorrow if we meet on the way
we'll simply trash it away" "By a footpath on the earth's surface
we'll make our way to many a place" "Rainbow is our colourful companion
Fluffy cloud plays with the silver moon" "Climbing on to a cloud
we'll walk real proud" "We'll thread a long string
out of the silver lightning" "Like birds we freely fly
With the wind we drift high" "Cows, goats, hens we befriend
But like them we aren't penned" "We don't want to collect
knick-knack, this and that" "Through trickery and scam
ruining lives isn't our plan" "We don't worry about tomorrow
Carpe diem is our motto" "Like these tiny tots innocent
we enjoy to our hearts' content" "No worries for us
365 days of bliss!" "Our path is endless
Miles of happiness" "Like birds we freely fly" "With the breeze we float high" Hey! Look at that, dude
Light your father mentioned Will you shut up?!
That's different, dude So many people must have died
without knowing love, no? Many people would have died
because of their love, yes? Why that glare?
Fact, my dear chap But this Shah Jahan chap loved his
lady love more than life, didn't he? He loved her even
after she was dead 20000 laborers and
1000 elephants were used 12 years to build this And after that he cut off
the fingers of all who worked And also gorged out
the eyes of the architect That's why it's one of
the 7 wonders of the world! This shouldn't be
1 of the 7 wonders Then? Love should be
the 1st wonder Let me talk to the councilor I'll hit you black and blue What's the councilor
got to do with love? You and love are also
like chalk and cheese You'll get it from me Let's see if love blossoms
when you gaze at their tomb Shhhh! Not a sound
Mumtaz is sleeping Wonder where my Mumtaz
is sleeping right now? 'The stupendous feeling of
Taj Mahal has slowly faded' 'But Shah Jahan's obsessive love for
his wife even now stupefies me, father' 'I will reach Kanyakumari
in another 2 days' 'Just like you wished, I will soon
complete seeing all the places in India' 'The light you wanted me to see…' '…somehow will happen today
is my gut feeling, father' 'Kayal's life begins every morning
at the landlord's house' 'She has only the flowers, trees
and birds surrounding her to talk to' 'And by the side of the well,
with the soap's froth and bubbles' 'Amidst cooking and cinders…' '…her life is spent as if in a cage
till she sleeps at night' 'Her parents died when the kitchen
burnt down during a festival' 'Right from childhood
this grandma is her whole world' 'Aralvaimozhi
kanyakumari district' Come one by one This has become
a regular feature Let's go Hey Socu! If the plane we were in,
stopped in mid flight… …what will we do? We'll definitely claim refund
before we touch the ground Look at him swaying about
stone drunk early in the morning – Raise your arms
– Thank you, bro Every drunkard in Tamil Nadu
should have someone to… …tie up his 'dhothi'
when it comes undone Ask the Govt to pass
such a law, bro Okay, sir If we just keep walking
will Kanyakumari arrive? Kanyakumari won't arrive You must only get there March on Watch your step Hey! You don't seem to
have brushed your teeth What perfect timing
in his humor! How do you cover up
after being insulted! Shut up A drunkard called us 'stinko'!
Let's first brush our teeth – You're a creative genius
– Shut up! My dear pal, are we having
sugarcane for breakfast? Hey…cash Don't dig into
someone else's bag Close it
We'll return it Hey! Stop, man Brother, the street dogs
started barking at 5:00 a.m I went out to check and saw
some boys running away with Rasathi – How many fellows?
– 4 of them Hey! Wait, guys Hold on a second, bro – Did anyone see you?
– No one, bro Where are you now? Crossing Das's fields Catch them soon – I just saw them
– Don't miss them Run…run They are running
towards Panangudi road I'm on my way
Don't let them escape Hey! Take your bag and run Not 4 boys
Totally 6 of them Get them
I'll be there right away Edwin, come quick Get in, fast – Hey! Our bag!
– Here's your bag Did you run looking at
my turban and sickle? We were stressed
about something else That's why we got scared Why did you run as if
the devil is behind you? Wonder what you are upto? Do we look that scary? Careful
Carry on Okay, bro – Where are you, bro?
– On my way – They just left
– Drive faster – Come quickly
– Almost there Where did they go?
They went that way Get in 1 minute 2 chaps helped them escape
They are still here If we catch and deal with them
we'll know where Rasathi is Sampath, catch up with that car I'll take care of these fellows Yes, Mani Silver colored Qualis Take down the number 8593 Hey! Note the number Bro, Rasathi and
that boy have run away I've sent Sampath after them What the heck are you doing? 2 of them are still here
We can force them to talk The whole town
will get to know Leave it to me, bro
I know how to enquire – Don't panic
– I feel like killing myself Be quiet, bro Pamper too much
and now get hyper Who is that on the bike? Looks like Robert
Son of the butcher John Why is he taking them? How can they plan without
the help of insiders? What are you saying? Go…go…quick Catch them Wait! They're going into town So what? For what they did
I'll take them head long You want to kick up a fuss? If this comes out,
all of us can hang ourselves We must think properly
and act appropriately We are inside our town Let's find a way to take them home
and interrogate them quietly What's the point
in getting angry? Greetings Robert, you promised to
deliver the goats yesterday I was on my way
just to do that You asked for 100 goats
And that too young ones How can I get lousy meat
for our wedding? With great difficulty
I could get only 40 I had arranged
the rest with Bhai I'm on my way
to fix the price By evening I will
get them for sure Don't be angry Who are these
chaps with you? Your relatives? No, bro, I met them
on the way They wanted to get down
at the main road Gave them a lift I'm going that way
I can drop them, you go I don't want to trouble you
I will drop them myself Robert, first attend to our work
The function is nearing, right? You carry on See you – Greetings
– Tell me, Bose We have invited
all the people in your list We expected people
to fill 2 buses But they wanted to
come with their families Can I arrange
for 4 buses? Go ahead
No issue Temple festival is to be held
soon after the wedding You have promised
free food for all Do you need
to even ask? We'll serve a feast
worthy of the kings this year Hope the wedding
preparations are hassle free Do call if you need any help Everything is going on well No problem at all See you Tell me about yourselves? You won't have enough time
to hear our story, bro We've been travelling a lot Where are you off to now? Kanyakumari, bro Why are you chewing sugarcane?
