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Korea First Day Travel Struggle – Seoul Travel Video ????‍♀️??‍♂️

man it is warm we’re on our way to a
place that we first met can you guess where guess down below let’s see does it work I don’t even know what it’s for
here soda pop we’re going over and plug into your phone yeah to do what oh that’s got this wonderful battery
charger it’s just dead ah it’s all bad
yeah it works it does the whole thing
you’re on point girls the Habeas state we have to cut like make yourself as
heavy as possible so what we’re trying to do right now is get in early because
you know we had to check out of our hair maybe early so we came to the airport
and we’re gonna use the lounge which is gonna be really nice for the first time
we actually get to use a lounge advising out my scoop hair is what we’re flying
up and they allow a 10 kilo air bag instead of seven so we’re basically good
music you got three kilos around but it’s like you know don’t really worry
about it just do it just do it when you can yes sir I’ll move it over right now
over there behind the wall like the immigration in Taiwan you don’t have to
do really anything you just kind of put your two index fingers down and it turns
green and you walk through you don’t have to talk to anybody to check out of
the country of course coming in the country have to
talk to somebody when you’re leaving just index fingers walk through and
you’re good unless you’re Todd’s case she’s flown in
and out of the country about three times this month so yeah she has to go to
check out with an immigration officer so hopefully it goes very smooth yeah at
this point it really doesn’t matter how the lounge is it’s really just a place
to eat get Wi-Fi yeah thank you so much have convenience and comfortability and
all of that comes at about 100 dollars a year if you travel a lot vacations get
paid travel perks to pay back all the actual credit card
but we both have one so now she has a u.s. credit card which is really nice
have my name on it to get the n1 and now it’s time to speak Moodle only she can
rise to me another lovely actually so can I have Taiwanese beef noodle soup
please really another our journey another other out to go home and I had a little bit of the problem
because I hold high passport and the immigration officer didn’t even want to
try to actually like look through the information about my past your illegal I
wasn’t what I meant or how can I be illegal I never do anything it let go in
South Korea the only thing the only because I came to South Korea a couple
years ago is because I study here and I graduate from South Korea and then she
looked through information she was like you need interview so I have to take the
interview and Timmy has away from me for about like what 10 minutes on me and
that is because I’m not illegal it just sold because Incheon Airport is not in
Seoul yeah it’s totally different city now we are in Incheon City for it’s a
movie theater in the airport as well but money and normally that money comes out
of a different slot but you put the money in and then the change pops out
the same slot so strange they got your ass there’s no grab there’s only cow runs step in cream land well just come up
here to help us yeah you never take the hats on thank you what happened keeps
going up in time there is taxi available huh
got in here we make it guys we get him really we get
to meet a really really friendly and nice Korean I step onto the train we
need the nicest guy in the world in the world I would give him I were ranked him
number one right now only 10 out of 10 on the nice list
he’s a he’s on the good list for Christmas Oh guys look at it midnight in
Seoul Korea you would never be able to so laughs
this year and no way you’re gonna be like the guy the guy and the subway
actually said that they deliver Mac juice soldier she act they delivered T
Mac which is chicken and beer until 3:30 in the morning ticketing beer 3:30 in
kiss people party thank you so much thank you oh man do me you see that that’s bringing back
the memory everywhere in Seoul they got the CCTV on and that thing moved me I’m
