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Keep your Unified Communications Communicating | NETSCOUT Service Assurance

Today employees, contractors, and partners need to have instant access to information and each other to do their jobs. Likewise, customers across all industries demand high quality
interactions with their vendors or they will take their money and business
elsewhere. Unified Communications and Collaboration Systems (UCNC) have evolved quickly to take full advantage of a converged IP infrastructure to drive down costs and improve the effectiveness of communications. For most organizations today voice, video, web conferencing, chat, presences, call centers, mobile, or desktop applications all share the same IP network. Downtime and performance degradation can cause irreparable harm to top-line revenue or even cost lives if the system is tied to protecting the
health and safety of people. IT professionals need to understand the
impact the UCNC systems have upon the network to ensure proper deployment and
continuous availability. And make sure those systems do not negatively impact
other high-priority applications that use the same converged IP network. Managing performance for UCNC systems requires a thorough understanding of the
complexity of those systems and the dependencies that they have upon the network. Unfortunately many organizations either lack that understanding or don’t take action until after they start experiencing severe problems that their
existing tools neither detected early nor corrected quickly. Leading organizations do three things well when it comes to managing and keeping their complex UCNC systems and services communicating. First they employ a life
cycle approach to prepare, plan, assess, design, test, implement, and
operationalize the maintenance of all systems on the converged infrastructure. Second they utilize a top-down approach that looks at the infrastructure
elements through the lens of the UCNC applications and understands the
relationships among all the elements. And third they take advantage of traffic
based intelligence to build a map of all the components that constitute the
UCNC environment and set baselines for the normal operating environment. When it comes to ensuring the success of your UCNC deployment and protecting the integrity of your network operations demand more from your
performance management solution to keep your unified communications,
communicating. For more information please visit

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