Didn't you have breakfast? No bro, do you know
any roadside eatery? Small eatery? My house is on the way
You can have breakfast with us Just drop us at the main road We'll manage Brother, how can I drop off
2 hungry people, midway? You can eat at my place Is he the patron of this town? You like variety food, don't you? You will know about him
when you eat in his house We'll hog well, sleep a bit
and start our journey, okay? Greetings – Greet him, my boy
– Greetings, sir What is it, Dhandapani?
Is he your son? – Yes, bro
– What's the matter? Danapal and Selvaraj are
kicking up a fuss to sign I've been very patient
with them, like you advised If we don't get
that bit of land now… …it will be very difficult
to get permission to quarry If we delay, we might
end up losing it altogether Shall we resort to
our usual method? Do it as soon as
the wedding is over Study well, my boy See you Yes, Sampath I'm here at the junction
I don't know which way they went Did they say anything? We are just reaching home
I'll tell you if I find out – Look around, Sampath
– Okay, bro Turn around Come, bro "Carried by a chariot divine
this prefect Goddess of mine" Who is getting married? My elder brother's daughter What does her fiancé do? We must wait and watch! What, bro? He's a landlord He must be well to do- 2000 acres land Owns even a couple of hills
and around 40-50 quarries Plus many groves 'All that's fine
But where's the bride?' You must be hungry
We'll talk as you eat Go inside Hey! Careful with the leaves
Tie without tearing them apart Come, Mani Hello, grandpa Will these 2 chaps be
decorating the lights? Did you see the orchestra
is getting ready to rock? You bet! I heard it on the way Preparations have begun early
like a money lender's function Won't a landlord's wedding be
even better than a money lender's? That's my wish too My granddaughter's wedding I understand
What's bothering you? I want the decorations done well Will be done Mango shaped bulbs, coconut bulbs
the water spouting elephant bulbs You missed out the galloping horse
and monkey shaped lights Buffalo that pounces Pumpkin light Then? – Snake gourd lights
– And then? Serial multi colored lights
like jackfruits – And after that?
– Finish you off – Whaaat?
– I meant, a grand finish Just you wait
I'll kill you, baldie! Who is this now? Okay, take them
and do the needful – Done
– Do it quickly Old man is unaware
of the missing bride He is busy instructing
how to give it a royal finish I'll finish you off first I will get a similar turban- Who is that, bro? – The senior landlord
– Come, let's eat – And this?
– The junior king And this girl on the tiger? My aunt It was taken
when she was hunting 'Tiger aunt' is
not to be seen! Don't make silly jokes
Let's go and eat Come in and eat She has disgraced me totally Nobody knows
she has eloped, right? No one knows Our boys are following the car? Sampath has gone Have the folks who went
shopping come back? Not yet But when they return… …if they ask for Rasathi
what will you say? What will we do?
We have only 2 more days Shall we go and eat, bro? Will it take more time? – Where did you send the girl?
– Which girl, sir? Which girl?! The only girl in our family There were no girls
in the last 3 generations Only Rasathi He got proposals from all over
willing to give him a dowry… …of 5000 and 10000 gold
sovereigns to marry him! This was fixed due to
my father's reputation Brother, this wedding
has to take place Otherwise, the whole family
will be devastated! What are you saying? Where have you hidden my daughter? Please tell me Bro…? Was that girl who went
in that car your daughter? Don't try to cover up
to save your friend I'll make sure he doesn't
get into any problems Where's my daughter? He's my only friend Hey! Hit- Mani, don't You went running up to her
and gave her the bag He bid you farewell You also said bye You think I'm a fool
who saw everything! Bro, whoever waves at us,
we'll naturally wave back too (high pitched angry voices) Why are you screaming here,
after your goof-up there? Don't believe them
They are acting You and your excuses Hey! Stop it If our village folks get to know
and the wedding gets stopped, I'll die Without yelling try to find
a way to get her back You helped them get away
and dare to glare at me! Mani, why yell not realizing
the gravity of the situation? Along with section 366
if I add 5 or 6 cases… …you'll be in jail
serving a lifetime sentence Where have you
kidnapped our girl? Sir, we have no problems
staying outside or inside! Try to find that girl soon The rush they were in
she might be married by now We are in no way
connected with this Grandma, leave him Sir, she's kicking him! Tell us where she is We've been telling you
we aren't connected with it Tell us the truth We can tell you
only if we know! Nobody in the village
knows about this You don't scream
and create a ruckus Our kith and kin
are on the way No one should know Make her sit down Aunt, come and sit Okay, we'll chop these guys to pieces
and give the crows a royal feast! You sit down You sit, bro Why are you
messing up with me? Sit, bro Sister-in-law, sleeping here
after hogging like a pig? You're happily snoozing
without lending a hand Did I wake you up? No one is responsible
in this house Don't know how I will
conduct the wedding! Are you all playing
with marbles? What's the problem? Landlord's wedding
may be a game for you But being the younger landlord
I can't be like you! This invitation has created
so many problems But you are happily
having a gala time In the invitation you've printed
the name of Johnson in Dubai And Resul Kutty in Kuwait But you've left out
40-50 of our relatives… …from our neighboring
village in Mandayampatti Now they've all joined together
and refused to attend the wedding What to do now? Do what you think
is best, uncle Now we don't have time
to print new invitations So in the space below… …shall I include names of
our people who were left out? You take care of it You unnecessarily poke
your nose in all this If during the wedding
someone rakes up an issue… …my granddaughter shouldn't
get hurt for no fault of hers Understand? Stop poking and
start thinking! Mani, they're sitting here
without putting up the lights And you're sitting here jobless? Ask them to fix
the garlands and lights Wish I could garland him
for his funeral! – You leave, uncle
– Yes, I'm leaving My granddaughter's wedding
must happen in pomp and style House should be well lit We'll have a blast
You carry on Still behaving like kids
I have to teach them everything! Sister-in-law, you should also be
concerned of our landlord's dignity How long will you sit idle
and waste time like this?! She's always playful
ever since our childhood! I don't take her seriously She was with her husband
for just 1 day But he cut her tongue
and left her as a widow Is that so? 'Why is my life suddenly
taking an unexpected turn?' 'Whether unexpected turn
or U-turn, let's see…' '…what's next in store for us' Won't you tell us? Still claim you don't know? Pretending to be innocent? Hey! Stop it Subramani! Take that cloth off his mouth Tell me where she is Anyone knowing the truth
would have confessed… …than be thrashed
to a pulp like this So you refuse to tell? Tell…tell me They've gone to Cherrapunji How many kilometers
is it from Nagercoil? He's making fun, Mani Making fun? You're angry and
irritated, right? One more blow from you
I'll tell you some random name When you go there
you won't find a single soul Tell me now Promising to serve us a feast… …you're giving us a fistful! If you hit me once more,
I'll die of hunger Die…die…! Don't hit Don't hit him I'll tell you Serve food
I'll tell you Serve him food Dharani, get him food – How many invitees?