Jonathan well that was an interesting start to
the day and good morning to me oh it’s not even morning no it’s like 1 o’clock
in the afternoon but today’s where we got in last night
at like 12 o’clock and then we had to get food and everything so by the time I
went to bed it was like 3:30 so we actually didn’t wake up until about 9
o’clock all right let’s get these errands done and see what we can get
taken care of today every time is so – time in Seoul Korea that’s so cute yeah
let’s get this one it’s so cute get this one to care to care how much should we
add Holly make her one and there oh she doesn’t accept card so we had five
thousand each from Samina okey can shorty hutch honest I was no idea but
personal okay i’m sami da yo yo okay seems on your
enemy got it say that bus number three if you’re a foreigner traveling asia or
traveling in general you will know that communication is sometimes quite
difficult here in korea they don’t speak much English it’s very
it’s not rare but the majority of your older generation won’t speak much
English but and very lucky that to us speaks fluent
Korean fluent Thai fluent Lao very very lucky Oh so Korea in August September perfect
it’s like my house in the summer it’s like mild during the day cool at night
so you can walk around if the SIM card or not because the last time I was in
South Korea I don’t remember how I get sim card down here so nice oh my god
apparently you can’t buy a 30-day SIM card here you have to buy six six months
okay like KP guys it’s like Korea Telecom they reject his cell SIM card to
us for 30 days you need to stay at least Achmat so if you guys terribly sick
months for falling yeah so he asked he asked us to go to communist or nearby so
we are going to communist all gets it he said your average convenience store like
7-eleven and stuff can sell you just data now we’re gonna go to tears 25 and
see if we can get some cotton back 71 dollars
oh my god for 30 days yeah yeah we stay for 30 days it’s a quarter of the price
of that living here in an apartment quite expensive yeah I think there
should be a definitely a cheaper option instead of unlimited just give me five
gigs of data because there’s Wi-Fi everywhere in this country 7-eleven
doesn’t offer like a 30-day like 5 gigabyte plan you square maybe maybe no signal so after sitting there for
3540 minutes trying to get his SIM card he looked at our phone and was like nope
only iPhone hopefully this one works out all right store number for this one we
bought everything bought the SIM card bought the calling plot the data it was
fifty dollars for five gigabytes it’s really amazing the amount of like
street performance that is here within Seoul
I don’t remember it last time I was there being that much street performance
in different acts like there’s kpop dancing and singing and just it’s
amazing the life that is on the streets it’s crazy I love it I know I know
some of them can be really really friendly but some of them can be really
really offended when you try to speak English to them or if they know that you
are not native because our native Korean speaker but most of people we meet is
really really cuz on Fridays Saturdays and Sundays because they have like The
Walking Street it becomes quite difficult for the buses to go in the
same route they always so that’s why one section of the reversible block so the
bus cannot go that way and the bus has to go away father and around so we
actually got on a bus and then the local was like no no get off the bus you’re
gonna be out here forever so we had to get off the bus again and now walk down
a little bit farther but they’ve been really helpful like because at the
moment it took us about three and a half four hours to get a poem and by the time
we got the simcard to work the phone died so we’re kind of relying on the
locals to help us out thank you that’s obviously the sigh you’re like
gee Mac for mm oh I get you oh my god that’s so good
but actually it’s $14 like 14001 right so whatever your order is one here one
yeah but whatever you order is $2,000 or 2001 off if you take dude that’s so like
so really trust