– 39 as of now – Need 11 more?
– Yes, sir – Write our manager Mari's name
– He died 2 years ago! Villagers will be happy
if the dead are included, right? Uncle, wedding is 3 days away
and you're inviting now People of Mandayampatti
are creating problems That's why we are still
writing out the guest list Have you bought
clothes for everyone? Yes, uncle – Did you get me that landlord's hat?
– Got one with a red fan – Perfect
– Okay, uncle What are you thinking of,
school master? Write fast We have 49 now If you give me 1 more name,
I'll write and leave Write your name
and leave once for all! Sir…? Before the wedding gets over,
go and invite this new list Don't want our kith and kin
to be mad with us Mandiyampatti is
my responsibility You keep talking
but refuse to leave! Father, have you eaten? You told them we know Being beaten up because
we said we don't know… …better to say we know
and stuff ourselves – And then?
– We can bear their blows better! What about night? Think of some plan
for the night too Where's Rasathi? Searched the whole house She's gone to see
her friend nearby Why meet her friend now? To invite for the wedding Only 3 days left for the wedding
and you've sent her out! After the wedding if her husband
takes her to France… …when will she see her friends? She said she will
get back for lunch – Did you buy all the clothes?
– Yes, for everyone You go down
I'll be with you soon Come and see what I got
for the groom, really special I'll come down in a while Why are you standing near
the pit and talking, dear? Kids attending the wedding
will play without any caution That's why we're thinking
of placing a barricade here! You take care of other work 6' x 2' cross wall here
That side- Take your hands off
I have to finish eating Hey! You intend
telling us now or not? Subramani sir She has purchased
special clothes for the groom Where's the bride? Will slipper you!
You dare act smart with us?! Seriously, instead of hitting,
feeding us and then hitting again… …go look for
the runaway girl Or else she might
come back with a baby! Our men will
take care of all that You answer first You can't go from here
without telling us Why are you covering
your mouth now? We can't betray our hunger pangs
for your personal problems Beat us now We can bear it for 2 days Can bear for a week, bro Bro, they're acting
way too much Hey! Trying to save your friend
until the last minute, right? – Don't laugh, your teeth will fall out
– Wait, let's hear his pearls of wisdom Shut up You still refuse to tell? – Call your friend and tell
– Tell what? Tell him 'we are caught here' 'And we are losing
our lives bit by bit' He'll then come
to save you, no? Don't keep laughing Better do the needful Don't act over smart
Talk to your friend soon Speak up What are you looking at? I haven't come across
a madcap madder than you You'll see soon I'm seeing one right now Tell me, Sampath Gopi, I gave them the number I believe it's some truck number
What to do now? Sampath, you go directly
to Rasathi's college Enquire in her class Also meet a guy called
Selvam in the office Refer my name to him and
get her friends' addresses Okay, but anyway
you call him Go to Rasathi's college Didn't he talk
to his friend? No, then with that number
we can trace their friend They're very clear cut about it They don't even know
to use a phone it seems! – Did Sampath call?
– He just did He tried looking for the Qualis
car number in the RTO office But I believe it is
some lorry number! Looks like he is
a seasoned criminal Have sent Sampath
to Rasathi's college Soon we'll get
the boy's address Don't worry, bro
We'll get him Priya and I have been
trying Rasathi's number But her phone
is switched off! We tried calling
all her friends But no one knows – Where has she gone?
– I forgot to tell you It seems on their way back,
car had a minor repair Her mobile's battery
is low I believe Driver just called They are on their way
Why are you getting tensed? Take care of the job I'm worried and
you're least bothered! Is she a kid?
Don't get hyper It's between you
and your daughter Do as you wish! Really? Okay…I'll tell them Good…good They've spent 3.5 lakhs
on the wedding saree I believe the groom
tried calling Rasathi But it was switched off Where has this
wretched girl vanished! Lawyer, again and again
he's saying the same thing I'll take care, bro Sampath, someone named
Alphonse will call you You follow up with him You're getting a call Hang up Deva, find out what is
missing in this attire? Go, uncle Lawyer, you tell me See how he handles it He's a nutcase He's a little literate You know, I guess? Maybe he didn't
get his degree? Sankara, you've got
duffers all around you How will you prosper? Please go now, uncle Turn around Tell me what's missing
in this dress? Please go Landlord's lineage
and so ignorant! You old slob! Get lost Look here…this piece of cloth
lends dignity to the dress Stamp of a landlord
His royal aura If you don't know, ask me
I'll enlighten you You guys were grouped together and
whispering in the morning downstairs Now you're huddled
in the terrace and talking Did the cooks
create any problems? Get lost! If the food isn't tasty- Gopi, Alphonse claims
he'll find the address But wasting our time Let me know if those
2 boys say something I'm scared, bro Listen, Kayal Chaps who took Rasathi
are rowdies They'll destroy her life If this marriage stops… …none of the landlords
will be alive! From your childhood
didn't they give you food… …buy you everything
and raised you well? Yes Aren't you her friend? Okay, what should I do? Tell them you're her best friend She should be happy
wherever she is Sweet talk and make them
blurt out the whole truth Keep this inside
and wrap this around Be careful Feels like I'm watching
an old Hitchcock film! What's happening
in this house? When the lights are on,
she's walking with a lantern! With so much space here,
they huddle and talk… …in hushed whispers
in some deserted pavilion In the evenings they go
to the terrace to talk again Very mysterious If this continues- Sir…milk Milk is all I need now! When I see you in this dress,
I myself will cast an evil eye! This 'churidhar' looks
simply superb on you Is this a 'churidhar'? – Something looks different!
– What? Instead of 'dupatta'
you're wearing a towel! I'll break all your teeth He looks like a wild hog
wrapped in a woolen blanket And calls this a 'dupatta' Ignorance is bliss! I…I work in this house Who? Rasathi is my childhood friend 'They think a pretty figure can
pick our brains and we'll fall flat!' 'Whomever you send, only if
we know can we tell the truth!' I like her a lot Is she alright? She's fine 'He has paved the way
for our dinner' 'Let me also fall in line' Will your friend take
good care of her? Let me answer He's as good as gold
He'll take good care of her She won't have
any hassles, right? Now it's your turn! He has made
all the arrangements Imagine, we planned
the wedding trousseau too! When is the wedding? Friend, you tell her Will tell you after
the baby is born Baby…?! We've also bought
an amulet for the baby What caste does
your friend belong to? How does caste
make any difference? To love, won't 2 hearts do? Looking at all the folks in
this house, I can clearly see… …they're all fanatic about caste! They must be the last batch
born in the 50's and 60's After this lot dies, caste
can also be buried with them Then very few people
will be left I'll slipper them
and chase them away After that no one needs
to elope and get married We can love each other
without any hassles I'm leaving Hey wait, girl Since this morning we've been
truthfully saying we don't know Random fellows hit us
in unexpected places! But we lied to this girl
as if we knew A fountain of joy
flooded my veins From now on I will
stick to this same story – That's tough, friend
– Why? She recorded everything in
the tape recorder on her waist Why did you let her go? 'Rasathi has been a good friend
of mine since my childhood' 'We both grew up together' 'We'll both play together,
eat, go out, come back' 'She'll always be with me' 'I like her a lot' 'Is she alright?' 'She's fine' 'Will your friend
take good care of her?' 'Let me answer' 'He's as good as gold
He will take good care of her' 'She won't have
any hassles, right?' 'Now it's your turn!' 'He has made
all the arrangements' 'Imagine, we planned
the wedding trousseau too!' 'When is the wedding?' 'Friend, you tell her' 'Will tell you after
the baby is born' 'Baby…?!' 'We've also bought
an amulet for the baby' 'What caste does
your friend belong to?' 'How does caste
make any difference?' 'To love, won't 2 hearts do?' 'Looking at all the folks in
this house, I can clearly see…' '…they're all fanatic about caste!' 'They must be the last batch
born in the 50's and 60's' 'After this lot dies, caste
can also be buried with them' 'Then very few people will be left' 'I'll slipper them
and chase them away' 'After that no one needs
to elope and get married' 'We can love each other
without any hassles' 'I'm leaving' 'Hey wait, girl' We may be the batch
born in the 50s and 60s But let us be the last batch to
preserve the traditional caste system When is the wedding? Why are you sniggering? You hatched the whole plan
so perfectly and you're laughing! He isn't laughing, bro They're thinking of the next lie
to take this drama to the next level! We just said it for fun Our family trauma
is a game to you! See how they are adept
at changing the scene Truth is whatever
we told you yesterday What was recorded is a scene You think we're lunatics? They've accomplished
what they planned Why are you
hesitating now? Why bother now if the town gets to
know or if the wedding is stopped? – I'll kill you
– Leave him, bro (babble of voices) Hey, I said it
because of that girl The girl standing over there
I said it for her sake She told me
Rasathi is her friend She said they grew up together And enquired about Rasathi Just to console her,
I said that Look how he rolled out
the next scene? Not a scene
or any crap- This is the truth When I looked into
her eyes and spoke… …thunder and lightning
just grazed all over my heart She would've spoken
for only 10 minutes But when she left, I felt like
she had pulled my heart's root out You are letting him
ramble like this? Hey girl, I like you Get the petrol can Bro…? Don't, bro Take your hands off – Please don't, bro
– Take them all inside Burn them – Let them be reduced to ashes
– You'll end up in deep trouble He said it by mistake
Please forgive him Why are you begging him? Are you out of your mind? It wasn't mere words My heartbeat spoke You'll keep asking me
when I'll get it, right? It hit me now That's why I spoke Fine, let's face it Pour, bro Pour it on them both
Let's burn them Kayal Get me the matchbox – Don't do it, master
– Go, get it What are you glaring at? She may be our maid But she belongs to
our caste, scumbag How dare you fall
for girls in my house?! My daughter was taken
in the name of love Hereafter whoever behaves
like this will be burnt alive Strike the match Master, me…?
How can I…! I said do it Kayal! Set fire Come on Right now Will you do it or not?! Throw it on them Do it Only my body will perish But my soul will be with you Take good care of it – What happened, Geeta?
– Rasathi has come back Sampath brought her back Wait, don't be in a hurry You shameless girl! Who the hell is he? Did we educate you
for you to disgrace us? Get in Swapna, Geetha
Go with her – Where are all the boys?
– They are in the hospital But the one who eloped
with our girl escaped And these guys? They are in no way
connected it seems I enquired thoroughly They just handed the bag Look here, boys An auspicious function
is about to happen We want it to
go on smoothly If you try to drag this love
with fancy dialogs of… …losing your soul accompanied by
thunder and lightning in your heart …I will ask Kayal herself
to set fire on you And she will do it too Understand? Go to Kanyakumari as a tourist
and scoot from there…got it? Now get lost Lawyer?
Keep an eye on them (babble of voices) Bala, take care "Where did you turn up from?
Why did you come?" "You said something unexpected
Some yarn you spun and fled" "Before I could be aware
you vanished into thin air" "With the wind
you melted in" "Where did you appear from?
Why did you come?" "You said something unexpected
Some wild story you narrated" "Before it could register
you left soon after" "With the breeze
you melted with ease" One fellow who claimed
he loved Rasathi for 5 years And he ditched her halfway But this chap, who met Kayal
only for 10 minutes said… …he heard thunder and lightning And his entire being
was wrenched out Forget all that With all those eyes
centered on him… …I admire the way, without caring
a damn he expressed his love boldly That is true love No! It's something
far above all that Kayal! I must speak to Edwin
Please get me a mobile What happened, Kayal?
Why are you still awake? Nothing, grandma "At dawn when I sweep the portico
you land up to drench my soul also" "When I wash my clothes anew" "You wring my heart too" "Like spinach diced and minced
into my thoughts you grind" "Like coconut bits on a grinding stone
you crush my heart to kingdom come" "All of a sudden you fled" "With the wind you melted" "Where did you come from?