Reader Comments

  1. Bye-Bye Taiwan 🙁
    ⇢We are pretty backlogged on YouTube, but you can sneak peek on our current place here :

  2. The Dream team, ✊✊✊✊✊m Respect, Safe Travels Gang, busy place, Got Go now, lol??, Belus

  3. I imagine each country has its struggles and yes you are lucky Tah speaks so many languages. Good luck and safe travels !!

  4. I was editing my my video but got your notification and I dive straight into yours video , it's sad that you are going back from my country

  5. I'm surprised you guys didn't take the bus from the airport to the city. It's cheap and very convenient, a straight shot basically and very comfortable too. It's a special bus for people going/leaving airport

  6. And that is why my wife is going to become a US citizen. It will make things so much easier when we retire to Thailand and we start to travel.
    Jimmy you are a very lucky man. Wish I could speak half the languages Tah can.

  7. In the past, China was the country with the largest number of illegal residents in Korea. But these days it's Thailand, so it's a bit tricky to check your Thai passport. Welcome to Korea
    Even me, a Korean, can hardly adapt to the speed of change in Korea. Adapt well and enjoy your trip.

  8. The one thing that I absolutely LOVE about Korea, if you have a question in the subway, everyone is so quick to help you!! As for Kakaotaxi, it is you friend. It's best to reserve a taxi. Or they have taxi stops and you have to wait in line to grab a taxi. There is an order to everything in Korea. But it is my home away from home, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. Been back and forth for 10 years. I also speak fluent Korean, so I have zero issues ? as for SIM card, you go to The world! And that's not true that you cannot get a Sim from kt. They just didn't want to sell you one. I got mine from KT. 30 days for 20.00!

  9. I'm amazed that Tah is multilingual. Wow! That's really a plus to when you guys travel. Looking forward to your next interesting video. ???✈

  10. Good Morning from Las Vegas where 2 weeks ago it was 106 degrees and today its gonna be 79-80 degrees…WTH? Hey Jimmy and Tah, you guys need to change to Google FI…..It is cheap and works in over 200 countries….I am not advertising but I use it here in the states and when I travel it just works…..I have not had a problem in Thailand. Japan, Korea, Mexico, etc……I love it. Then you won't have to hassle with sim cards and worry about data when you change countries.

  11. In 1994 I had a lay over for 1 day in Seoul,when I left I stripped the Hotel refergerator and bar area in my room of everything,went to the airport and before my flight took off for Vietnam 3 guys from the Hotel came up to me and demanded there stuff back,I didn't get into any trouble,I told them i thought it was all complementary ,what a lie that was.It's ruff out there.

  12. I love her Korean! She’s adorable! I wish I could speak another language (Korean, Japanese, or Taiwanese, etc) besides Vietnamese and English. You are one lucky fella, Jimmy!

  13. SIM cards are expensive there. I did a quick check on Tripadvisor.
    "The staff in the shop will help you set it up. 4G/LTE data will be available in major centres but may drop back to 3G in some areas or inside buildings. It will also provide a Korean number for calls/text and include some calls/text credit. Total cost for the sim card, 1Gb data valid for 30 days and 6000 Won worth of call credit was around 28000 Won, cheaper than the sim kits sold in convenience stores. Make sure it is working before handing over your money and leaving the store.


  14. Having my breakfast here in Brisbane Saturday morning watching you guys arriving in South Korea. Awesome video keep up the good work guys you guys rock my world with all your awesome videos. Maybe think about coming to Australia next Brisbane even yeah

  15. Come on guys you 2 are Travel Machines, you should not be even bothered about Traveling, just take a deep breath and hit it.
    Well I have traveled a reasonable amount especially to SE Asia, but every time I need to catch a flight I get a bit panicky till I get into the plane, the reason is because of all the Security mechanism you need to go through, you need to plan in advance what to wear, what not to wear, what to carry and not carry etc. Then I carry a huge Telephoto lense and other camera accessories, the second it goes through security I get pulled-aside, why to cause they need to inspect my massive telephoto lens, what a pain, I can't put it into checked luggage cause it is very expensive don't want it damaged, stolen or lost. One solution is to get TSA pre, then you get to go through immigration without removing anything just breeze through.

  16. if u like hiking, i suggest u climb the higher mountain in south east asia mouth kinabalu sabah malaysia, but u need to booking, one or two month before, bcoz limited 100 persons perday, it a two day hiking… u can google it get more information…

  17. I'am your long time fan…..since you have a very few videos…for the first I saw your channel I like deserved to have million of viewers and subcriber…..I hope nothing but your success….plz don't stop vlogging and inspire people…you guys have a great passion in what do …I hope nothing but success both you

  18. I find that most Koreans speak some English. I am over 50 and even older Koreans try to talk to me in English especially on the subway. Sometimes they just talk to me in Korean and I just act like I know what they are saying. My son lives there and he ordered me a 30 day SIM for under $20 and it was delivered to his apartment in like 2 days.

  19. You can get Sim card in the airport. It just takes a few minutes for them to fix it for you! Cheap too. (Forgot how much. Maybe 27000 won for 5gb? )

  20. Strongly suggest checking out Google Fi. Its roaming rate is the same as non-roaming rate, though it's a little bit expensive compared to local rate. Perfect for traveler who travels a lot.

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