Why did you come?" Kayal…! 'When I looked into
her eyes and spoke…' '…thunder and lightning
just grazed all over my heart' 'She would've spoken
for only 10 minutes' 'But when she left,
I felt like…' '…she had wrenched
my soul away from me' 'Kayal, I like you' "While I walk you follow me
And you disappear abruptly" "While brushing the hair aside
in the centre parting you hide" "Liquefied into my eyes true
I don't have the heart to rinse you" "You slice me soulfully inside
No way can I cast you aside" "Into thin air you vanished" "With the wind you diminished" 'My soul will be with you' Maaaa…! – Grandma
– What is it, dear? Why are you crying, Kayal? I can't bear it, grandma I can think only of him I feel like seeing him
I don't know what to do Kayal, until love strikes
only the eyes will speak Once it is within you
both the hearts will converse Even lovers don't
understand that language That is why it hurts Once you meet him
everything will be alright How, grandma? How will I know where
to go and look for him? He said he was going
to Kanyakumari There isn't any other
place beyond that I somehow feel
he is waiting for you Really, grandma? Hasn't he given
his soul to you? Then he will surely be
a walking corpse over there If you leave now,
his soul will lead you to him These aren't my words It is your mother
making me tell you Yes, Kayal – Go bravely
– Okay, Grandma Grandma
Is this good? You look good
in any dress, dear Here, keep this
For expenses You will always be happy Tell everyone
before you go, okay? What is it, granny? She will come You carry on
I'll bring her You are repeating
the same words Where are you going? Why is Kayal standing like this? Isn't she changing
her dress and coming? Didn't you buy her a new dress? All that has been done She stubbornly
refuses to wear it You go
I'll bring her Why are you doing this? Kayal, aren't you coming? I'll bring her, Swapna
You carry on Aren't you coming? I'm asking her to
but she is refusing You didn't get her a new dress? Of course, I did But she says
she wants to leave Where are you going
without attending the wedding? I am leaving Where? I am leaving Do you think we mistook you
because of what the boy said? Go and get ready Come, wear your new dress I want to go Where will you go?
Why are you doing this? We are already late I want to go What is the problem? She wants to go somewhere You go with my brother I'll bring her Let me leave? Where? I want to go His memories are
giving you hell, isn't it? You want to return
what he gave you, right? Keep this as your wages
for working in this house Now go May you go to hell! Hey girl!
All by yourself? Where are you going? To Kanyakumari, brother By walk? How do I get to
Aralvaimozhi bus stand? You've come beyond that
It's the other way How do I go then?
This way? I'm going to Kanyakumari
Get in, I'll drop you Okay, bro Open the door, man We are through seeing
every nook and corner of India If this sea dries up
we can walk to Ceylon If not, we need passports For that we need an ID,
like the ration card To get that ID proof
you must get married Don't confuse me You were the one who confused
that girl saying you liked her By now, things would be
more settled there Come, let's go and ask her What should have been said
beautifully and in privacy… …I shouted it out
like an uncouth beast Did you see how
she cowered in shame? Do you want me
to insult her again? I saw it, but when she stood
with the match stick, and you said… '…go ahead, girl, do it
Only my body will perish' 'My soul will be with you' Did you see her eyes then? Totally shaken up When that girl who eloped returned
didn't everyone rush to her? But did she go? Didn't she just stand there staring
undecided whether to go or not? After that when she walked away
she faltered every step Let me tell you
She also likes you Let us go and ask her Trust me, I swear
She likes you very much Let's go and find out Don't think too much What if she says 'no'? We'll hang around
until she agrees If people thought love developed
in the very first sitting itself… …no love on earth
would have succeeded She lives in a palace
We are mere orphans His brilliant ideas! You should have chosen
an orphan to express your love I don't need anyone else So will you kill yourself
thinking of her all the time? Tell me Did you ever wonder… …why we even went
to that house so randomly? Why did she come
looking for you? This is the light your father
was talking about Why are you glaring? It has come in search of you
Don't extinguish that light If you did, your entire life
will be clouded in darkness You won't get
another girl like Kayal When you said you liked her
joy overflowed in my veins After you and Kayal
get married, with kids… …like that group photo we saw …I saw a similar picture And I'm also there with a dusky
wife and 4-5 kids of my own It's already framed and
hung in my mind, my friend Aroan, I don't know about you But I feel sorry for being
a kid who was trashed If all that has to change,
you must get married Come Like you said, we'll go calmly
and ask for her hand What will they do?
Chop our head off? Let them try Rather than see you die
every nano second here… …I prefer to try and
then die there once for all Are you thinking what right
we have in asking for her hand? My name is your initial right?
Tell me, isn't it true? So I'm your father, right? Is Kanyakumari
your native town? No…I'm going to meet Aaron Horn is here Not this horn
I'm meeting Aaron! Is he related to you? Your fiance, huh? Then say you're going
to meet your boyfriend! Why do you feel so shy? "My boyfriend I'm off to see
Express my thoughts happily" "My boyfriend I'm off to see
Profess my love heartily" "I will place 'I'
into his eye" "I will sew 'me'
into his heart merrily" "I'll give myself
as his equal half" Where did you
first meet him? I didn't see him
He came to my house Do you know what he did? He winked Even that's fine My big boss, his younger brother
and their respective wives In front of everybody All of a sudden in front of
all these people he looked at me… …and said, 'I like you
very much, girl' Look at that
He could be related to me! I was shell shocked Describe your guy to me Curly hair, bubbly eyes Beard that stands out Yuck! Looks very smart He's nothing
compared to me! Ear that looks half torn Scooped out cheeks Royal squint eyes You might have heard
of nine gem stones But have you seen
a precious set of teeth? You'll see it now "I will tell him
I ran away from home" "I will ask him to
take me along too" "I waited anticipating this
Anxious with undiluted bliss" "So he'll tell me
with love longingly" "Mind and soul dizzy
Love struck he'll be" "Seeing this boy
I'll shed tears of joy" "My boyfriend I'm off to see
Share my news soulfully" "Thanks to you, I didn't sleep a wink" "I will say, couldn't eat or even drink" "Not lying anything new
Not being sheepish too" "My wife when will you be?" "I'll myself ask her innocently" "My boyfriend I'm off to see
Express my news happily" "I will place 'I'
into his eye" "I will sew 'me'
into his heart merrily" "I will give myself
as his equal half" – Bro…?
– Yes Is anything wrong with him? – You mean his mannerism?
– What happened to him? He's also a love bird like you He was in love with a girl Her parents got to know of it So they vacated the house
and took the girl away We didn't know
their whereabouts This guy also searched for
that girl for 2 or 3 years But couldn't find her! He'll always be in our shed Whenever I travel
he'll accompany me Losers in life, those who face
heavy loss in business… …will somehow
come up in life But when they lose
the love of their life… …till they die
they rot away their years Why are you sad? For your good heart
only good things will happen Wondering why
I'm saying this? When I was young,
everyone avoided me Never used to talk to me When I grew up,
no one gave me a job When I asked why, they said
I looked like an accused And insulted me! Tell me, am I responsible
for the way I look? From when you got in… …you're the only one
who has called me 'bro' Feels so cool, as if
the air conditioner is on You must let me know
when you get married Don't forget to take
my phone number Sure, bro Why have they stopped
all the vehicles? Tell me where your boyfriend
lives in Kanyakumari I'll drop you there I don't know, bro You don't know? You got a phone number
or address? Do you have his photo? How will you find him? I have this What's that piece of cloth? I got this torn piece
of his shirt You came all the way
with just this? How can we find him with this?
What a naive girl you are! He won't be found
He won't be found I'll find him Because you lost your love
she'll not find hers, huh? For your good heart,
he'll be found Shut up, you jealous fellow You'll get ruined
and loiter like a tramp Shut up You won't find him I'll find him
I will find him! You got duped You chameleon of a fellow! Challenge? I'll kill you
Hysterical lunatic! Get down You'll wander aimlessly Let me see how
you unite with him? Get down, dear I'll make sure
you don't get down I won't let you I'll make sure
you don't find him Let go of her You get down
and run, dear Are you fooling me? Be careful, dear Get down Do I have to
inform you separately? Get down Indu…Indu, come Run…run Where are you, bro? Don't know where he is Hey Socrates…Socu Edwin Born: 20/8/1982
Died: 22/12/2004 Run Move Socu? Aroan, where did you go? That guy who ran away
with that girl is dead Did you see posters
stuck all over? I saw…where the hell
did you disappear? – Ma, I'm very hungry
– Be patient for a while 'He won't be found' 'You got duped' 'I have a feeling that
he's waiting for you' 'He's left his heart
with you, right?' 'Then he'll wander soulless!' Unable to fight for his love
he has lost his life You need guts to fight! 'If you leave now, his heart
will guide you to him!' 'I'm not telling you all this
Your mother wants you to know' Stop…stop I'm going to Kanyakumari
but not via Nagercoil They're cutting trees, throwing them
on to cars and burning all the vehicles So we are taking a detour… …via Chempakaraman Pudur
Aralvaimozhi cross road …to reach Kanyakumari We don't know
how long it'll take Whoever wants to come,
get in, fast Wait Why are you
dragging me with you? Move in, please
There are women getting in Ladies, move forward (babble of voices) "I feel you're walking with me" "I wonder what your answer will be" If you prolong this game
by saying you came here… …because she plucked
your heart's root …thunder and lightning etc …I'll ask Kayal to burn you And she'll also do it! "My insides are somersaulting" "My breath and speech are revolting" "South west winds blow nipping" "Eyes strained with agonizing" "Teary eyed, wearied" "Weepy and worried" Those of you going to
Aralvaimozhi, get down We are now heading
to Kanyakumari Peter, take the hook off
and help people get down "I wonder as I wander
what will be your answer" 'Edwin's suicide' 'Rajathi's marriage cancelled' Let me do the talking – Sir…?
– What? Do you remember a girl from
this house named Rasathi ran away? Yes They interrogated both of us Okay At that time
my friend fell in love… …with a girl who was
working in this house He also conveyed
his love to that girl Okay We came to find out if she
also reciprocates his love? So…? Asking you to
be the 'mediator' – What are you saying?
– Asking you to open the gate What audacity! Sir, please help us Already from this house
a boy ran away with the girl Then he died plus
the wedding got cancelled! Both castes are on
a blood bath spree And the entire town's in a riot At this time do you want to
start Love story, part 2? Sir please, somehow help us Don't we have
other things to do? Since yesterday
we haven't gone home We haven't seen
our wife and kids Been eating cold fritters
and lukewarm tea I'm dead as a dodo
Don't bug me even more Sir, just 10 minutes Hey! Get that gun Irritating me
in the morning Why are these guys
coming here? Hey! Why are you here? Did the boy's folks
send you to spy? We are here
to talk to Kayal Kayal isn't here
Just get lost Let me just talk to her, sir – Please ask her to come out once
– We aren't here to fight He's like a mad man!
Let him talk to her just once Bro, please call her Please try to understand Call the Police Listen to us, bro Allow us to talk to her We'll talk and leave
I'm begging you I told her I love her and left Now I can't be
without seeing her I'm begging you
Call her out only once Catch hold of them Move…move aside The police are here I told you both to
leave right then You are barging in here
and creating a ruckus? Sir, don't beat us Explain to them
on our behalf, sir I should have
shot you right then Why didn't you say… …she went in search
of these 2 donkeys? Instead you're fighting them She is a runaway wretch
He is a wasted wastrel Why should it matter to me
whether they're alive or dead? What audacity to
even enter our house We should've killed them
the last time they were here Don't we already
have our hands full? Should have chopped them
on that day itself We are to blame
to have let them go Come Let's go Kayal…Kayal Don't scream We'll just talk
to her and leave – Stubborn creatures
– Bhaskar, reverse the car Kayal has gone in search
of you to Kanyakumari! – What are you saying?
– I told you! – Kayal, grandma?
– Yes, my boy She left with
a scrap of your shirt She is so much
in love with you! Really? You told me
she likes me He told me, grandma She's such an innocent girl Go and find her soon We'll find her It's hard to get
a girl like her Don't lose her Of course I won't lose her
Have faith in us and go I'll take care of Kayal, grandma Sir, they are young kids
Please don't separate them No, sir
No problem Sir, I'll report to you
every one hour Okay, sir
I'll take care Sir, did you hear what
that grandma told us? I heard My Kayal has gone in search
of me to Kanyakumari She's an orphan
and so am I So? If you wish, you can
bring us together Unite you both
for what joy?! Sir, what mistake
did we commit? Let us go For all your misdeeds… …I'll imprison you for 6 months And torture you
to my heart's content! After that…? What does that DSP want?
What's his problem? Inspector, sir What about him? Superintendent of police is coming
in this route from Tirunelveli Why is he taking this route? How do I know, sir? These guys are here Why let these guys get to you? – Hey, you go
– Are you mad or what? They climbed the wall
and trespassed Only when you jump over
walls can you develop love Talk like an officer Sir, how many walls
have we jumped! What are you saying? When he's on the way,
why this unnecessary tension? Send them away Listen, I'm letting you both go
only because SP is coming this way! Look here, guys
Don't ever come here again If you are seen loitering here
in spite of my warning… …I'll kill you "I must see you somehow
Talk my heart out, now" "Share all of me
Shower love daily" "My love, my mind is whimpering" "My life, to give love it is hankering" "Don't go anywhere
Don't wilt, I'll be there" "I must see you somehow
Talk right away, now" "Whole of me, I want to share
with unconditional love and care" "Here's the sea, there's the river
To unite, meandering nearer" "There's the sun, here's the shadow
Looking for a place to fall and follow" "Eternal classic etched in tears
Painting imprinted in the waters" "Wonder what fate has in store for me" "In the end will life
change differently?" "I must see you somehow
Tell you something now" "All my thoughts to share
with tender loving care" "Here's the body, there's my life
Pain in my heart increases the strife" "Eyes search for the moon anxiously
even during the day vigorously" "I'm the widespread darkness, dear
You're my divine ray forever" "Ray of light, merge into my vision" "Reside in his heart in unison" "I must see you somehow
Say something to you now" "Whole of me, I want to share
with unconditional love and care" "My love, my mind is whimpering" "My life, to give love it is hankering" "Where did you go?
There's no trace of you" "I want to see you now" 'They said they were
going to Kanyakumari' 'There is no land
beyond that place' You don't know who
or where he is You simply set out
in search of him Good that I saw you
Or you'd be torn to shreds Didn't those who
brought you up to this age… …know that you had to be
married and settled safely? You hurried into it, my dear I guess it's all part of your age Bala, get her a ticket and
send her back to Aralvaimozhi No! He is here Here means where? He is here
In Kanyakumari – Who told you?
– My grandma She would have told you
a bed time story You came in search
believing her, dear? He told me he liked me
That's why I came here He said he liked you, right? Yes What should he have done?
He should have waited for you Or he should have fought
and carried you away Without doing either
he just disappeared So who is he?
100% fraud Luring you with words like
'I can hear my heartbeat thunder' In my career, do you know
how many accused I've seen? Kayal, going by your words
I feel he is a big cheat No, he is very good Donkey! You dare preach to me
who is good or who isn't I'm trying to reason out
and you're being so stubborn You loiter here
just one night… …they'll tear you to pieces
and throw you into the sea You'll be washed ashore
like a rag doll Know how many
corpses I've seen? Why should we run for
post-mortem, court and case? If I see you here again,
I'll kill you, get lost Bala, send her away Okay, madam Sendhil, let's go Did you look everywhere? What about Valluvar statue? Vivekananda rock? Sunset point? Did you look there? It's 4 now, search till 6:00 p.m
If you find him, it's okay Otherwise you must
take a bus back home Understood? Or else what madam said will happen You will be eaten up like a bun Understood? Do you have money? Go and be very careful 'It's 4 now, go search till 6:00 p.m
If you find him, it's okay' 'Otherwise you must
take a bus back home' 'Or else what madam said will happen' 'You will be eaten up like a bun' 'You will be washed
ashore like a rag doll' 'Go, destroy yourself' 'You got duped' 'He can't be found' "My love, my mind is whimpering" "My life, to give love it is hankering" Ma'am, no one has
collected samples They are all just having fun When I asked them why
they said they'll kick you, ma'am – Ma'am, she's Kayal
– I don't like chickpea snack Girls, you can have some
But only 5 minutes She is not selling
chickpea salad She tried to commit suicide She told us her story
We promised to help her Listen, little girl
Hear me out carefully Life is full of problems But we must deal with it
Understood? Be bold Look at me…bold Go home A guy expressed his love for her
She has come in search of him Love, eh? She doesn't have anyone We must help her Okay So girls, we bury our
Marine biology project We search and
find the guy We change our profession! Ma'am, that girl is all alone Me? Crazy?
You- How can we just abandon
a girl who tried to kill herself? What if she again- Look here, village girl
I'm very strict on this You go and complain
at the police station They will send you to
a rescue home, find your guy But I don't want to
see you with my girls Where will she go? She might end up
doing something What shall we do now? Smuggle her at the back Quick…get in Who else has to come? Ma'am, Meghna I am storing
the samples inside 206 has been cleaned Come, don't be scared
We are all here for you If we had brought in that village girl
it would have been such a great risk There will be a million
problems in society They will crush us down Sir? Vel, housekeeper Foot ball team coach See how I found out? That is Vel! Sir, boys hold a bat
and stand in one place But you brought girls along to play
with a ball literally flying in mid air Pickle, sir Pickle? After observing you
I found you were hot So? – Must cool down
– How? – Barley water
– Barley water? It is a tourist spot After 6:00 p.m
they shut shop We can buy it
and freeze it No need to hurry Just dial 123 and ask
for Vel, housekeeper I'll be there at
304 promptly See you, sir Sir, you look like Maradonna
the Argentine football player Pickle, sir Hey! You rascal Ma'am, he called you 'sir! I didn't lose my cool
even though he provoked me Come with me Sit down Today is Christmas
That boy is a Christian I feel he may go to a Church
to attend the midnight Mass We'll take her
and look for him There are many churches here We'll visit all of them What is that boy's name? Aroan It does not sound like
a Christian name at all She told us he was
wearing a cross Did he send you for
coaching at night too? Yes Just a minute
Where is the ball? Tell me We are off to buy beer Stop Brother, it's a treat
for our 'sir' Why? Why do you think
I won't do it for you? We can't give you business Get lost, man You damp squibs! I'll punch your face You don't want to tip me? As if I'll mind if you
give me a little less? Get lost Wait We aren't buying beer
Is there a church nearby? Why? You want to
beg forgiveness? Will you be forgiven for
your bad behavior to Vel? We must attend
Christmas Mass If a guest enquires
reply properly Go downstairs, turn left
and then take the right You'll find the church Go now Breaking soda
into Vel's heart?! Your pickle will rot and
the bottle you buy will break! Fireworks without Vel?
Go ahead, have fun! We'll find her
Don't get tensed Let's go to church and pray Come What is it? Didn't you go
to the church, sir? Church? Some of your
'starters' have gone 'Starters'? You don't believe me? Our bond which was
like water and quarter… …you crushed it like
a disposable glass? Crushed? In all these years… …no one else has
bought liquor except me Madam, no one's there You believe this 'water packet'
But didn't believe me, no? Pickle, sir
Life is a pickle, sir Don't complain later that
your belongings are missing Clutch on to your handbags Lady, don't display your jewelry
to make it easy for pickpockets! Alphonse's baby is crying here The baby is at the information
booth in front of the church Parents of the child
kindly come immediately Hold on to the hands
of your children please Cyclist there! You can't leave
your cycle in the front gate James, ask everyone to come through
the front gate and not crowd behind Those who want to attend Mass
come in through the front entrance What's the name, dear? Aroan? Where is Aroan? A girl called Kayal
is looking for you She's waiting
at the reception Don't push
No room to move Remove the cycles
that are blocking the way Don't cry Your mother will come now I already announced about
Alphonse's baby who is crying Why are you pushing me? There's no room
to even breathe Please come and
take this little boy Kayal? Wait, I say
Don't push like this There's no place
to move anyhere We'll find him Don't cry Didn't you hear me announce
no parking in front of the gate? Don't push us There's no place to move Hello! Please don't push Leave way Go that side Open up your shop
below that post People, please cooperate Alphonse, I told you to
hold on to my hand tight Don't cry, darling Hello…how is Aroan
related to you? Husband! Aroan, where are you? Your wife is waiting for you
at the information booth You're roaming around
with this girl like idiots Who will answer your parents
if something dreadful happens to you? You have only tonight
to give her shelter At the crack of dawn,
pack her back home "Don't worry, be happy" "Deal with life deftly" "He loved her intensely
Of the extreme kind intently" "He became a mushy man, sadly" "Waiting with impatience
Wilting for her presence" "Walking on fire in essence" "To shards of glass he was shattered
Churned his heart in hers enchanted" "He walked to and fro
searched high and low" "He roamed, poor fellow
Roads cramped and narrow" "Don't worry, be happy" "Handle life wholeheartedly" "Fish if washed ashore is dried fish
My friend, I didn't realize this" "Words spoken in ignorance, dude
will avenge to kill, I didn't know" "Directionless, I wandered then
Now aimless, I'm flustered and frozen" "Fate's hand, with the wind I vanished
I melted bit by bit, I didn't plan it" "Don't worry, be happy" "Manage life marvellously" "She will show up, pray sincere
She's the rainbow of your future" "Mind's trauma will vanish
Be firm and believe in this" "When she comes, it's a joyful drizzle
Path filled with colorful misty mizzle" "This is soul's search relentless
Love can never be bad in any sense" "She will show up, pray sincere
She's the rainbow of your future" "Mind's distress will vanish
Be firm and believe in this" "Just like bubbles
blow away troubles" "Enjoy life exuberantly" "Experience life with divinity" "Lead life with dignity" 'She's such an innocent girl' 'Go and find her soon' 'We'll find her' 'It's hard to get
a girl like her' 'Don't lose her' 'Of course I won't lose her
Have faith in us and go' 'I'll take care of Kayal, grandma' You'll find Kayal today I've lost her forever She isn't here My wretched fate!
I should die an orphan Don't be a nutcase Slap you! You packed your stuff When do you plan
to pack her off? Is this a problem? We'll take her
with us to Chennai How will that solve
our problem? I can get her a job
in my dad's company Okay, Kayal? Can't leave you behind
alone like this Kayal, she's right We aren't too happy
with you being alone here You can look for him
while you work there, right? Don't worry
We'll be there for you Be practical Kayal, don't believe these girls Just go back to
the place you came from Understand? That's the best way out Kayal, we'll be leaving in a while If you roam around alone here
they'll rip you apart I'm trying to
din sense into you- Archana, why did you throw it? We were patiently
talking to her Did we ask you for help? You are crossing your limits It might be nonsense to you But you have no right
to step into her space She's loitering like a lunatic
with one scrap of cloth That's not being loony You need to be in love
to realize its value You have a heart of stone
Why did you interfere? I asked them to get ready They are fighting with me
for saying so, ma'am – Why is the sea receding?
– Don't know, son The sea water is
flowing backwards How can you find a small bit
of shirting in such a vast area? The wind might have
blown it away somewhere Kayal, where are you going? Kayal, where did you go? Do you know how many places
I looked for you, Kayal? "Where are you, my dear, tell me?" "Kindly stand before me, prettily" "Solitarily I'm suffering
Entirely in pain excruciating" "This feeling isn't slight
Not to be taken light" "You were a gem of rarity
Truly precious to me" "I lost you, unable to
stolidly protect you" "You instilled fresh breath into me" "Like a whirlpool from me
you pulled it bodily" "Memories of you bottled in me
fizzes out in fluster and flurry" "In a spin my mind is swirling
like a merry-go-round twirling" "This feeling isn't 'kind of'
Love, not by measures half" "Where are you, my dear, tell me?" "Kindly stand before me, sweetie" "Like a boon in this birth
you were born for me on earth" "Without any vows however
I found you, my dear" "Can't live, hereafter
without you, never" "Even if I die I'll find you,
my soul so true" "In his eye, you are
his mother's avatar" "Thinking of you unwavering
my beloved, I feel like dying" "This isn't so-so or 'kind of'
Love, not by measures half" "Where are you, my dear, tell me?" "Kindly come and stand before me" "Solitarily I'm struggling
Entirely in pain excruciating" "This isn't a feeling moderate
It's a love infinite, my soul mate" You won't leave me
ever again, will you? I promise you, I won't

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  1. Parece una buena película pero la verdad es que no entendí mucho habrá alguna posibilidad de que la traduzcan a español

  2. I never watched this kind of indian movie. But wow i almost cried.. love should be like this. Pure ! I am sure most indian specially the poor indians love like this. And i wish i can find somene who loves me like this. This movie almost made me cry and i am not the kind of person who will cry watching movie… india should do more movie like this instead of naked dancing girls. This is really a gooe movie

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